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    Hey, So im on YouTube so I hope You like this vid I don't like it that much :bangbang: but I hope you like it :Awesome:
    Anyway Here you go :party-smiley-013:
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    Hey:lol2: So on RE:Coded I Got Stunk on the Rose Garden when the Cards go really Fast so How should i Pass Them?
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    KH I (My Story)
    Sora : .....................Bored *Burps*
    Kairi : :/gasp: Sora what are you doing? Sora : Nothing i hate this stuiped Island.
    Kairi : I love this Island its Awsome.
    Sora : Riku ate my Donut.
    Kairi : Shut up Sora
    Sora : HEARTLESS! Kairi : WHAT! Sora : Nothing.
    Kairi: ........................ I hate you.
    Riku : Hey Kairi wanna go out
    Kairi : Im good Thanks away
    Riku : Awww Man
    Donlad : Hi
    Goofy : Hello
    Kairi : Who are you guys? Donlad : Im Donlad. Goofy : Im Mickey. Donlad : No your Goofy
    Goofy : Oh yea Im Goofy. Sora : Hey, im Sora I got a Keyblade. :D
    Donlad & Goofy : :/gasp: THE KEYBLADE *Tackles Sora*
    Sora : Hey! this is mine! Goofy : Donlad! Donlad : What Goofy : We are on a Island
    Donlad : Yea I know. Goofy : Oh you know? Donlad : Yea. Goofy : Okay! :)
    The End sorry i was just bored
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    Walking Alone Where Do i go?
    I Don't Know i can't see anthing. My HeRaT With Light will it stay? or will Darkness just Come and Destory Light. Still can't see Where im going.
    Need to go Home Can't find Home A Castle? Lighting Came Rain now walking alone in Darknes and Rain it Would not end. only the Keyblade Holder can Help.

    Star Wars? Heartless! Hey, Two Keyblades of Light.
    I Would not give Up Keyblade Help Me I Need to End this.
    Home Here I Am.
    Thank You Light.
    You are the Strongtest thing in the World
    Thank You.....
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    Hiiiii Im Here to ask you What Is your Fav Song In the whole World

    :registro5B15D: C'mon Come and tell me xD.
    URG STUIPED COMPUTER :crashcomp:
    :silence: okaaaayyy No Need to get Mad at it.......
    :starwars: ...........Alright......
    So If you got A Fav Song Post a Comment :D :ff10sora:
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    Hey, so this is about KH II what happend in it

    Sora in Kingdom Hearts II he is trying to find Kairi it Was 2 Years Sora was looking to Kairi.
    Then Kairi Left The Island to find Sora and Riku.

    And Riku was trying to go find Roxas and when he did he had to Fight Him he was thinking that would wake up Sora.

    Then Riku to use the power of Darkness Riku had to turn into Ansem.

    Now Sora helped all the worlds Just one more thing he had to do to save the World and everybody.
    When Sora was going Twlight Town Axel told him everything but then Died to save Sora from the Nobody's.
    Then Sora went to the WTNW When he was going there He Meet Roxas but Roxas attacked him and Fighted With him.
    Then Sora Was Thinking that he was Riku.

    But Sora still was going to find Kairi.
    Kairi when she wasing leaveing the Island Axel Caputed her :nono: Stuiped Axel xD anyway.
    But Kairi got away from Axel then Saix got her and she in the Dugon in The World That Never Was.
    Namine` Kairi's Nobdy came to save her. Saix saw Namine` and Kairi escapeing. Then Saix was going to take Kairi to Sora she didn't come with him.
    Riku came out.
    Saix Said ''Didn't Roxas Take Care of You''.
    Riku Attacked him.
    Then Saix left.
    And Namine` said ''You can take it from here Riku''
    Kairi said ''Riku?''
    Pluto went to Riku Before he left Kairi stoped him from leaveing then said ''Riku are you really here''.
    Yes That was Riku as Ansem.
    Sora finallyed got to the WTNW and found Kairi Sora got attacked by Heartless Kairi Jumped to save Sora but then she got Attacked by Heartless.

    Riku saved Kairi and gave her Keyblade to fight.
    Riku and Kairi Defated all the Heartless.
    Then Sora defeted one of the Org#13 Member's.

    Then Sora and Kairi talked then Huged :gunwtf:
    Then Kairi told Sora that Riku was here.
    Then Sora defeatd all the Org#13 Member's
    Sora deftead Ansem.
    Went Back Home and all the Worlds was in Peace.
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    :type: Hey, so im new here and i just wanna say hi so Hi! xD anyway
    Im a huge KH fan i been playing it for YEARS!!!
    g2g See ya!
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