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  1. Ego Imperium
    Struggle Tournament RP​

    I’ve been getting into the mood for more tournament-oriented roleplays lately. As it happens, I’ve also had an idea for one such RP lurking around for quite a while now. Other places I’ve tried to run it generally don’t seem to like the idea. But, I’m hoping that I can take this shot in the dark and get some traction out of it here…

    Basically, it’d be an RP functioning with the Twilight Town Struggle Tournament events lying close to, if not at, its core. The characters involved would be competitive hopefuls, fighting, and possibly training (depending on the play format that ends up being used) towards the end goal of being crowned champion.

    Format Possibilities​

    I am entertaining two main possibilities (and contemplating a third) for play format for this ‘event.’ Before I give what details are available for either, I will say that I’m looking at both having some shared elements. Namely:

    First and foremost, the end results of each battle will be open ended until their conclusions, rather than being planned or plotted. Ultimately, a judging factor will be implemented to determine winners. Naturally, however, should the event format allow for it, there would be nothing stopping people from prearranging their own battles for the sake of character development.

    Secondly, I mean for this to act as somewhat more of an ‘event’ RP, and that on that spirit I intend to somewhat keep this RP metered in terms of its timeframe. Specifically, that its span, I would hope, will be able to align with or close to the timeframe within which the Twilight Town Struggle would be held (the late-spring through late-summer months); though on this, I am somewhat flexible.

    The first format option, which would likely be utilized to some extent, would be more of a pure tournament competition. Threads would be created to facilitate the engagement of a series of Struggle-styled battles over the course of several months, until such a point at which a final tournament would be held to cap off the event; in effect, this style would likely invoke rulings for franchise RP’s on this site.

    More than likely, a relatively large influx of interest would beget this style. Just about any number of participants above the range of 10 to 12 would likely require this in order to keep the event moving.

    The second format option would be a traditional roleplay, utilizing the Struggle at its center plot device; kind of like the tournament arcs of the Dragonball series. We would get to play out snippets of training and character interactions, all interspersed among the competitive events. This would also give some room for characters not involved in the fighting to have weight in the RP.

    A smaller number of participants (around 8-12) could work well under this manner of play. And, from the looks of the community, it might be the more popular option.

    The third way of approaching in it that I am contemplating would involve a hybridization of the previous two. Essentially, a ‘home’ thread serving as the more personally interactive/character development ground would be accompanied by a set of threads to facilitate battle events.

    I should also note that, with my being a stickler for things like forming (and by extension, carrying out) traditions and such, my ultimate goal (which I would consider a great accomplishment) would be to have this be the start of something that could be revisited and built upon through later installments (in a sense, a recurring sporting season of sorts).
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  2. Ego Imperium
    I've noticed in the past a few RPs that have been made that feature a tournament as the sort of driving mechanism behind the plot line. Overall, from what I've seen, the few that have been made have been mostly successful both in garnering members and in keeping steady activity. At the very least, it seems like they've been popular enough in the past to bring them to viable conclusions.

    In thinking about these such role plays, but also thinking of their rarity and the lack of anything of the sort in more recent days, I'd like to know what peoples' thoughts on "combat-oriented" role playing are. That is to say, what is the general opinion of having RPs that are strictly a battle with little/no overarching plot to follow?
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  3. Ego Imperium

    I'm a actually a little bit surprised no one around here has mentioned any of this just yet. Anyways, I've been watching all of the tracking on hurricane Irene, which made its way through he Caribbean earlier in he week. It's made landfall on the east coast of the United States, and is on track to threaten the Northeast. In particular, New York City is projected to get hit hard, and in fact, the entire city is being told to evacuate; according to reports, it's the first time a massive evacuation has been issued to the city. It's also projected to hit New England pretty hard, even inland.

    And this is coming in the wake of an earthquake that shook up Washington DC earlier this week.
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  4. Ego Imperium
    So what in role playing, this activity that we enjoy engaging in so much, gets under your skin? What things in RPing, whether inconsiquential, or truly unsavory and unprofessional, make your blood boil whenever it rears its head out from the thick?
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  5. Ego Imperium
    Whilst I rather enjoy a good poem or two, I've never been much for writing it (though I've always had a skeleton of ideas lingering around in my head). But I figured the time is right to give it a shot the way I did back in high school. Don't expect greatness, but expect nothing less than a sincere effort. Critique is welcome, and appreciated in advance. So off to the grit I'm here for...

    A poem that's been in the back of my head for a month or two.
    Running Title: Built by Fire​
    It doesn’t take much to start a fire.
    Just take that kindling and strike your match;
    A little spark is it all it takes.
    Watch it, feed it; build it higher.
    The bigger it is, the warmer you’ll be.
    Keep some water or dirt at hand.
    It could get wild, so just remember:
    Never play with fire.​
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    There's almost certainly been a thread for this somewhere on the forums, but it seems it's not a topic that's been touched on too much recently. So for you fellow music fans/buffs, I figured I'd kindle up some soundtrack talk. Bear in mind when I say it that I mean soundracks as in musical scores originally comissioned for the purpose of accompanying a movie, TV show, video game, etc. Your favorite soundtracks? Favorite composer that's done soundtrack work? It's an open floor really. Just have at it.

    Allow me to break the ice by starting with mention to my overall favorite composer from the film industry: Hans Zimmer, probably most likely to be best recognized (these days) as the composer for such movies as Pirates of the Caribbean ((uncredited in the first movie)), Batman Begins & The Dark Knight ((with James Newton Howard)), to name some of his more recent, and probably better known works. Easily, he's one of (if not outright) the best film composers that I've known of.
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    Godly Glory

    Preface: The following is my first attempt in a pretty long while (about two years, actually) to break out a written piece that’s not based in the collaborative roleplaying environment. It’s been largely inspired by a conversation I had with a friend in regards to how one might define the personality of a “God.†I’m pretty sure it’s not nearly as good as it could have been. It’s meant to be a short account of the experience of attaining that “top of the mountain.†I hope that this will get plenty of constructive criticism, so that I can improve upon it as days go by, and perhaps, weave it into something with a greater plot basis, as opposed to the simple “reflection†idea I’ve got at the moment. Feel free to send me your criticism (again, keep it constructive).

    Rough/First Draft
    A solitary figure stood tall upon the top of a mountain. It wasn’t so strange a sight its own right, as there were many peaks to which a person could ascend. Yet this one was different from the others. Other mountains had that annoying tendency to come to a halt as soon as the sky impeded upon their processions. Yet this peak that this being had sought after and attained had been able to pierce through the sky as a knife might have pierced the skin. Even the highest flying clouds had grown jealous as this being passed them by, attaining a height that even they had pressed and failed to reach. And so the figure had come to that peak without even the smallest wisps for company scaling to the top with naught but their wile and determination, and claiming the right to be considered the enlightened being they were.

    This is as Olympus, they had thought upon reaching that desired throne. Looking down upon the world below, they came upon an incredible sensation: there was, as of that moment, nothing that stood out of bounds. Everything at the bottom mountain was in eyesight and earshot. They could smell and taste the woes and glories of the people so far down. And most incredibly, they came to feel that the answers to all of the woes were right at the tip of their tongue, itching to burst out from even the slightest space between lips. And in that same moment of rushing understanding and desire, their mouth had cracked open, and consequentially widened beyond that. Their voice escaped through their breath, calling out to that world so far below.

    A smile broke out across their face, dominating the previously wise and solemn expression. Surely their words could carry so far below and around. Perhaps they could speak out as far as they could see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, and give the answer to the problems felt from that glorious vantage point, or call upon others to ascend to such a place all their own. Yet there were no ears close enough to hear those words, and the clouds, so spiteful as they were of this newcomer’s presences beyond their reach, were quick to move and block the light in its path, casting it only dimly through their hollowed bodies. The lone being dropped their head in the frustration of it, and old emotions once thought purged by the climb took new seed, spreading as vines through their body.

    The realization was there at last; they were gone, far above the society they had effectively striven to transcend. It was just as they had wanted, to stand above the world they called their home, to see its splendors and shortcomings, and to then set forth in fixing the latter. Yet now they were distant from that world, beyond its reach, and more so beyond ever reaching back to it. The light they had found would surely be cut off en route by the clouds, and the veils of night that came and went, and muffled by the sheer distance between their mouth and the ears they sought to be heard by. Others might come to join them, but that was not a likely prospect, as they had been the only one in ages to even break the clouds, let alone reach the peak. By way of a look around, it was clear that to descend and speak with range of such ears would be more a risk than to stay atop, lest their knowledge by compromised by a harsh fall.

    Someone else had to experience what that lone individual now felt, to witness that sensation of understanding, to share in the knowledge that only ascending to such a high peak can bestow. Yet what were the odds of another going so far before falling, or turning around out of their own fears? The chances seemed only slim, and perhaps so low as none at all. The solitary figure at the top of the mountain bowed their head low. A tear or two broke from their eyes as their heart pumped a furious beat not unlike that of an unrequited love. They were gone, far above that society they had effectively striven to transcend. And now that they were gone, there was no way back.
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    I wonder, are there any people around here familiar with, or involved in drum & bugle corps? IE - Drum Corps International/Drum Corps Associates?
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    Wait! What? What Do You Mean 'School?'

    The journeys and accomplishments of Sora and company were such of numerous epic proportions. Within less than a year of Destiny Islands being wasted by darkness he had traveled through most of the known worlds. Coming out from within the darkness, he opened the door to the fabled Kingdom Hearts, and foiled 'Ansem's' sinister ploy to plunge all worlds into everlasting darkness. Despite a yearlong absence from both worlds and memories, he stayed kicking. Again, less than a year's journey brought him to the final showdown against Xemnas, the Lord of Naught, leader of the 13th Order. And again, he and his friends emerged victorious.

    For but the blink of an eye upon their return home on Destiny Islands, the lot of them were celebrated. They were heroes, gods, even, in the eyes of so many people. Destiny Islands partied on through the night of their return, reveling in the glory of their homegrown saviors. But unfortunately, this period of celebration was short lived. In less than a week, the Islands settled down, returning to their tranquil state. It was as though the heroes had then come to mean nothing to anyone (even if that wasn’t the case). As the days waned away, a morning came when both Sora and Riku found themselves greeted with the same, unexpected speech:

    “Wake Up!!!” two voice shouted, simultaneously, half an island away from each other. In a slump, both heroes awoke from their slumber, lazily wiping the tired grimaces from their faces. “Wuzzup?” both asked their respective parental figures. “Work to be done!” said their parents with glee. “School starts up again in two days. And no son of mine will skip out on an education JUST because they’re heroes. Even you need an education.” In unison, though neither realized it at the moment, the two let out a groan of despair. It’s been too long, perhaps, for the both of them, and too much has happened in such a short time, all things considered. Both of these heroes realize this. But what is there to do at this point?

    Rules & Guidelines To Follow:
    1. God-Moding, powerplaying, and Machine-Gun Posting (Unless happening between two completely isolated characters), will not be allowed.
    2. On that note, don't try to hoodwink the plot. I've pretty much got it set where it's going.
    3. I’d prefer to have a higher standard for literacy, and a bit more audacity. No, you don’t have to write an essay for a post, but aim for at least a paragraph, having four to five tangible sentences. Remember: Quality over Quantity.
    4. Seeing as the focus of this RP will not be combat, there is no need to say this, but if you must kill off a character, then obtain permission of that character’s player. Of course, you can kill of your own characters so long it won’t cripple the story too much.
    5. Character minimum per player is three. Those wishing to be a canon character must submit, via PM, a sample post, indicating their ability to effectively portray their character in an interesting way.
    6. Be mindful that magic will not be widely used within the premise of this RP. There will be a few instances in which such forces are used, but not too much.
    7. If you did in fact read these rules, post: “Why School?” above your character sheets upon posting.

    Canon Characters:
    Riku – Ego Imperium

    (Parents and relatives of canon characters are more than welcome)

    Character Profile:

    Name -
    Age -
    Gender -
    Role - (School Student, Parent, Other)
    Year - (For Students Only)

    Appearance - (Pics are cool. Brownie points for detailed description).

    Personality - (Be Descriptive About It)

    Biography -
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  10. Ego Imperium
    Well now. As I'm sure you can all tell by this thread, I, Ego Imperium, have decided to give a full-hearted attempt at creating an RP. I figured, rather than just cram in what I wanted to do for an RP, I would instead take a few polls, and find out what other RPers would be interested int the most. So, for this first poll, I ask of you: What should the setting/style of the RP be? There are pretty much four options for this category:

    1. Real World - An RP that will have a plot contained within the real world (Earth) at certain point in time, following the same course of history as it has for us in the here and now. So pretty much just real people, living out some real situation in life. That or a real conflict somewhere in the world (past or present) being played out by us RPers.

    2. Alternate Real World - Simply put, an alternate history. The plot would mostly be centered around the world under a certain set of circumstances that don't exist now. Maybe a certain said person was never born, or perhaps, a certain event didn't take place in history the same way it had as we know it to.

    3. Fantasy - An entirely fictitious world to be created, this genre will play host to your magics, and mythical beasts. Pretty much those things that run wild in your imagination will exist in this world (possibly).

    4. Science Fiction - Pretty much the same sort of thing as fantasy, with the exception of there being no magic. Instead, the world of this RP (possibly that of some crazy alien race), will play host to incredible feats of technological advances. Faster than light travel, advanced genetic engineering, and cool gadgets/weapons will likely exist in such a world, if it's so willed.

    Hybrids - A hybrid RP (please specify in a post), will be one that encompasses two to three of the above criteria. Perhaps magic existing in the real world, or maybe advanced science melding with magic.
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    In Days Passed

    Schools for the gifted....

    For several years, they have been established all over the world in order to teach youngsters how to use the powers that are at their disposal, often for the purpose of getting them to utilize their gifts for the good of mankind (though this is not always the case). In addition, these schools have provided such people with a sanctuary, where they could be free from those who would berate, and demean them. But these schools area new fad, and for years prior, those that would become students were subject to harsh treatment by the general public, and even the government, and military police forces, Unable to effectively defend themselves, and scattered, separated from each other against those that become violent against them, they are forced into running, and merely feeble attempts to fight back.​

    We should all know the rules of RPing.
    Maximum 3 Characters Per person.

    Mutant Character Sheet:

    Name - Be unique.
    Age - Be reasonable
    Gender - You do have one, right?

    Appearance - Use REAL LIFE pictures, or a paragraph to explain what they look like. Be sure to state any physical mutations.

    Power - Think more along the lines of X-Men, or similar.

    Other - Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

    Non-Mutant Sheet:

    Name -
    Age -
    Gender -
    Position - Are they civilian, government, or military personnel?
    Stance - How do they feel about mutants?

    Appearance - again, REAL LIFE pics, or paragraph long descriptions.

    Equipment - (more for use of military, and mutant haters. Things such as what sorts of weapons they carry in the case of a mutant attack).

    Other - Any other info that doesn't fit anywhere else.


    My Characters

    Name: Xander Machylak
    Age - 18
    Gender - Male

    Appearance -
    No notable physical deformities.

    Power - Hemokinesis (The ability to manipulate blood, and the circulatory system).

    Other - Has a younger sister, who he has been on the run with for several weeks.

    Name - Ayla Machylak
    Age - 17
    Gender - Female

    Appearance -

    Power - Telekinesis (The power to move, touch, and overall, disturb objects, or matter that is not already being manipulated. For example, lifting a rock and throwing it at someone, or reaching out an physically touching someone with her mind. Her power is extremely under developed in terms of control, and only surfaces in extremely desperate situations. Yet it is very powerful, to the point that she could, in such a situation, crush a tank by simply willing it to happen.

    Other -
    She seems to have a limited trust in others, though she is indeed close with her brother, Xander.

    **Someone else may play her if they wish**
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  12. Ego Imperium

    Imagine that you have been put on the design team of a knew KH title for a day. Got that done? Yes? OK. Now, you are approached by one of the higher ups on the project, and they tell you that you need to design one of the new characters for the game, and submit it to the graphics team and programmers so that they can create it into the game. You are told that the character must be original, and must meet other criteria in order to be put into the game. But wait, that's not all! You've been told that others have also been assigned to this task, and that you're in competition with one another.


    For this competition, as stated above, you will be creating a brand new character for a Kingdom Hearts game (not really though).

    For a limited time, this thread will be open for sign ups for members, and for inquiries regarding the competition. After about a week from next Monday, the sign ups for the contest will be closed, and the competition will begin. The deadline for the characters will be about two weeks after sign ups have closed. After that, a new thread will be opened where the characters can be posted.

    After the characters have been posted, people will be allowed to cast nomination for who should win caption awards, and overall best. A judge will be needed to manage the nominations.

    Characters MUST be original
    For RPers, characters MUST be fresh, in personality, appearance, and in power.
    Only ONE character to be made per person, unless there is a two character in one deal. But physically, the two must be within a single entity.

    Follow this template to create your character:

    Side- (Hero, Villain, or Neutral)




    Powers- (Includes elements, abilities, and magics)


    Caption Awards:

    Most Exotic/Unique Name -

    Most Colorful - goes to the character that is voted to have had the best personality for their character.

    Best Appearance - For the character whose appearance is voted to be the best.

    Most Creative Weapon Idea - Given to the character with the most creative weapon.

    Most Creative Power - Given to the character with the most interesting power.

    Best History - For the character whose history is the most comprehensive, and unique.

    Best Hero -

    Best Villain -

    Best Neutral -

    And of course, the best overall character.

    Participant Roster -
    Ego Imperium
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    Our world is as equally filled with things of a bizarre, and awkward nature, as it is filled with that which is standard, and normal. There are strange animals, strange places, strange phenomenons, and even strange people. Yet these strange people, are, more so than any of the other oddities, shunned from the majority of society, save for their close friends, and family. It is practically suicide for an inexperienced "Oddity" to wander onto the streets of even their own town, as doing so would lead to discrimination, and even beatings.

    Hence, these people, most of them teens, or preteens, were in need of a place to call their home, where they could find acceptance for what they were. In response to this need, groups of "odd" adults, took it upon themselves to set up boarding schools for these young minds, so that they could learn to control these oddities, and live in peace, away from the judgment of other "normal" people. For a while, there was only a single school for these people to flock to, and not enough space for all of them, and thus, some had to be denied entry.

    But over time new schools began to spring up across the world. With so many schools popping up, rivalries between schools would become an inevitability. While many of these rivalries were friendly, and light of heart, there those that were carried by heavier hearts, and taken with greater seriousness. One such rivalry sprung up between two schools in the United States: Rizhen Metahuman Institute, and Elderidge Academy For The Gifted. Their rivalry was practically legendary amongst the other schools, and their curricula were unmatched by any others in the world.

    What's more, the two schools were located only thirty miles apart from each other, making their rivalry all the more potent, as they work against the other for students.

    As both schools were constantly trying to prove their superiority to the other, they were in need of a legitimate means of making this point. The staffs of the two schools gathered together in a rare meeting, and came to a decision: At the end of each schooling year, the two schools would meet at a secluded location, and hold a tournament, which would test the powers of their students, and determine which schools had yielded the finer crop of students.

    The passed three years of this now fifty year tradition, have seen a tie in the tournament. Both schools have proven themselves equal. But alas, it is a new year, and a new tournament is only months away. Both schools have begun preparing for it, ready to break the three year draw.

    NO godmoding
    NO metagaming
    NO powerplaying (this includes controlling a character played by another, AND forcing hits upon other peoples' characters in battles.
    Romance is OK, so long as it is kept at PG-13.
    Try to keep language clean.
    2 characters allowed per person.

    Character Sheet:

    Username -

    Name -
    Position - Student or Teacher
    Affiliation - Rizhen or Elderidge
    Age - (13-19 for students. 25+ for teachers)
    Gender - M/F

    Appearance -
    Personality - (At least a paragraph in length).

    Power(s) -

    Biography -
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    Pokemon - Civil War​

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon! In this world, human beings live side by side with creatures of varying species known as Pokemon. Some people keep them as pets. Others, simply breed them, and care for them. Others still use them for battle...

    A dark time has befallen the Pokemon World. After a series of disputes, the regions of the world have taken up their arms against one another; and the main force of each region's army consists of none other than young trainers of their respective. Under the guide of the veteran gym leaders, the young trainers and their pokemon have been turned into soldiers of war. It is an age of fear, and uncertainty, as the once lighthearted places of familiarity fall into chaos. All that is known is that lives will be lost, and hearts broken.

    -NO Godmoding
    -NO Powerplaying
    -NO Metagaming
    -Relationships/Romance IC ARE allowed, so long as they remain age appropriate.
    - 2 Characters per person (subject to change based on membership).

    Character Sheet

    Needed Info:

    Name -
    Age - (14-18 for younger trainers. Gym leaders should be at least 20. Elite four should be in the same).
    Gender -
    Region Affiliation - Hoenn Region, Sinnoh Region, Kanto-Jhoto Alliance (Includes the Sevii Islands as a fall back area). If I missed any that would work, just include it in your sheet if you want them to be from there. Any region with no characters being played from them will be left out of the war, and considered neutral.

    Rank - (Privates and Captains=Normal Trainers. The Gym Leaders are Generals. The Elite Four are high ranking administrators).

    Appearance - Pictures or Description (Description must be at least a paragraph in length (5 sentences))

    Personality - Again, give at least a paragraph. Personality is a complex thing.

    Biography - This must cover their time as a trainer, into their life as a soldier.

    Pokemon+Moves -
    Give their names, their species, and their attacks (A younger trainer will be permitted to start off with just one. Older trainers will start off with two/three, and all others may start off with a full line up). Only four moves will be required. *YOU MAY NOT USE A LEGENDARY! AT LEAST NOT OFF THE BAT. OVER TIME, LIKE MID RP, YOU MAY BECOME ELIGIBLE TO GET ONE.

    Optional Info:

    Weaponry - (You don't have to wield any weapon, if the majority of people don't have them, they will simply be stripped from everyone).
    Theme Song(s) -
    Miscellaneous - Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else in the sheet.
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    This was a short lived RP on another forum I've been on. The creator of the RP there admitted to having taken the idea from another, though the other was not known. Nonetheless, it was, in my opinion, a great idea, and whoever deserves the credit for it, deserves the credit, not myself. Many of the additions that have come upon it were the result of the last attempt.

    (Bear in mind that this has been changed little, for simplicities' sake).

    Here's the story:

    The government has set up a secret organization called, TSY.
    It captures children with, 'special' powers and tests them to see what in the brain triggers this.
    The powers are realistic. Nothing like flying, super speed, none of that. It's mind powers, like telepathy, premonition, object manipulation, and special senses. So… your all teenagers that were captured by TSY when you were only about 8 and 9. Your parents are long gone, the government got rid of them, and as teens… you decided to escape. You all ran away and set up camp in a small cave. You have no idea where you are. You have to keep moving or the government will catch up with you.
    All of you stay together, because over the years you’ve become all each other had.

    Here are the powers to chose from:

    Special Senses- You can sense what a person is like when you meet them. What they have done, what they're planning, wheather their good or bad. It's like, seeing a card face-down on a table and knowing that it's the King of Spades. You can sense danger and changes in the weather. Stuff like that.

    You can see in the future. Nothing special, like real visions, you know what's coming because something in your mind tells you so. Similer to special senses, but you can get a more detailed outlook. Like... where the bad weather will happen... or... why the danger will occur.

    Telepathy- You get glimpses of people's thoughts. You can't dig deep in there, you can skim their outer thoughts. Like... their exact thoughts at that very moment.

    Object Manipulation (Telekinesis)- nothing special. You can turn on the lights when you walk in a building, you can move things a few feet, and you can raise things off the ground within a 50 foot radius. You can't move people. It's this whole universe thing about... free will... whatever. {Lita}

    New Powers:

    Power Cancellation ~Limited to one or two people~ Pretty much self-exlpanitory, the wielder of this power can cancel powers used against them.

    Astral Projection You can create another one of yourself in time of need, the trouble is that you have little control yourself and your astral self.

    Sound Manipulation You can manipulate sound. A change in the sounds perceived by your enemies will confuse them, long enough for you to gain an advantage or escape.

    Probability Manipulation You can manipulate probablity, and you have a chance of turning things in your favor.

    ~These double as evolution. If you start with one of these, you don't get the previous power.~

    Illusion ~A Premonition evolution~You can change how others percieve the area. One with a strong mental capacity can even add scents and a breeze. The downside being, it takes alot out of a person and you'll need good concentration to be able to hold the illusion.

    Mind control ~A Telepathy evolution~ Simply put, temporary control over ones mind. Depending on your strength, you can control them for two minutes up to half an hour. You can make them protect you, fight for you, whatever. Just keep in mind GM-ing for the protection of other players.

    Sonic scream ~A Special Senses evolution~ Nothing to it except a high pitched Sonic Scream. It can blow out the hearing of anyone in a fifty foot radius. The result is only temporary (about an hour) but you'll have a ring in your ears for days afterward.

    Elemental Control ~An Object Manipulation evolution~ You have partial control over the elements. You can makes a river flood a bit, spark a fire or spread one a few feet out, etc.

    Profiling Ability - ~Part of the Special senses evolution~ You can deduce a person's personality to a certain degree, allowing to know them better and to think somehow like them if needed, leading to deduce their plans with a certain percentage of probability.

    Healing Aura- ~Object manipulation evolution~ Can be used to heal minor wounds. But major wounds use a lot of energy and can lead to fainting.

    "Self Manipulation"- An evolution off of object manipulation, similar to elemental manipulation, but instead of manipulation of elements, you gain manipulation over a certain part of yours body structure. Such powers can be manipulation of muscles, or skin, or, generally, whatever part you wish (only one though).

    Once you get further in the story, your powers may advance. And there's a limit to the Object Manipulation ability. I only want two or three people. That's subject to change, depending on how popular this becomes. Limit how many of each ability but depending on popularity, I'll extend them.

    And we also need a leader. To be leader, just call it out. And the government is free game. If you have an idea for them, go ahead and feel free to use them.


    1. No GM-ing
    2. No power plays
    3. No character killing unless you agreed upon it with the player of the character whom you are killing
    4. No excessive swearing
    5. Obey the general rules of the forum
    6. Relationships are encouraged but keep it PG-13

    Not harsh rules but they should be mentioned none-the-less.

    Name: (you don’t know your last name)
    Age: (15-20)
    Power: (pick one from above)
    History: (not optional, bear in mind, you remember little of your past)


    Lita, played by kingdomhearts530
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  16. Ego Imperium
    What Are The Battle Grounds?​

    The battle grounds, are a place for the holding of combat based, competitive roleplaying. Within the battle grounds, two, or sometimes three or four combatants, do direct battle against one another (by default, it is free of plot, or history), either in free for all, or as teams (in the case of four or more members). The goal of the battles is to out do your opponent(s) strategically, and ultimately, put them in a position that they cannot get out of. As a result, they would be forced to take the hit, not because it was forced upon them through powerplay, but because they could not logically avoid taking the hit.

    But What Are The Rules For The Battle Grounds?​

    The rules for RP battles are the same general rules for any plot based RP that you have participated in. Such rules include:

    No God-Moding - You cannot have a character that simply cannot be defeated. You cannot use a character that can simply shrug off any attack without any kind of repercussions.

    No Power Playing - You cannot, under any means, take control of your opponent's character. It doesn't matter if your character can control the minds of others. While such a power is not illegal, one using such a power must be aware that their opponent's character must be given chance to counter act such a power in some manner. If they cannot legitimately shake it off, then the control can work.

    No Auto Hitting - Auto hitting is a form of power playing, in which one person's character uses an attack, that is stated in the post to automatically hit their opponent. For example:

    Player A: Jameson throws his fist at Clark's (Player B's character) face, breaking his nose.

    That, is an example of Auto Hitting. The player has landed a hit upon his opponent's character, and as well, one that could have easily been avoided. Such action is against the rules of battling.

    Regarding Combat Posts - While it is fine that everyone has their own style of posting for RPs, it must be noted that detail is key in combat based RPs. The motions a character makes, the way their attacks are being carried out, must all be well defined within a post. Often, simply writing one line in a post will not hold enough detail.

    What Characters Can Be Used For Battles:​

    Any character is allowed to be used in a battle, so long as they meet whatever conditions are set by the combatants. Within a battle, beings from any canon series can be used, and even original characters can show themselves. Essentially, there is no limit on where you can pull a character from. Sora could do battle against Naruto; a Gundam could fight against a Zoid.

    How Do You Make A Challenge For A Battle?​

    Challenging someone to a battle is simple. All you need to do is contact someone on the forums, possibly someone you have RPed with before, or even someone you have never RPed with, and ask them if they would like to just battle. If they accept the challenge, then you can bring the battle here. The challenger will have the power to choose the setting of the battle, and any conditions that are held (such as what types of characters will be allowed, whether or not it will be a power battle), and any terms that must be met within the battle, unless they choose to give the one they are challenging that pleasure. Of course, a battle doesn't have to have a specific type of character, or any conditions. After that, the two post, or Pm each other their character profiles, and also send them to anyone who may preside as a judge over the match, if desired, and the IC battle starts.

    Other Info:​

    Due to the fact that this is currently a single thread deal, rather than a subsection, only one battle may take place at a time here. Should it grow int something popular amongst the general RP population, I may request that it be made a subsection. But for now, I simply hope that people will give it a try.
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    Where's Waldo

    Of the may elusive figures that exist in our world, none have been more enigmatic than Waldo. He is rarely seen by anyone, and when he is, it is only after searching through crowds of hundreds, and even thousands of others. His inclination to hide from those who seek him, and his uncanny ability to blend in with any crowd, despite his awkward and standout attire, has earned him a place of infamy within the international security offices of the United Nations.

    While his motives at the moment are unclear, it is clear that he is working towards some sort of goal. In an attempt to crack this goal, the UN has formed The World Agency, a division of investigators that have been assigned to the task of capturing such people in the interest of national security. The members of this division are called nothing other than The World Agents. And the number one on their list of people to find and question, is none other than Waldo himself...

    This IS an RP based on the Where's Waldo books. It is meant to be a manhunt/mystery type RP.

    Needed Characters:
    World Agency Leader

    Character Profile:

    Name: (First and Last, unless Waldo, as he has no known surname)
    Age: Let's try to make them 20+ or there about.

    Appearance: Description or picture (can be anime or real)

    Weapon(s) of Choice: The hunt for Waldo is going to be a rough one on both ends. You'll need to arm yourself with something.

    Special Skill(s): No, this is not powers or anything. More or less the unique skills such as combat styles, technical know how, and what not that the character makes use of in their work.

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  18. Ego Imperium

    A world cast in the not too immediate future. A world parallel to our own, yet different in a single way. In this world, the often separated forces of magic, and science exist upon the same plain, yet are strictly divided from one another. Those who wield magic powers, and those who utilize technology live separated from each other, and, to top this division off, are constantly at war with one another.

    Mages, as they are often called, are the primary users of magic within the world. They are, on average, naturally stronger physically than those that do not rely on magic, and live a far more rustic, and "primitive" life style compared to the glamor and futuristic nature of the nonmagic users. While their magic is a bit more powerful on average than the technology used by others, the use of their powers consumes larger amounts of energy, especially when they are younger. Their weapons usually consist of wands, swords, staffs, and other melee type weapons as they can usually channel energy through them as they desire. They have also been known to use bows and arrows. The settlements of the Mages are usually smaller, and their combat style is more guerrilla than anything else, using smaller numbers to ambush their enemies. While scattered across the world, their settlements are very united in terms of "politics".

    Character Sheet For Mage-

    Weapon- (In accordance with the nature of the weapons they're allowed).
    Magic Base- (What is the base of your magical powers? An element? Or some sort of energy?)
    Biography- (Anything of significance that has happened to them up until this point in time).

    The blanket term used by Mages to describe those that use technology in any form. A Reliant is as a normal human being would be, with the single exception that they wield extremely advanced technology, technology that can generally achieve the same effects as a Mage's magic. While les powerful than the natural powers of the Mage, the technology can be used at a low cost of energy, and thus, a battle that is drawn out for a longer period of time, will likely become a victory for the Reliants. The life of a person who uses technology is generally lavish, and overblown with comforts. Physically, they are usually weaker, unless in the armed forces, or if they've been modified in some way. Their settlements are less numerous, yet are very large, and organized. Yet they often suffer from political tensions, and internal affairs between settlements. Their armies are far more regimental than the Mage forces, though are larger in numbers.

    Character Sheet For Reliants:

    Weapons- (Can be pretty much anything of a science fiction or fantasy type form).
    Equipment- (Any extras that your character has. This can be things such as cybernetic parts, or tools that they carry that fall outside of the range of weapons).
    Bio- (Anything of significance that has happened to them up until this point in time).
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    Compound 9

    IN 2020, roughly 8 years following a massive cataclysm that left many major world cities in ruin, the world nations sat on the brink of war. Determined to be the nation that came out on top, the US government set up a top secret military compound in the heart of the still wasted city once known as New York. The staff of this compound, commenced in the abduction of several young children. With these young children in their hands, the scientists on the compound performed advanced genetic manipulations on them.

    The end result was that the children would begin to develop powers of various types, which the government intended to deliver to military fronts in the wars that they believed to come soon.

    It is now 2030, and while the wars are yet to break out, the government still holds on to its now "super powered" teens. But there is unrest. Several of the teens have been growing tired of life on the compound, and have engineered an escape, fleeing into the ruins of New York City. In response, the compound director has gathered the loyal teens to prepare for a capture and return mission to the compound.

    No GMode or PP
    No Meta Gaming
    Be literate. Make Good Posts, try to avoid one liners.

    Character Sheet: (PM To Me)
    User Name -
    Name -
    Age -
    Side - Escapees or Hunters
    Appearance -
    Personality -
    Power -
    History - (You don't remember what life was like on the outside of the compound, so this will be limited to what's happened to you since your arrival).

    Character Sheets -
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    Something that I think would help in the organization of RPs between Out of Character, and the In Character, which, in general, works on other sites with roleplaying sections, is the separation of out of character talk, from the actual roleplaying. On such other sites, the roleplaying takes place on different threads from the out of character talks (discussions of the plot, and the announcing of absences, as well as the hub for character profiles). Such a change would not require any changes to the setup of the roleplay forum, simply the desire of the roleplayers to separate their OOC into a different thread from their IC.

    Basically, the thought that I have in mind, is to use the main roleplaying section (not the subsections) as the area for OOC threads, while the subsections are used for the roleplaying threads. To cite my own experience, such a system has lead to an over all greater level of general organization in the the RPs.

    Again, this is just a suggestion, whether anyone chooses to do so is entirely up to them.
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