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    Omfg I'm so not sleeping tonight... I wanted a scary movie and I got it.gotta say it was nice though that it was actually scary. Between Friday the 13th, the exorcist, and the shining, finally I got through the entire movie. Texas chainsaw massacre didn't hold my interest either. Anyone know of any other movies that are actually scary? Annabelle is supposed to be coming out next month so I'm gonna go with a friend to see that if it turns out to be scary. I need scary movies to find and watch that aren't boring scary. Come on kh-vids internet people. One of you has gotta know some scary movies I can watch keeping in mind that the exorcist and the shining are supposed to be scary but they bored me! :rolleyes:
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    a song by Em

    Final Wish

    Even though I know I have to
    I'm not ready to let you go just yet
    Once I tell you how I feel you'll disapear
    I close myneyes and see you taking off
    All I see is the plane taking you away from me
    I don't know if you'll ever come back
    You don't know if you'll make it to your destination
    We don't know what we'll do to survihgve another lonely night
    I'd give up everything to have you here with me

    The years have slowly been passing by
    I gave up long ago hoping that you might return
    I lay here on my death bed
    I wait for you to rush in
    There's nothing more I want than for you to be the last thing I see
    But my eyes close and you never came
    What a waste of a final wish I made

    Sound is empty and hollow inside my head of scattered thoughts
    No news no updates about you
    Somehow a sign will be revealed
    Good or bad I just need to know
    We could've made it work somehow
    The best memories are the ones we never got to share
    You never did understand why we were together
    There's not enough time to explain
    If only time had stopped and made you decide to stay

    Repeat chorus

    Only now do I think of what my final words to yu should've been
    Keep me in the back of your mind
    Don't deny don't deny the forces keeping us far apart
    Don't forget don't forget how you once felt about me
    Everything around me is dying with you gone
    I dont get to be an exception

    Repeat chorus

    Its kinda about loving someone but they have to leave and you never had a chance to see if you could have a future together. You wait your entire life for them to.come back but they never do. Suddenly, you're on your death bed and all you want is to see them before your eyes close for the last time. But it turned out to be a waste of a widh because your eyes close, never to open again, and they never showed up
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    finally finished the song i was working on about hamlet. now i can stop making myself crazy over that, especially since i still don't like shakespeare

    but now idk what to write about next. i've written a song about pretty much everything i can think of at this point but my goal is 70 by the end of the month. i'm just 3 away :D i've also been writing songs for like... 4 years now so it's a lot but it's not a lot. especially since most of them suck

    give me some ideas to write about ppl!
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    so don't ask why i'm trying to write a song about the play "Hamlet". prob cuz i'm trying to get to 70 songs by the end of the month. i need 3 more song ideas. i feel like i've written about just about everything i can think of. most songs are not happy. like my life.... keep me occupied while i think of more song ideas i haven't done yet and while i look through spark notes so i actually understand what they're saying so i can get ideas to put into the song.

    it's been almost a year since i had to read it for english class but even then most of it wasn't in modern enlgish so i was totally clueless. stupid thousand line soliloquy that could've been said in 2 sentences
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    cuz i was mad at my mom so i kinda just wrote whatever popped into my head not following any format or anything. it came out so sad like the other ~50 songs i've written in the past 4 and a half years. they all suck and are kinda sad

    cheer me up ppl?


    waking up shaking from a nightmare/feeling so afraid and unsure/it felt so real but i’ll be ok/somehow i can’t help but feel like you should love me unconditionally/so why does it seem like you hate me?/why don’t i feel the love?/maybe it’s just not there//pre-chorus: you can’t pick your family/but i wish i had had a choice/with every word you say to me/they’re like knives cutting into me/getting down deep to make things worse/leaving scars you’ll never know about//chorus: you have three but you only see two/you’re unaware the emotionally unstable child is crying in her room/she might as well be crying blood/since it’d go unnoticed until she was gone/you and the others will be yelling at a still body/a smile on her face knowing she’s away from you now//words can hurt more than you think/i heard no one can make you feel insecure/unless they have your permission/but for someone like me it’s different/try and try every day/somehow finding courage to survive/then your mouth opens and the words come out/slowly destroying me inside//pre-chorus//CHORUS//luckily there’s so many reasons to keep fighting/it wasn’t an easy decision to make/but i decided no one was gonna ruin my life/it’s the smaller things in life that matter/i’m gonna stick around for them/they’re the reason i put up with all of it/if you take the time to look around you’ll see that//CHORUS//

    yay for my stupid/sad song? :D

    i also wrote one about being a kid and wanting to snow for christmas and i talked about dreaming about chocolate covered candy canes. that night i dreamt about evil spirits haunting me and work up shaking.... so ways to stop bad dreams would be nice. stupid dream catcher does nothing
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    Tiger Simile

    One of my cats, Tiger, died almost a year ago. A few months after he died, I had to write a simile for Enlgish class. So I wrote one about him. I got a pretty good grade for it. I still haven't been able to read it to myself without tearing up. But I figured I'd share it and see what other people think cuz my english teacher was just happy that people actually tried and understood what a simile was.

    Your purr was like a lion’s roar
    Endless shedding was like the brush had a fur coat
    Coming in from the rain you were wet like perfect morning dew
    Missing you is like a piece of the world vanished
    Forever wishing you were still here is like wishing for the impossible
    Thinking about you was like a river of tears all through the first week that you were gone
    Wearing the bracelet is like knowing you’ll always be in my heart
    Pictures are like the forever memories hoping I’ll never forget
    Waiting to see you again is like an eternity that I know will have been worth the wait
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    So tomorrow is my sister's baby shower. I'm meeting her bf's family for the first time. I don't really like being all happy smilie social. If I have to, I will. Prob is, it's that time of the month. So I'm most likely going to be an emotional wreck tomorrow. So I pretty much need advice on how to keep mood swings under control, prevent cramps, be happy smilie for about 4 hours, and do it without being able to shove chocolate down my throat the entire time.

    If you're a girl, hopefully you get that it's almost impossible to keep mood swings under control. It was horrible when I was at school and would just break out crying. I had to be like "oh I accidentally jabbed myself with my pencil..."

    I love my sister but I don't know which one of us is gonna be more emotional. She's 7 and a half months pregnant. I have anxiety probs to begin with and that time of the month just makes it that much worse. I'm willing to try just about anything to make it through this. It's gonna be about a 2 hour drive to the place they're doing it btw. So I also have the ride there to add to making me nuts.
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    i've been bored lately so i've been making more friendship bracelets. i've been doing some pokemon ones. so far i've done pikachu and umbreon. tomorrow i'll be starting snorlax. idk which one to do after

    so... opinions? what's ur fav!?
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    so give me ideas on what we can do. this is so boring....
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    But this time there's no cookies... :/ Just giant kit kat bars and we each have our own. I'm kinda bored atm so I have nothing better to do than to post about it.
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    She just texted me a few minutes ago. She was due to have a baby in July but her text said that she had the baby. I guess it was a preemie but I didn't wanna ask. At least not yet. She said the baby didn't make it unfortunately. I told her I was so sorry. I'm sitting here crying for her now and I don't even wanna image what she's like right now. I'd love to call her as soon as possible if she needs/wants to talk but honestly, I'm not even sure I'd be able to talk atm. And I get upset relatively easily. I can't even image how she's feeling right now. We could probably just cry on the phone together. So basically, if I call her at some point or she calls me, I'd really love some advice on what to say. I have this really bad habit of saying the wrong thing or not fully thinking about what I'm saying before I do with anything bad. I'm guessing the baby was a preemie because her text was "I had a pretty girl. She past away" but I don't feel comfortable asking her anymore info about it. Advice on what to say (if either of us will be able to talk) if/when one of us calls the other?
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    and i wanted to show off the panda bracelet i made... took about 5 hours when the power was out and i had nothing to do
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    its mah b-day

    i feel so old... i dun lyk it
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    hopefully that's viewable because with the new look, i can't find my album if they're even still around now

    i need a maraquan cybunny grid (just the head though)


    and at some point i might even try doing something kh-vids related if i can find grids for it

    i never know where to put anything anymore so thats why im in the spam zone
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    im hanging with my friend cuz shes sleeping over and we say hi!!!! :lol:

    shes using my mom's netbook so i can use my laptop and shes scaring me :(

    *hides behind the next person to post* SAVED ME!!!
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    made this about an hour ago. took about 2 hours. someone else on neo made the grid for me

    what do u all think?
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    so i had my gallbladder taken out on tuesday night and went home yesterday afternoon. it was done by laparoscopy. it hurts more recovering then it did from the pain before the surgery. it hurts to sit, stand, or walk and even move sometimes. if i burp/cough like i'm supposed to, it hurts big time. ive had a pillow on my stomach since a little after waking up in the recovery room. putting pressure on it is the only thing helping. the stupid pain pills barely do a thing for me. it even seems like they make the pain worse

    any advice and what not is much appreciated. and i already know it's supposed to get better each day but so far it's not happening. i also think this might be hereditary because my grandmother and mom both have had to have their gallbladders removed. i just had to have it done at a younger age (i'm 17 btw with an EXTREMELY low pain tolerance)
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    ok so its just 4 of the friendship bracelets im working on but i wanna know what people think of them and how much you'd pay for each pattern. cuz we do this yard sale thing each year and for the last 2 years i've sold them but im learning new patterns and stuff and idk how much to sell them for
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    happy thanksgiving to pplz not in Canada and anywhere else where it's not today

    just kinda curious who remembers me cuz it seems like i don't know anyone here anymore

    and my friend is setting me up with this guy who's her boyfriend's friend and im gonna hang with them this weekend and im all nervous so should i go or not and stuff? if it works out, im gonna have a boyfriend whos soooo cute :woohoo:

    but really, who remembers me? i miss the times where i actually knew pplz here
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    The most annoying person in the world. In need of ideas on how to get rid of him forever.
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