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  1. Alex856

    Linkin Park?

    Bah, I'm bored take it with a grain of salt...​
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  2. Alex856
    I have planned to go to a pool with all of my friends, or at least the closest ones.
    I wish I could invite a few of you, but I live in another country. B|

    It shall be awesome, I will take pics.
    That is all.
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  3. Alex856
    That's what comes to mind after looking at this pic...

    [I've never thought that's how Sora's VA looks right now, By BBS launch he didn't look like this at all... o.O


    I see dead people :3]

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  4. Alex856

    That is all.
    [3 muthafacking KBytes... ;-;]
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  5. Alex856
    [Why is everyone suddenly getting married?
    Is it your internal clock ticking KHV?
    I am disappointed in you.

    That is all.]
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  6. Alex856
    [Ponysona 3.]

    [And it had a Sequel- Ponysona 4.]

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  7. Alex856
    Do you have any ideas or things that you'd like to see in the game?

    So far it's been confirmed that The reapers' game shall be appearing, and so will Neku, Shiki, and the others.

    It's also been confirmed that Neku will be a party member, and that you'll be able to switch between Dream Eater partners and World-Related partners.

    If you have any Ideas or theories shove them up here.

    Me? I'd personally like to see the Assshole Good ol' Joshua Kiryu.
    As a partner or
    as a Boss.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Is it just me or Neku's timer is on the wrong hand?
    Thread by: Alex856, Oct 11, 2011, 32 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8: Final Chapter Prologue
  8. Alex856
    Apparently we are in a Drawing fetish/Fad.

    Everyone's Drawing different kind of things. Either via MSpaint or using their actual skills...

    ...I'd wish I could draw better than a 6th grader.
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  9. Alex856
    You shouldn't visit KHV on weekends, At all.
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  10. Alex856
    I will tell you what my favourite colors are.

    Two of the most odds, in like; EVERYONE's opinion IRL.

    So yeah, For some reason my favourite color is Orange . Second to that it's Purple.


    Kind of explains why I fell in love Liked Neku's design. Favourite colors combined in a protagonist? HELL YEAH.

    Most people probably won't care at all for a thread like this, oh well.
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  11. Alex856
    *Does a ninja impression*

    How have things been around here?

    I can not believe I have been away since february :C

    So hey, how many murders have happened since I abruptly left?

    As for my reasons of leaving... Well I was kind of busy with my seniorship.
    I WILL GRADUATE IN A MONTH! :'D (August 3rd)
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  12. Alex856
    No, I don't mean myself >>
    it's Plumsy's Birthday today! 8DDD

    Happy birthday Plums may you have the best one EVAR! (Like I already said on FB)

    And to get you your present here too.. I'll post it, I know they'll laugh at my drawing skill but what the hell.. ;-;

    Here's your present Plums! From me! and of course the other Al pals xDD for giving me the Ideas.


    I luv you man! (no homo) xDD
    Take care!
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  13. Alex856
    Look who's finally back? 8D
    I wonder if anyone actually missed me.. ;-;

    To those wondering.. I lost my pass when I stopped visiting when BBS came out.. it was stored in my old HDD.. I spent one week looking for it. then my computer went cuckoo.. :S
    and the HDD got burned badly and stopped working with my pass being lost forever..

    Thanks to my friend Dark link for contacting Misty for me and misty for resetting my pass so I could be back c:
    Really guys I owe you one (Y)

    Yes! I know about the rollback..
    Yes, I know I lost 40 posts and god knows how much rep..
    Yes, I know some people left..
    I've been lurking from time to time.. just that I couldn't post or log in..
    This time I'm setting my pass to something I know I'll NEVER EVER forget.. :S
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  14. Alex856
    Who the hell this is...? >.>

    Please tell me it's not another spdude ;-;
    Thread by: Alex856, Jul 26, 2010, 18 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  15. Alex856
    Why is everyone so hyped up by the 2500+ page in the spamzone? xDD
    Seriously. Oh well, I guess that's one of the things I'll never get for being a newbie

    Without wanting to, I created the 50000 one xD
    I imagined there was 3 threads left for that :P
    I was wrong.
    Thread by: Alex856, Jul 24, 2010, 35 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  16. Alex856
    So Google Chrome just had a Fatal error which made me lose ALL my Files and Customizations, after recovering internet access I lost since sunday night .-.

    I am Raging at it right now c:

    How's your day going KHV? ^^
    Thread by: Alex856, Jul 6, 2010, 20 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  17. Alex856
    I don't know if this is too hard to do, but how about we rename the section's name, I mean we already know that Re:coded is going to come to NA and it seems quite pointless to make a whole new section about it...

    Coded wasn't even released in the states... so how about it?

    Your opinions?
    Thread by: Alex856, Jul 1, 2010, 4 replies, in forum: Feedback & Assistance
  18. Alex856
    I know now for sure that KHV hates me (the site not you guys xD)

    Thread by: Alex856, Jun 28, 2010, 16 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  19. Alex856
    [Why do people keep saying I sound like Roxas or Axel... Geez

    I don't... (Because I'm Saxor 8D)

    Meh maybe it's just the way I talk >.>]
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  20. Alex856
    Yeah guys, I'll be kinda away from here due to my finals starting tomorrow (to which I need to study a lot u_u), I'll be away approximatively two or three weeks

    I might be online on the weekends but I won't be as talkative...

    So see you when I'm finally a Senior ;D

    Says goodbye Alex856~
    Thread by: Alex856, Jun 13, 2010, 9 replies, in forum: Departure Hall