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  1. Zeonark
    KHV, tell me why I'm obsessed with this song.
    I found a Sengoku Basara AMV with it, and I've been constantly listening to it for at least five days already.
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  2. Zeonark

    just chilling out and ****, then a friend on msn shows me this
    This game trolls.
    KHV, how far can you get? I'm on 45.

    i'm adding all of the answers me, noroz, and jayn got. 1-44. guys, try to figure them out yourself first. only use this list for the really random ones. xD

    1. 4
    2. Iceland
    3. Left
    4. Not Hidden
    5. black
    6. Homer
    7. Firetruck
    8. 27
    9. 11
    10. Blue
    11. #FF0000
    12. 132
    13. 1
    14. ton sdrawkcab
    15. is strong with this one
    16. hs s n he anser
    17. Halo
    18. Knife
    19. 42
    20. Fun Fun Fun
    21. Afterwards
    22. Wrong Order
    23. Impossible
    24. Elite
    25. Delete system32
    26. the cake is a lie
    27. Zelda is a girl
    28. 1728
    29. 21
    30. Evil
    31. is caring
    32. Password
    33. NOPE chuck testa
    34. hihi
    35. -2
    36. 31131122211A
    37. 2700000
    38. i like turtles
    39. idhtn
    40. nonsense
    41. fill in the blanks
    42. S E N
    43. mary had a little lamb
    44. Oslo

    hints: thank noroz
    Quest 1: 2+2,
    Quest 2: Cow, Pig, Chicken, Iceland, Dog, Cat
    One of these things just doesn't belong here
    Quest 3: Right
    Not really.
    Quest 4: The password is not hidden
    The answer is in the question.
    Quest 5:
    Highlight the page.
    Quest 6: The source
    Right click, and look at the source code. You will see some ASCII art of a well known cartoon character. The answer is this character's name.
    Quest 7: Starts with f ends with uck.
    The fire department owns these.
    Quest 8: 3^3
    3 * 3 * 3
    Quest 9: 2x-4=2+4(8/2):
    Solve for x
    Quest 10: #0000FF
    HTML/Hex color code (google it if you don't know what it means)
    Quest 11: Red
    Find the HTML/Hex color code for red.
    Quest 12: Times previous quest
    What number was the previous quest? Multiply that with this quest number.
    Quest 13: True
    Think about this with boolean values in mind. If something is True, then the "value" is 1, if something is False, then the "value" is 0. (Goes along the same lines of binary, 1 means on/true, 0 means off/false)
    Quest 14: sdrawkcab ton si rewsna ehT
    Read it backwards and remember quest 4.
    Quest 15: The Force
    This is the first part of a line said by Darth Vader in the Star Wars movie. A well known line.
    Quest 16: This is not the answer
    This is the answer is the answer to this, but take note of the letters given to you.
    Quest 17: Ring
    Another word for ring? (Also a well known Xbox game)
    Quest 18: Swiss
    Something Swiss that is not cheese. (Not a swiss invention, however)
    Quest 19: The answer.
    Think of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
    Quest 20: Friday
    Think of part of the lyrics to the Song Friday by Rebecca Black. (Same word repeated three times)
    Quest 21: Saturday
    Once again, think of the lyrics to the song Friday. Saturday comes _ ?
    What is the problem with this alphabet? (Keep the answer as short as possible)
    Quest 23: 1/0
    Dividing by 0 is what?
    Quest 24: 1337
    Use 1337-5p34k (Leet speak) What does 1337 (leet) really mean?
    Quest 25: How to triforce
    If I'm not mistaken, this is a joke that originated (of course) online where there was a .bat file that supposedly contained the triforce symbol from Zelda. However, what it really did was something else. What it did is the answer (Very difficult to give a better hint)
    Quest 26: Gur pnxr vf n yvr
    They have played with the letters (very simple cryptic message that has to do with the game Portal)
    Quest 27: What if Zelda was a girl?
    The main protagonist in the Zelda games is male. Zelda is the princess whom Link (the protagonist) wants to save.
    Quest 28:
    I don't undestand this one, I found the answer online. I thought it was morse, but the numbers don't match, 1728 is the answer.
    Quest 29: /.. (etc)
    Initially I thought it was morse, but like 28, I needed help with this one. 21 is the answer.
    Quest 30: Money
    Is the root of all what?
    Quest 31: Sharing
    A well known saying.
    Quest 32: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99
    If this was your _ , I don't think anyone would be able to guess it thus not being able to access your account.
    Quest 33: Bear in bed
    Crappy meme joke that starts with Nope.
    Quest 34: lol+lol
    Written giggle/laughter often considered feminine
    Quest 35: Friday - Sunday
    Friday is x amount of days different than sunday? (Friday is [in Norway] weekday #5 and sunday is weekday #7) The answer is in form of a number
    Quest 36: A
    There is a logic in the numbers. If you think about it you may get it, if not, check the post with the answer.
    Quest 37: Feb 01 1970
    Unix Timecode at GMT 06:00:00 (Find the number out yourself, Google it)
    Quest 38: A fatd kmskfdr
    Like earlier, cryptic message. I'll give you some of the letters
    A = I
    f = L
    d = E
    r = S
    Quest 39: ghjkl
    Google dvorak Keyboard and see what it would be if you used that keyboard layout.
    Well isn't this just a bunch of nonsense
    Quest 41: Y_U G_T T_
    What do you have to do?
    Quest 42: Z O T T F F S _ _ _
    There is logic to it. All of the letters in the answer are different though (and separated by a blank space)
    Quest 43: 696867686969696868686969693269686768696969696868696867
    There are two parts to this. Take number #2 minus number #1.
    (It would start like this; 321333)
    If you have a phone that still makes the sound when you hit the number, you'll hear the song and have your answer.
    Quest 44:
    33 36 _
    _ 61.08 67.58
    E N _
    -276.02 _ 366.48
    I was thinking coordinated when I saw this, but didn't work out for me. If you have any idea what it is, please let me know. I know the answer due to some Google searching, but I don't know why it is so.
    Stuck at 45.
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    [And I just finished watching Gamzee lose his ****ing mind with Midnight Calliope playing.

    I'm afraid to sleep.

    I can't stop hearing it.

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    I've left and jumped back in here quite a few times already with a month, two, or three departure. Every time, I try to find my place on KHV again, but I can't seem to. I mean, even the people who want me to stay, I barely talk to, if at all. The only thread I really post in is the Duel Arena one. And just like before, I seem to kill most threads I post in(which I find hilarious).

    What do I do, KHV?
    How do I find an actual reason to permanently stay without feeling lost?
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    i come back to see these ridiculous changes that make no sense to me whatsoever
    i am so confused

    i bet no one remembers me
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  6. Zeonark
    Let's try a Fanfic again. Since my other two were just awful.

    I'll be short with this: This is yet ANOTHER Kingdom Hearts 3 Alternate Future with Roxas as the Main Character. But, I'm doing some of my own things here. And, unlike my other two fanfics, I'm going to try to keep a Kingdom Hearts theme here.

    Each Chapter will be in a Spoiler. Just to let you know. And I'm also trying a new style of writing. Don't comment on it.



    I thought nobodies didn't have hearts."

    "They don't. There is no exception. Not even me."

    "What are you talking abou-"

    "What do you think? There is no "Special" nobody. We're all the same. Without hearts or feelings. ...Or maybe. We at least have feelings."

    "Wha? That doesn't make sense. Not in the slightest. ...You should know that there is an exception... You and her..."


    "...I've been feeling this sensation ever since I merged with this person. I'm having a recollection of memories about someone who I remember. Which at the same time, I do not. This person... Who is she?"

    "This feeling has not left. I feel like I'll never be able to stay within in peace like this. ...I...I...
    ...Must escape."

    "To find out who this person is, I will have to become my own being again."

    "Why and how? I don't know. These are two questions that I will have to answer myself later."

    "This tale begins at the peaceful area of...
    Destiny Islands."

    - BEGINNING: Disconnection -​


    Chapter 1:

    "With that "Higher Existence" as my witness...

    With God as my witness...!

    I wield the left hand of Oblivion and the right hand of Oathkeeper!

    Connecting them to form the Holy Hand of Twilight!

    "...How long ago did I get in this mess? Then again, it is my fault. If I hadn't changed, I would've still been in his body... a year ago. If you would give me a moment of your time, I wanna tell you from the beginning how this hell started."

    --- Chapter 1 - Disconnection ---
    --- A Year Ago, After Organization XIII's Defeat ---​

    On an isle, there was several residents that seemed to be constructing something. Some came with wood on their backs and others were hammering nails into wooden houses.

    "Hey! Wakka! Over here!" A man yelled out.

    "Getting the higher spots, ya?" The other man responded.

    "Be careful. You might fall from up there."

    "Pfft. I'll be fine!"

    Wakka threw a log to the man up high. The man almost lost his balance on the top of a ladder he was on when he caught it. "Didn't I tell you Tidus?" Wakka asked.

    "I got it! No prob!" Tidus yelled.

    "What do you 'Got'? Your balance or the log?" A white haired man spoke out.

    "Oh. Riku. Hey. ...Wait. Whaddya mean 'Balance or the log'?!" Tidus yelled as his foot slipped and waving his arms up and down as he fell, he landed just before the log hit him in the face The other workers just sighed.

    "Well THAT answers my question." Riku commented.

    "Shaddup. It's not like you're doing any better." Tidus remarked.

    "...I'm ...Supervising." Riku replied.

    "Like hell!" Tidus started yelling again.

    While the angry Tidus was yelling at Riku. He just had his head turned while he was trying to ignore him. Wakka turned around and got back to the construction project. It seems like they're possibly building more houses for people to live in on the island...

    "This giant clubhouse gonna be done soon?" A worker asked.

    ...Or they're working on a clubhouse. Whichever works for them.

    "Not really. It's still gonna take awhile. But let's have some fun with it. 'Kay?" A female voice spoke.

    "Ohohoho. If it isn't Sora's lucky lady!" Tidus greeted.

    "Don't call me that!" The girl blushed while she denied it. Obviously.

    "If you're here Kairi, where's Sora?" Riku asked.

    "Actually... I was hoping you knew." Kairi replied.


    "Last time I saw him was in the Cave." Tidus answered.

    "Oh really Tidus? Thanks. I'm gonna go look for him." Riku responded.


    "....., don't be sad." A female voice rang out in a pitch-black area.

    "Why won't these words go away...?" A male voice rang out.

    "I've been remembering too much. My life two years ago... There was... A girl. But who was she?"

    A cloaked figure stood within the darkness of the room. "I... This person... I know her. But I can't remember a single thing. Except her face I see everyday. Through his eyes." The male voice continued as the image of Kairi appeared.

    "This obviously isn't a dream...

    I need to figure out...

    Through my own selfishness...

    I need to escape.
    " The figure pulled down the hood he had on to reveal a boy with blond hair. "...Startin' time." He reached out upwards with his right hand. It began glowing white.

    "Ow!" A boy shouted in the cave. It seemed to be Sora. He held his head with his hand. "Oh man... This headache. I'm not gonna be able to work like this! ...Where'd this pain even come from anyway?" He asked as he stood up.

    "I'm gone."

    Sora heard a voice as he looked up towards the ceiling. "Wh-What the heck?!" The pupils in his eyes disappeared as his entire face glowed with a white light as a body glowing a bright yellow began materializing in front of him. "...Wha..." The light on his face disappeared and his eyes went back to normal as he looked at the person in front of him, a look of shock on his face.

    "What're you...?"

    "I'm done here Sora. I'd rather be a nobody." The other person stated.

    "WHAT?! No! You're not suppose to be-"

    "I'm getting my answers."

    "What answers could you possibly need? What the heck kind of questions have you been asking yourself?"

    "...I don't need to answer you."

    "...C'mon... Roxas... You're not supposed to be out here... The letter his majesty sent..."

    "I don't care."

    Roxas turned his back to Sora, "Later", he walked away whilst Sora could only stand and look on

    "It's funny. That day, my whole personality changed... Probably because this time I wasn't playing. I'm not the naive 'Boy' I used to be.

    But of course I knew I couldn't do this alone. I had to get out of here and revive an old friend.

    - Next Entry: Escape -​


    Yes, yes, yes. It's bad. Whatever.
    There's something I wish to ask of YOU khv.

    I want you all to make Organization Characters. Usually, I'm against the thought of Original Kingdom Hearts characters, but this is an exception. BUT, there are some things you need to know and follow:

    1. PM the App/Profile and actually make a comment here. That's it.

    2. You cannot pick Numbers: I, VII, VIII, or XIII.

    3. For certain numbers, I wish to have certain personalities picked out for you all. It's not too restricting, since it's just one or two words. I will cross out each one as they are taken, if I'm not online and multiple people apply for the same thing, the first one who sent it will get the role.
    Now here:

    II: Badass/Serious Type
    III: Malicious Type
    IV: Genius Type (Not totally like Vexen, but similar.)
    V: Silent/Stone Wall Type (Like Lexaeus, which should've been obvious.)
    VI: Bossy Type
    IX: Lazy/Moron Type (Like Demyx.)
    X: Sadistic Type (Similar to Larxene.)
    XI: Rebellious Type
    XII: Anything similar to Marluxia.

    Weapons and such, you can pick yourself. But whoever makes XII, have a scythe. And IX, have a Guitar-ish weapon. Doesn't have to be the Sitar. Thank you.

    Here's the App:
    Name: (Must contain an X obviously.)
    Real Name: (Name of Somebody.)
    Age: (Before becoming a Nobody.)
    Element: (If you're picking the Marluxia-Type, put "Flowers".)
    Appearance: (Description please. It makes it easier for me to describe them when I enter them.)
    Bio: (Honestly don't care how long this is.)

    And that's pretty much it. I hope this is decent enough.
    Comment please.
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    Good damn

    Around 3AM it gets REAL quiet on KHV.

    ...Almost peaceful.
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    has that unique charm.

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    So I was on this forum talking with these guys about 2012. Then someone brings up that those May-something guys updated their calendar to 2208.

    Hey guys. The world is ending 2208.
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    ...Viewing stuff about Trolls. I read the top of the page to find out that's exactly what I am.

    Either I'm half troll, or I've been lied to.
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    Are they stupid or something? There's this rickroll video that is TITLED "Rick Roll'd". It has over 20 million views.

    I hope to god, people are doing that on purpose.
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    Why am I seeing an uprise in serious threads here?
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    It's hilarious from the fact that I'm seeing more and more of this. Reading the rules is so difficult.
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    Looks like I have a problem.

    I've completed the game, so don't tell me to buy the Link Panels please. Anyway, I was collecting Unity badges when I found out I couldn't get some of them because I need a extra link. I'm up to two Link Panels. If there's another, I think I need the Link and the Link panels. Anyone know where to find these? Certain Missions with chests or something?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Didn't see this thread yet, so I figured I'd make it.

    I want to hear your opinions on the Limit Breaks of the games, including the unlockable characters (*CoughSpoilersCough*). I for one, was a little disappointed with them. While some seem godly/awesome, some are pretty useless. Zexion is a perfect example, his has a horrible hit rate.

    Anyone else?
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    Damn it

    I can't go around KHV without seeing a premium, then I have a seizure.
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    Your current name color is a rip off of Skittles. The candy AND the member.
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    I demand information of when he became a blueberry.
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    So um yeah.

    I just bought The World Ends With You.

    Kites recommended it. Gameplay is as hard as hell for me and I'm on Day 2. We just met Beat and Rhyme.

    Anything I should expect? Spoiler Free of course.
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