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  1. Bushy
    So, since returning, I've been on a major KHV nostalgia trip naturally.
    And because of it (mainly the need for GIMP and such) I ended up putting all the old stuff from my laptop onto my new PC in the process, and while sorting through it I found many things from my old KHV days.

    Rep screenshots is one of those things.
    I remember that back then, there was only so much space on your rep page, and once full the older rep would become unreadable since you couldn't 'go back a page' or something to see the old rep that you were given, so you'd have to screenshot it in increments if you wanted to keep it as a memory.

    I was just wondering if anyone else actually went and did that, and if they did if they actually still have their screenshots.
    It was nice looking over them again, because it made me remember a lot of old names and moments that were pretty cool. Like things that I hadn't outright forgotten but that had faded slightly from more recent memory.

    This isn't a "Post your old reps" thread, although if people wanted to, and that's okay with staff etc, it could be amusing. This is just literally me being an old fart from before liking posts and stuff became the new thing over the rep and whole green gems thing. Oh god. I just remembered the green gems for the rep bars!

    Shutting up now.

    Go. XD
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  2. Bushy
    I posted this, exactly two years ago.
    And well... here I am again.

    I really missed this place. KHV was a big part of my life for a good bunch of years, and I made many friends here and had a lot of experiences. I really did a lot of growing up on this site. So... it was only natural that I'd return one day I guess.

    I have to say a big thanks to Bueno and Arch as well. If it weren't for them pushing me on, I may not have chosen to come back today.

    I see a lot has changed in two years, but also a lot feels really familiar.
    As I said in that old people nostalgia thread a few moments ago, it feels like I'm back home again. Looking forward to reconnecting with you all. It's been too long really.
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  3. Bushy
    Hey all, it's been a while for a lot of us anyway.

    A lot has been going on recently in my life, and I've now got full time work where I'll also be progressing into management and thus my time will become even more limited.
    I've not been around here lately all that much anyway, other than lingering in the corners of the RP arena and popping out of it now and then.

    I honestly when I first started KHV properly didn't think I'd ever be leaving this place in such a way.
    I have had some incredible times here with some great friends, and yes... as a number of us experience now and then, also drama with bad times and mistakes too. But I don't want this thread to be a downer for everyone.
    Life is just that, a mix of good and bad, and KHV life has been a big part of it, especially in helping me become who I am today.
    Things I regret? A few, yes.
    Things and friends I'll cherish? Many, for definite.

    There are many people here I'm going to miss, but as for everyone, feel free to keep in touch via Skype as usual.

    Some of you might be wondering why full time work would stop me from coming here since it wouldn't limit ALL of my time, and well... as I said, it's only partly the reason. As well as me just not being as active as I used to be anyway, there are just reasons now as to why I just don't feel like I wanna be here any more.
    In keeping with the rules of KHV though, I'd rather keep those matters private and away from the thread.
    Just know that I have good reasons for choosing to leave now as I am.

    I've learned a lot here, and gained a lot. For me, I won't forget these things.

    Wow... This is sounding dramatic... haha.
    Okay, screw the rest of the big speech and rambling.

    I just wanna say thanks really.
    To many of you who made my time here special, and fun and who became and still are great friends.
    I'd name names, but you all know who you are already more than likely, and I'm worried that I'll forget to name someone by accident and such. Besides that, there are many of you and yeah, this post has been long enough already.

    So yeah, thanks again.
    This is it I guess.

    Take care KHV,


    Some last minute craziness from me because... come on this is me. I couldn't leave without a little stupid crazyness, eh?
    (Click here - and apologies for the bad voice... XD ~ But I suppose this is a fitting thing in a way for me to leave on)
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  4. Bushy
    Hey, KHV. Not posted in the spam zone for a while now, but I'm so excited, I just gotta share this with you guys.


    I just need to come up with a name for her now. I'm open to suggestions. XD
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  5. Bushy
    Anagrams are fun.
    You know how 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' becomes:
    'I Am Lord Voldemort'?

    It also becomes:
    'Immortal, odd lover.'

    Which in some ways is amusingly accurate.

    ...This is what happens at 3AM in the morning to me. I apparently go on Anagram websites and type in random stuff and in doing so, I somehow find out Evil Dark Lord's love interests.

    ...I think now I should go to bed.
    Night all~
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  6. Bushy

    This Pokémon is called Amaura.
    ...Are you now trying to stalk us through video games too?

    Let's pray Misty doesn't get an Amaura on her team. *shot*
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  7. Bushy


    So as a lot of you know. I am from UKania... Britain in more simple terms.

    Now... with some inspiration from the wonderful Saxima. I decided to try something I'd been interested in for years but never actually had gotten around to. (You've likely guessed from the title though)

    ...A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammich. O_O

    I have had my first bite (a few minutes ago - with much anticipation from Saxima on Skype who was wondering how I'd react)... and I must say..It is an interesting flavour. It's good. Will take some getting used to, but very good. I never thought such a blend of flavours would go together, but it really does. In a weird way, but yeah.

    So thank you Saxima. That is one thing I can tick off my list, and heck... if I ever fancy a snack, it's a new thing I know I actually wouldn't mind to eat.

    And well done, America. XD
    It tastes yummy.
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  8. Bushy
    Thread by: Bushy, Feb 19, 2013, 3 replies, in forum: Anime and Manga
  9. Bushy
    Another RP Project... and this one took me a long long time...
    ...It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes... So... I'm pretty pleased with this.


    (Please ignore Matt and the writing in the top left... lol - I've yet to remove them)
    Might make some more edits later.
    Mine (I call it NovaGarurumon):

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  10. Bushy
    So I've watched the anime and the movies of this amazing series so many times (just love them so much) now... and admittedly this is the first time I've ever noticed...


    Look at the window... XD

    Showed this to several others including DT and HoL and even they couldn't believe they had missed it before... XD
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  11. Bushy
    Yo, it's been a while since I've posted in this section. I've been continuing to edit graphics even in my absence from here and now here is one of my latest efforts just for the hell of it.
    So I'm preparing a character for an upcoming RP (the character as usual is based on one of my own novel characters), and started off with this image for a base (For those interested, the girl pictured is Anarge Huckebein from the Nanoha series). She for the most part suited the right sort of build, hair style, haircolour(ish) and various needs that I wanted, but there were also a few things that I definitely needed to change to make her just right. So then I started to work on it little by little:

    Original Image:

    So for a start... my character doesn't have the tattoos... and that shirt is a bit too... short? So I started by working on that. I will mention now that I did this all manually using simply the pen tool and matching the colours and blending them in. I used a similar method for the shirt by getting the main shirt colour and then tracing along the main body shape and did the same for the shading by extending it downwards and trying to help leave some shape for the breasts underneath the shirt by tracing the shadow over some of the curves that had been visible from underneath the shirt.
    Also, I changed her eye colour to orange and then used the hue-saturation tool to make the hair a more vivid red. This is where I got after all of that:

    After Tattoo removal, extending the shirt and minor recolouring on hair and eyes:

    Next up was the clothing which was a bit more difficult. The green clothes didn't suit my characters style or colour scheme, and so I achieved this by creating multiple layers of the same image and using various tools such as manually pen tracing colour over the clothes directly, blending, smudging and other things...
    I had tried at first to make my life easier and use hue-saturation again (kinda like I did for the hair) but it didn't work the way I wanted (various complications occurred as certain parts weren't changed or the wrong parts were instead. Grr...) and besides, I feel overall that just by manually changing things as I went along, while it would take longer and was more difficult, gave me a lot more accuracy than I'd have achieved otherwise.
    I also slightly tweaked the vividness of the red hair again since the red jacket now took away from some of the hair's original impact.
    This is the latest result:

    After Clothing Recolour:

    For now this may be one of the final drafts so to speak (It's far from perfect, so I may work on neatening it up as well as making some further changes). I'm personally not quite sure as to what other changes I'd make yet. I think the red on the jacket might be a bit too striking, so I will perhaps work on dulling that down a bit to look more suitable. But for the most part, I'm pretty happy with how she's turned out so far. I can at least definitely use this. I will say... This is perhaps the MOST editing I've ever done just for an RP character's image. lol

    Also, here is a little sig of her that I've mocked up for now:


    I'm far from happy with it. Others have liked it, while one or two others have said it is too busy.
    Personally, I'm not sure that the floral patterns suit the type of person she is anyway. I'll likely start from scratch with this banner, but thought I'd show what I have so far.

    Either way, any comments and stuff would be appreciated.
    As I said, I just felt like sharing something with you guys after so long. So yeah.
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  12. Bushy
    Can't reveal my source since there are other links on said site which judged by KHV's rules are inappropriate, but a lot of you will likely know where it's from anyway.
    Regardless... the sheer quality of anime will be... breathtakingly beautiful basically.

    EDIT: Sorry guys, I apparently can't seem to get the images working. They're not too important anyway, but yeah. My apologies.
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  13. Bushy

    So... while we couldn't get him to admit his feelings for Cookiie (*please refer to the Wookiie ship), we finally got proof that What? is a foxbear.
    We are unsure about Hyuge's addition of Goat DNA, but we have made progress with getting What? to be true to himself.

    Next step?
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  14. Bushy

    ...I KNEW IT! O_O
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  15. Bushy
    So... since we in the UK are in the future. It is now the 21st of November which means it's Midnight's birthday.

    So yes!

    Merry Birthday, Midnight!
    Hope you have a fantastic day filled with smiles and happiness and stuff.
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  16. Bushy
    Incomplete for now, but it's still cool to see some of what to expect.

    EDIT (updated version):
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  17. Bushy
    I made a joke about it in the Skype KHV chat... But... never expected what would happen next...
    and it's now official...

    Four relationships in two days... Wow. (this must be some sort of record)

    Congrats to both Hero of Time and KH530!


    EDIT: Would have copied and pasted the Skype chat... but that'd be too mean. XD
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  18. Bushy
    So what is with November? Three couples within the space of two days?
    It's definitely the month of love people! So you guys best get to confessing too! You might just be surprised.

    AND YES!
    I am so proud... XD


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  19. Bushy
    Search your feelings, you know it to be true...

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  20. Bushy


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