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    sure! I had it saved somewhere but somehow lost it ; v ;
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    I know someone did a write up for a "proper" ending of LVD2 for us, but i dont remember who ; v ; it was nice lol
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    Yess, i occasionally go back and read through that RP xD
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    no brain, only booba

    no brain, only booba
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    I have not been active on here in... years. I've popped in and lurked every now and then but wow, I have a lot of RP memories here. I kind of want to try being active again and if any of my past friends that are still here see this, HI!
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    Username: -Xero-
    Preferred Name: Xero or Hannah
    General Schedule: It really depends on my work schedule since it's mostly random. I can't do weekends cause I either work or I'm spending time with my boyfriend.
    I've noticed a pattern of being off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I'm always off on Thursdays.
    Time Zone: CST??
    Roll me for critical role: If for whatever reason it's possible to be a critical role now then sure. It may make me more motivated to post. If not it's fine.
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    who dis lol

    who dis lol
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    I've been seriously debating on going back to college. I've gone before to try and get my basic classes done at North West Vista (a community college) but ended up dropping out within 2 or 3 months because I didn't like it.

    Now I'm wanting to go back and try and get a degree in either Game Art & Design and/or Animation. The school I'm looking at is the Art Institute in San Antonio. I know... it's the Art Institute; but I literally have no other options. This is the only school that I can go to in my city that will teach me what I want to learn. I've tried looking up other schools and there aren't any other ones really...

    I've talked to a guy who was a customer where I work about the Art Institute and he said "Yes, it's way too expensive for what it is. But it's not a bad school." He went on to say a few other things like everybody he's known that went there got a job right off the bat after graduating pretty much or got a job because they were in school.

    The only reason why I'm hesitant about going is because of how expensive it is. I think it costs over $17,000 a year; maybe more. I can't remember. I've asked my grandmother about helping out with pay she said since I dropped out last time I would have to pay for my first semester, which is fine. I'm pretty sure my mom is fine with it because she keeps telling me that I should go back to college.

    My boyfriend keeps telling me to do it. He's very supportive about the whole thing, which I appreciate very much. I'm just not sure... I'm afraid of going and then not liking it and then dropping out again.

    Does anyone have any thoughts and advice?
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    ☆ OOC THREAD ☆

    There were a lot of things that had happened in Oda City lately. A Mutant Mafia had recently been going around terrorizing and destroying places around the city, outbreaks of corrupt Boju, and a few other things. People have been worrying over their safety within the city and wondering why no one has tried to take action yet. The city is slowly getting worse and worse with its crime rates due to the mafia; and there have been more and more dangerous creatures seen around the outskirts of the city as well (people believe it is because there is a corrupted Bojuyeba lurking nearby).

    Ro and Hiro were walking around a shopping mall as they were both out running errands for Ryoichi. They lived with him and the only thing he asked for in return was to help with patients or to go out shopping for whatever supplies they needed. Ro was carrying a few plastic bags and was looking at a list of things they needed.

    "Hmm... We have bread, cereal... ramen, meat, food for the rat..." Ro continued to mumble out the list of things they got and turned to Hiro who was struggling behind and carrying a bunch of science equipment, "Well I got everything we need for food... What about what Matoi wanted?" Hiro practically dropped everything onto the ground, possibly breaking something in the pile as he did, "I got all the crap he wanted. Why the hell does he even need all this?"

    "I've learned to not question it and just roll with it honestly..." Ro replied, not even sure why Ryoichi wanted any if it herself. She sighed and helped Hiro pick everything back up and began to walk towards home, "You know, I don't see why we don't just get a damn car already. It doesn't have to be fancy; Ryoichi makes enough money to be able to pay it off doesn't he?" Hiro grumbled as he spoke.

    "Not exactly... most of the money he makes goes towards buying new medical equipment for the patients and paying rent."

    "Well you'd think he'd buy equipment from people who weren't so shady or who'd actually have sterile syringes..." Hiro pulled out a syringe with a rusty needle as he spoke.

    "We don't need the needles thankfully... But even if we did, and they weren't rusty like that one, we clean them pretty well ourselves already."

    After a while of walking and talking, they were finally able to get home and Hiro dropped everything onto the dining table and Ro began to put things away. Hiro went into the living room and plopped himself onto the couch with a groan, "Ey, Matoi! We got the crap you wanted, the least you could do is come out of your damn room and look at it!"

    "Hiro, don't be rude! You're lucky we don't have any patients here right now!" Ro shouted from the kitchen as she heard Hiro shouting at Ryoichi. She then noticed a note on the fridge that looked like it was left by Ryoichi and read it.

    I've gone out. Went to run a few errands.
    Be back late.

    Feed Pudge for me. ♡

    Ro sighed and took the note off the fridge and walked into the living room, "He's not even here." She handed the note to Hiro and he read it too, "What the hell? Why did he tell us to go get errands if he was going out to get crap himself?"

    "You know Matoi, he never tells us anything." Ro then walked back into the kitchen to continue putting things away. "Yeah well if you ask me he doesn't pay us enough for the crap he makes us do."

    "He doesn't pay us, Hiro... We live here as our payment."

    "Exactly why he doesn't pay us enough!"

    "Hey, you're lucky we even took you in when you escaped the facility! I could've just left you out there you know! Now stop your b*tching and help me put this stuff away!" Ro was getting a bit irritated at Hiro for talking about Ryoichi that way. Sure she was a bit annoyed that he never told them anything about what he was doing, but in a way she owes him for basically adopting her.
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    That's weird.. It works fine for me 0 - o
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    I'll try to keep the information short and simple... ish.
    This is sort of a reboot of another RP I have rebooted a couple of times before. I have completely revised it and the plot is quite different, but the universe is basically still the same.

    If you have a Skype, and would like to be a part of the chat group for this RP, then send me and part PM of your Skype name and I'll add you! c:

    • Long before the galaxies that we know of came into existance, two titan gods had become enterlocked with each other in a deadly battle. Etryis, was considered the queen at the time and was known for her telekinetic powers and speed. Her brother, Vanirus, was known for his brute strength and powers over the elements of nature.

      Etryis had been losing the battle and was in a critical condition; so she had fled from Vanirus hoping to find a safe haven. But she could not find anywhere to go, for Vanirus had turned her kingdom against her. Etryis had then ran even further away to where there was nothing but a black void of nothingness around her. Not knowing what else to do, she had created a cocoon for herself along with another creature known as Bojuyeba. These creatures would "regenerate" Etryis's cocoon whenever it began to wither and die.

      After so long, her cocoon soon became its own planet as it drifted a long the vast sea of blackness. It eventually found it's own solar system it had stumbled upon and life began to appear. Creatures of strange beings began to inhabit the planet and soon after humans did too.

      * * *

      Oda City: the city of science and experimentations.

      They city is a futuristic city located in the middle of a vast wasteland. There are canyons, dried up rivers and if you look far enough you can see greenery. However it would take at least two days to leave the wasteland, but it is considered suicide to leave the city on your own. There are many creatures that lurk around the wasteland, mostly preditory and hostile ones.

      There have also been reports of colossal creatures roaming around the wasteland close to the city. These creatures seem to be harmless and people have clamed to see them raise trees and plants from the ground; no matter how dry and withered it is. There have been other reports of what seem to be "corrupted" Bojuyeba. They go around destroying things and and terrorizing other creatures and places.

      The residents of this city are known as Mutans and Spyrix Users. In 2119, there was a breakout of a new gene in newborns. Scientists believed that it was some kind of evolution of the human brain. They began to examine these newborns and as they grew older they began to demonstraite certain abilities such as telepathy and/or telekinesis.

      Scientists then took DNA samples of this gene and began to research it, and eventually somehow modify it. They had created an artificial gene from the one they took from the samples. They injected the gene into willing subjects and the side effects varied. Depending on the person, the gene would either bond with their body (enabling them to have different abilites such as manipulating elements, shape shifting, powers over nature, and the list goes on), or reject their body and cause physical side effects such as mutations of limbs, hair and eye color changes, etc.

      A mutant is going out and hunting the Bojuyeba. He claims that he will become the most powerful mutant and he has been ordering people to go out and find the Bojuyeba to bring them back and experiment on them. Some people think that this is why there have been so many corrupted Boju appearing.

      There have also been rumours about this mutant being the leader of a mutant mafia that have been hiding around the city. No one really knows what their motive is exactly other than that they have been hunting down Bojuyeba. Groups of people have tried to go out and fight this mafia of mutants, but many come back in critical condition or dead.

    • pretend that east and west are in the right places adjcebdkfjl
    • The actual year that this RP takes place in is 2178 (Earth Years)

      This world is not Earth. It is a cocoon for a titan god that had eventually became kind of its own planet after so long. It is known as Etrina and it has an "atmospheric" force field around it to keep anything from colliding with the cocoon. The planet is about the size of Jupiter and the titan within it is much bigger. There is a theory that the Spyrix Gene came to be was due to the constant exposure to the power that Etryis excreted throughout the planet. Humans became so exposed to it that it basically seeped into their DNA after so long.

      The Oda City Research Facility is quite infamous from the rumours that are spread about it. They say that the facility takes people from prison or from the asylum and experiment on them. People have claimed to see people being sold to the facility for these reasons.

      The city is surrounded by four giant power generators that create an energy known as Spectro; it can power pretty much anything you can think of. The generators are used to power the city's buildings or other big things that require a lot of power. There are smaller generators that can power smaller things and they are called Spectro Rings and Energy Specs. The rings are commonly used by people when it comes to powering everyday things. They are much like batteries but they last far much longer (depending on the size and how much power it gives out, they can last from a few weeks or up to years). The Energy Specs are used to power weapons that use energy. There is another type of ring and spec that is deemed quite valuable and harder to find. These are known as Ulti Rings and Ulti Specs. They are used to give things a bigger boost or to upgrade weapons.

      Spyrix users have either the artificial Spyrix Gene injected in them or are naturally born with the gene. The gene allows them to have super abilities and are better at using them than most Mutants are. The Spyrix Users that are considered "pure" are those that have powers over telekinesis or telepathy; and the ones that developed different kinds of powers were people who were born from the injected ones (or were injected).

      Mutants are those who were negatively affected by the Spyrix Gene. Injected or naturally born, the gene was rejected by their bodies and they mutated. Mutants tend to have horns, claws, spikes, etc. and are able to use Spyrix abilities but not as good as Spyrix Users. Most Mutants are physically stonger and are more durable.

      Plural: Boju
      Bojuyeba are giant mythical beings that can manupilate nature and other things. They tend to be around desolate areas and are usually harmless unless prevoked. However some are quite hostile when you approach them. They are considered to be servents of a god and there are ancient texts written of them long before humans and other creatures were found on the planet. They speak of these beings forming and creating the world and becoming a part of it; due to this, the Boju feel pain whenever the environment around them is destroyed in any way.

      Normal Boju have trees and other greenery (or coral, rocks etc. depending on where they live) that grow on them. They have mask-like faces and markings that glow when they use their powers. The come in a variety of different shapes and forms. The corrupted Boju tend to have dead or dying trees and plants around their bodies; they look like they are decaying, and their faces become skeleton-like.

      The titan gods are giant, planet sized alien creatures that have powers over different things. They have been around for billions of years. Not much is known about them since the only ones that humans really know about are of Etryis and Vanirus (even then we hardly know any thing about them).



      Shape Shifting: Characters can have this power, but they can only shape shift into one type of thing or only parts of their bodies. No shape shifting into inatimate objects or weapons, etc.

      Healing: The only way that your character can have this is if they themselves are able to heal absurdly quickly. Anything tht involves healing others will be counted as magic / spell casting. THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER INVINCIBLE!!! They cannot heal on the spot during battles!


      There are three (3) categories of powers I've separated that are banned: Spiritual/Aura, Life & Death, and Magic/Spell Casting.

      Spiritual/Aura related powers are banned because this is not an RP that involves those kinds of powers. powers that fall under this catigory are:
      - Soul Force/Aura Manipulation / Attacks
      - Soul/Aura Absorption
      - Soul/Aura Bound Weapons / Entities
      - Soul/Aura Channeling / Reading / Sight

      Magic/Spell Casting Related powers are banned because this is not an RP that involves magic. Powers that fall under this category are:
      - "Ninja" Abilities / Powers
      - Light
      - Shadow / Darkness
      - Necromancy
      - Summoning
      - Glyphs

      Life & Death related powers are banned because they are considered to be over powered. Powers that fall under this categoty are:
      - Resurrection
      - Immortality / Invincibility
      - Life-Force Absorption
      - Life/Death Touches

    • RULES

      1) No killing off characters without permission. No overly god modded characters/fights. No over powering. No power play. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

      2) Romance is allowed (cause what's a story without it); just keep it PG-13. No NSFW obviously.

      3) You can have up to 5 characters. Do not abuse this by killing off characters you just introduced and barely use to bring in a new one. And please try not to fill up your character slots on the spot! When you start out, please make up to 3 characters (this is so we don't run into useless characters or plot device characters, etc.)!

      4) If I liked your character sheet post, that means it's accepted.

      5) If you haven't posted in a week, you will be notified to so so. if you don't post within the next 3 days after notification, you will be booted and characters will be killed off. Unless you give a reason for not being able to post (not being motivated isn't a reason).

      6) You don't HAVE to do what everyone else is doing. You can have a side adventure or something (but if it some how changes what is going on with the actual plot, please let me know and I will tell you if it is okay to do or not).

      7) Respect others.
      [B][U]BASIC INFO[/U][/B]
      [B]NICKNAME(S):[/B] (If any)
      [B]RACE:[/B] (Spyrix User, Mutant, or Human?)
      [B]WEAPON(S):[/B] (If any)
      [B]SPYRIX POWER:[/B] (Only 1. Put N/A if your character is a human!)
      [B]ABILITIES:[/B] (You can have up to 5 Spyrix Abilities if your character is a Spyrix User or a Mutant. If your character is a human, just list general non super abilities. Please describe the abilites of what they do!)
      (EVEN IF YOUR CHARACTER HAS AMNESIA OR WHATEVER, BUT A BACKSTORY! No putting "I'll fill this out later" either!)
    • I will be controlling NPCS!

      NAME: Ryoichi Matoi
      NICKNAME(S): Matoi; The Alley Doctor
      AGE: 42 (October 7, 2136)
      HEIGHT: 6'7" (200.6 cm)
      WEIGHT: 210 lbs (95 kg)
      GENDER: Male
      RACE: Human
      APPEARANCE: Messy/spikey red hair, has stubble from not shaving every day, green, tired looking eyes eyes, wears a white lab coat over pajama clothes (since he hardly leaves the house he just keeps them on).
      WEAPON(S): None

      LIKES: His pet rat Pudge, looking at things under his microscope, doing studies for his odd research.
      DISLIKES: Corrupted moralities, cruel experimentations, the Research Facility
      FLAWS: Doesn't take things seriously until it really needs to be,
      FEARS: That Mutants and Spyrix Users will never be treated equally, that the research facility will not be justified.
      QUIRKS: He will not care where or when he works on his odd experimentations, he will dissect whatever he is working on in public if he wanted. He also talks to his rat like it can understand him.
      Experimentations, helping people as the alley doctor.

      Ryoichi is rather smart (compared to how he acts). He is able to quickly figure things out on the spot and can solve complicated equations. He is able to easily know what is wrong with a patient and can usually preform surgeries on his own without problems.

      Ryoichi was once a researcher for the Oda City Research Facility; he was considered one of the top doctors of the region. But things didn't seem right to him when certain people wouldn't tell him what exactly he was working on and why. Soon he began to dig into files himself and found a lot of withheld information that was truly horrifying. Not long after, the head doctor of the facility had set him up and caused him to loose his job and his medical license.

      He now spends his time helping people who are in need of medical attention as an Alley Doctor (despite loosing his medical license).

      NAME: Valinton Alchem Dolkka
      NICKNAME(S): Val (mostly by those who are "close" to him); Boss
      AGE: 43
      HEIGHT: 6'5" (195.58 cm)
      WEIGHT: 220 lbs (99.79 kg)
      GENDER: Male
      RACE: Mutant
      APPEARANCE: Long black hair, horns on his head, sharp teeth, light grey skin, black eyes with white irises, has green tribal looking markings/tattoos on his face and arms. Wears a black, sleeveless trench coat with torn up coat tails.
      WEAPON(S): Two beam sword katanas

      LIKES: Quiet spots,
      DISLIKES: Humans and most Spyrix Users, really bright places, being in crowds, loud areas.
      FLAWS: Tends to think about the past a lot, gets angry when people talk about his past, doesn't show a lot of emotions but has a bit of a quick temper.
      FEARS: Thinking of the future, unexpected things that could happen, his allies dying, being betrayed.
      QUIRKS: He subconsciously hoards things like shiny objects, rocks, or anything he deems interesting, grits and grinds his teeth when he gets impatient.
      Collecting objects.

      SPYRIX POWER: Shape Shifting

      Valinton has the ability to shape shift his entire body (or parts of his body) into a dragon-like creature.

      Valinton can shape shift parts of his body to be dragon-like. His hands and feet can become clawed, he can make the skin around his arms and legs harden into scale-like "armor", he can grow wings and a tail, etc (of course he can just flat out shape shift his entire body into a dragon creature too if he wanted). But there are a few things he is unable to revert: the horns on his head, and his eyes.

      Whenever Valinton fully shape shifts into a dragon-like creature, his anatomy changes as well. This allows him to breathe fire, have completely scaled over armor-like skin, and his bone structure changes to have many spikes, and horns, as well as wings.

      Valinton was once married to a woman named Vironica and they had a child together as well; they named him Dante. However, after just a few months after Dante's birth, he had unexpectedly died from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Vironica was devastated and soon became very depressed as well as having major mood swings. Valinton did everything he could to try and help her be herself again. He even offered to try to have another child. But nothing seemed to help, no matter how hard he tried. Vironica began to see a therapist and was even prescribed medication for her mental illness. But Vironica eventually became so depressed that she took her own life.

      2 years later, Valinton still wasn't able to completely move on from his family's death. He began to have pleasurable company over quite often and experiment with different drugs. He became more and more angry and violent with the different effects from the drugs and eventually... someone had sold him an injection of the Spyrix Gene. Valinton wasn't completely sure what exactly the Spyrix Gene was at the time (for it was still a bit new) and he had injected himself with it.

      After a few days Valinton began to notice that his skin became noticeably lighter and his eyes seemed to be changing color. After a few months he began growing horns on his head and finally after a year he had mutated as much as his body was going to. He began to like the power he gained and even the mutations. He was shunned by a lot of other mutants for it but he didn't care. He began to have a distinct hatred towards humans after the way they would treat him as well as some Spyrix Users.

      Irritated, he began to form a group of mutants together and they would go around destroying things and generally terrorizing human parts of the city. Soon Valinton wanted to become known as the most powerful mutant and began to research the Bojuyeba. He believes that they would somehow be able to give him more power.

      NAME: Dr. Arnold Grieves
      NICKNAME(S): Head of the Research Facility
      AGE: 70 (June 7, 2108)
      HEIGHT: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
      WEIGHT: 182 lbs (82.5 kg)
      GENDER: Male
      RACE: Human
      APPEARANCE: His face has wrinkles and he is mostly bald on top of his head. He wears glasses and is a bit skinny. He is usually seen with a white lab coat (that some times has red stains on it from surgeries and such) and nice clothing underneath it.
      WEAPON(S): None

      LIKES: To know how things work and what makes things tick, researching things about the human brain.
      DISLIKES: Not knowing why something isn't working, being criticised for his actions, people who don't agree with what he does.
      FLAWS: Sees Spyrix Users and Mutants as lesser beings, doesn't care much about things unless it benefits him in some way.
      FEARS: An experiment going wrong, Mutants and Spyrix Users (to an extent), things not going as planned.
      QUIRKS: Taps or clicks his pen when he thinks.
      Collecting samples from his experiments and other things to study them.

      ABILITIES: Grieves is considered a genius in his field of work. He was the one who was able to figure out how to create the artificial Spyrix Gene, and he has also created many mutation experiments to help better understand the gene. He can think quickly in an intense situation and he knows a lot about the human body and how things work.

      Grieves had ended up with quite a bit of money due to a large inheritance when he was quite young from his grandparents. When he grew older he used this money and put it towards researching things about the human brain and body.

      He then was able to learn more about the Spyrix Gene and eventually create the artificial version of it. He has been testing things with himself with the gene and he wants to see if he would be able to transform himself but also be able to revert back.
    • -Xero-
      1) Ro Setsoku
      2) Hiro Shinohara
      3) Shiro Shinohara

      Aelin FireHeart
      1) Colton Dare Sherlton
      2) Doctor Rolland Sorrow
      3) Delia Sorrow

      1) Teliana Jereign
      2) Alarick Lightwood

      1) Sailus Valaegol

      Reletively Sane
      1) Doctor Walter Beowulf Saturday

      1) Shane Ware
      2) Drake Famoye

      NAME: Ro Setsoku
      NICKNAME(S): Zero
      AGE: 23 (DOB: July 20, 2155)
      HEIGHT: 5'5" (165 cm)
      WEIGHT: 135 lbs (61.23 kg)
      GENDER: Female
      RACE: Spyrix User

      LIKES: Reading occasionally, helping others, imagining things.
      DISLIKES: Healthy foods, bugs and spiders.
      FLAWS: Prone to emotional stress and tends to jump to conclusions. She also procrastinates a lot and is a bit stubborn.
      FEARS: Feeling completely alone.
      QUIRKS: Eats a lot and then gets a stomach ache only to eat more when she sees something sweet; has a weakness when she sees stray animals and wanting to take them home (but Hiro and Ryoichi both tell her no); speaks in different pitches of voices when excited or happy.
      Ro likes to doodle in note books and collect animal bones.

      SPYRIX POWER: Energy Absorption & Corruption

      Ro can take the energy that exists around her (weather it be the energy from a light bulb, radio frequency, etc.) and channel it within her for a short time, corrupt the energy, then quickly release it and use it in battle. She can't touch the energy in living things and she must do the corruption quickly or it could severely harm her or even kill her if it is stored too long. She uses the Specs from her scythe and/or rings on her wrists to quickly take energy and use it.

      Ro can send a small blast of energy at an opponent from her hands or feet.

      Ro can release a variety of different sized waves of energy that can repel things as well as damage things. It can also overload any powered devices in the area.

      ● BLADE BEAM
      Ro can elease energy blasts from her scythe and other bladed weapons.

      Begins absorbing massive amounts of energy from around her and releases it all at once, creating an explosive blast of energy that is capable of destroying anything within it's range.

      When Ro was very young she had one day woken up to find that her parents and brother were not home.

      She had waited for three days for them to come back but they never did. Confused and afraid Ro had left her home and tried looking for her family herself in the city. She asked many people if they had seen her family but people either ignored or didn’t know anything. After two days of living on the streets Ryoichi had eventually found her and took her in; adopting her as a niece (he never saw himself as a father figure but more of an uncle).

      Years later, Ro had met a young man and they had committed themselves into a serious relationship. They had been together for four years and one day he had come out to Ro, telling her that he didn’t love her anymore and that he wasn’t sure he ever had loved her. He then left her the next day.

      Since then, Ro has had troubles and anxieties while in relationships such as accusing others of not really loving her or cheating on her etc. She had decided to completely out rule dating for herself because she in convinced that everyone will hurt her.

      NAME: Hiro Shinohara
      NICKNAME(S): None
      AGE: 25 (August 9, 2153)
      HEIGHT: 6’4” (193 cm)
      WEIGHT: 187 lbs (84.8 kg)
      GENDER: Male
      RACE: Spyrix User
      APPEARANCE: (Will add in soon)
      WEAPON(S): His fists engulfed in flames.

      LIKES: Burning things when he’s angry, being alone
      DISLIKES: Being around water, cats (he’s allergic), being a Spyrix User
      FLAWS: Very stubborn, grumpy, verbally lashes out occasionally, hard-headed, has some anger issues.
      FEARS: Hospitals, needles, doctors, Shiro, losing his closest friends, the Research Facility.
      QUIRKS: Can’t properly digest protein; wants to constantly feel cold to distract himself from the natural heat his body produces from the Spyrix Gene’s ability; has fidgets when he is sitting in a quiet room by himself.
      Likes to train outside with a punching bag.

      SPYRIX POWER: Fire Manipulation

      Hiro is able to create his own fire by accelerating air particles or an object’s atoms, increasing their thermal energy making it ignite. However he can only use his fire if there is enough oxygen in the air. If there is little to no oxygen, then he will be unable to create fire. Hiro has a very high thermal resistance. He can resist temperatures up to 10,000˚F. (5538 ˚C) If he is somehow in a situation where the temperature is much greater, he will slowly start to burn alive and perish. Hiro can also completely engulf himself in his own flames or other parts of his body and fight with them to enhance his blows.

      Hiro can make pillars of flames shoot from the ground and attack his enemy.

      ● FIRE BALL
      Hiro can create various sizes of fire balls and launch them at enemies.

      ● FIRE STORM
      Hiro is able to create heavy conflagrations of intense temperatures, incinerating any and everything in the path. However, once it is ignited it is very difficult to stop unless there is a lot of water or little oxygen left.

      ● INFERNO
      Hiro can create a massive explosion of fire that can destroy a large building (Hiro only uses this as a last resort for it is capable of taking his life afterwards).

      Hiro was an orphan who was sent to a research facility after his father had died. His mother had died from complications a few years after she had given birth to Hiro and his brother, Shiro. His father was one of the Spyrix Gene researchers at the facility and told his assistant (now head doctor) Dr. Arnold Grieves, to look after Hiro just before he died from cancer. Grieves did so but then began to have Hiro live at the research facility and started to experiment on him. Grieves injected the Spyrix Gene into Hiro as one of his experiments and that how Hiro gained his ability to control fire. Hiro eventually became fed up with all of the constant experimenting and broke out of the facility; leaving parts of it in flames. He has been in hiding since then and has a bounty on his head to be brought back to the facility alive for further research.

      NAME: Shiro Shinohara
      NICKNAME(S): None
      AGE: 25 (August 9, 2153)
      HEIGHT: 6’4” (193 cm)
      WEIGHT: 165 (74.8 kg)
      GENDER: Male
      RACE: Mutant
      WEAPON(S): Claws

      LIKES: Adrenaline rushes, life-or-death situations, collecting keys, the sound of rattling keys, puzzles, being a mutant, eating strudels, thrills, fast paced stuff.
      DISLIKES: Religion, waiting for things, the letter Q, humans, others belittling him, being overpowered by another, people who show kindness (he sees it as a form of weakness).
      FLAWS: Bold, rude, arrogant, egotistical, anger issues.
      FEARS: Losing power over people, not being the one in control, mortality, failure.
      QUIRKS: Carries around a key ring full of keys and shakes it whenever he is bored; he likes the sound of rattling keys; doesn’t like wearing shoes.
      Messing with Hiro’s head, causing trouble for other people.

      SPYRIX POWER: Mind Link

      Shiro has created a permanent mental bond with Hiro due to him being his twin brother (it wasn’t exactly his choice, it just happened by accident when they were kids). Shiro is bound to Hiro by a mind link and he can do many things with Hiro’s mind due to it.

      Shiro has the ability to enter Hiro’s mind and speak with him as well as project an illusion of himself as if he is in front of Hiro.

      Shiro can manipulate the dreams that Hiro has. He can only use this to create nightmares and/or send some kind of threatening message to Hiro as he sleeps. He can also attack Hiro in his dreams if he places himself in one.

      ● COPY
      Shiro is able to copy any of Hiro’s abilities and use them for himself.

      Shiro is the twin brother of Hiro and has quite a different personality. He is a natural born Spyrix User (where Hiro was injected with the gene instead) and has much more severe mutations compared to Hiro. When they were kids, Shiro accidentally discovered his ability to link his mind with another (which was Hiro at the time). Unfortunately, he was only able to do it once and is now permanently stuck with having a linked mind with Hiro. However, he has found a use to it which is basically messing with Hiro by entering his mind unannounced and screwing around. He was also able to copy all of Hiro’s abilities and use them on his own.
      As Shiro grew older, he became more and more violent as well as growing arguably insane. Eventually, it led to Shiro being sent to an asylum (not long after Hiro was held captive in the Research Facility).
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    Thinking about making an rp for Undertale. It would probably be a pre game rp where the human and monster war took place.

    Please let me know if you're interested.
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    Xero let out another shout as she went into Anti Form once more; a fiery explosion of darkness surrounding her as she did. She took a step forward and she was suddenly two feet in front of Dane. Grabbing his face, Xero used an explosive spell that even made her get pushed back from the shockwave. But knowing Dane that wasn't going to bring him down. Xero then summoned many dark crystals around her and aimed them at Dane and waited until the smoke and debris cleared.
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    Xero stood there practically wheezing and her hands balled up into fists. She was furious, both at her son and Dane. She began to walk over towards the cave, limping on one of her legs and holding her shoulder that were shot thanks to Gwen. Once she was able to see Dane she noticed Xindai too; there wasn't much of a surprise to that. It all made sense now; Sapphire's nightmares and Lexcifur's sudden decision to go release him.

    When she was close enough to the cave entrance, Xero had summoned her scythe. Her eyes were dead set on Dane as she shouted, releasing a crescent beam from her scythe towards him, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" the beam raced toward its target, exploding on impact of whatever it hit causing the cave to begin to crumble.

    Lexcifur began to run out of the cave after the explosion. Dodging whatever rocks began to fall. Once outside, he saw his mother and her rage at its peak.
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    Lexcifur could only stand there, trying to think of what he could do. Anything. Xero was beginning to look even weaker as her posture slowly diminished into looking like she was about to pass out. What the hell was he supposed to do?!

    "Lexcifur... Take Freya. Get out of here. I'll deal with Dane. I'll deal with all of them." Zavion spoke to Lexcifur and he looked at him wide eyed. He didn't exactly have much of a choice... But he couldn't just leave him there... Or his mother. But then suddenly he herd someone speaking to him. He turned around trying to see who it was until his eyes landed on the cave entrance.

    Lexcifur bolted towards the cave. It was a ways away but he could make it. His legs were sore and so did the rest of his body, but he couldn't stop. Lexcifur wasn't even sure what he was doing, he only hoped that it worked and that everyone could forgive him for what he was about to do. He didn't know what else to do; he just had to stop Dane somehow.

    He spotted a lone Keyblade and as he ran he snatched it out of the ground and continued to run. Once he was inside the cave he ran past everyone else who was inside, letting out a battle cry as he lept into the air and stabbed the Keyblade into the lock.

    Whatever force that kept the Hero locked away was now destroyed. It made itself clear when Lexcifur was knocked back by the lock exploding. He was thrown back to the ground and lied there for a moment before getting back to his feet.

    "If you're really the so called 'Hero', stop Dane! Stop everyone! Just make it all stop!!"
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    Xero felt the pain in her body getting worse with every second. She had reverted back to her original form and lied there for a good while. Had they really lost this fight...? The rebellion was winning. What was she supposed to do now?

    There was suddenly shouting and Xero looked over to see Lexcifur and Zavion. Her eyes widened as she saw them both getting beaten then someone charging up a giant orb. Xero's body shot up and began running over to the two; the pain now numb from adrenaline. She noticed a barrier form in front of them but it looked rather weak. That wasn't going to hold against all the power from that orb.

    Quickly jumping in front of Lexcifur and Zavion, Xero was able to use the last bit of energy she had to throw up another layer to the barrier. She had already lost her husband, she wasn't going to lose her son either. Even if he did hate her, Lexcifur was still someone she needed to protect.

    Lexcifur screamed in pain as he felt the pain the Guardian was feeling with its only arm ripped off. The Guardian roared before disappearing back into the gauntlet. Lexcifur only stood there trying to deal with the pain; it was almost worse than when he got his arm sliced off.

    Dane suddenly began charging an attack; then a barrier suddenly appeared and Lexcifur saw his mother jump in front of him and Zavion. So much was happening all at once he wasn't sure what to do.
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