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  1. phoenixkh93
    So I'm in the process of recovering my KHX account (gave away my old phone last year before realising I needed to link the account to facebook!). I wanted to try and get back into it before KH3 comes out, but they can't restore the account without a few details that I don't have access to. I need to provide the following medal info for at least 5 unequiped medals using the format :
    Unequipped Medals (Names, Rarity, Levels, Skills, Boosts).
    Best guess or an estimated guess is okay to submit as well.
    I can't for the life of me remember what medals I had, does anyone know some typical early game medals I could put in? I remember having a 2d one of Sora having a funny face pulled, and a Yuna one.
    Thank you for the help!
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  2. phoenixkh93
    So I got a new phone after my old one broke, and i have downloaded KHUX again. Buut when I try and log in it says there is no KH account linked to my facebook (I thought I had linked it but it;s been such a long time I've forgotten tbh). So how screwed am I? Will I just have to start from scratch?
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  3. phoenixkh93
    What is the best AkuRoku Vid you ever did saw?

    Mine was one which I believe was deleted many eons ago. it was to the song 'incomplete' and it mixed the images from the manga with the corresponding images from the game, absolutely beautiful. Can I have some kick ass recommendations, especially youtube vids?

    Thank you!!
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  4. phoenixkh93
    Just rewatching Brave, and realised during this scene that the second archer to shoot for Merida's hand looks (and acts) more than a little like Kylo Ren from Star wars: The Force Awakens XD

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  5. phoenixkh93

    Happy 10th Birthday KH2! Shame that the KH3 release date theories didn't pan out.
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  6. phoenixkh93
    I have completed all of the data battles except Xaldin and Xemnas, and I am really really stuck. I can last a good while against him but I'm finding it really hard to land many hits on him. I can't seem to catch the Learn reaction command, or if I do I get hit straight after and it doesn't come up with Jump. Or if I do get Jump, it completely misses when I activate it. I've seen videos as well where people manage to stack the Jump commands but I always get interrupted before I can. I can't seem to find a good walkthrough for it either. Please help it's driving me crazy :(
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  7. phoenixkh93
    I'm having real trouble with trying to find the special treasure enemy and attack cards that are end game bonuses on Sora's story, such as the Starseeker and Luxord etc, I can't find any of them. I have saved clear data from both Sora and Riku's stories (with the little gold card on the save file to prove it) and 100% trophy completion for 358/2, plus I've already got all the 1st sets of Key to rewards rooms for every world. Am I missing something?
    Every time I get into the worlds Key to rewards room I just get basic cards such as cure lvl2.
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  8. phoenixkh93
    Especially to do with trying to get high scores for trophies/journal entries and things.

    Now I do love the mini games of Kingdom Hearts, they make for interesting additions to the game and can be really fun, but which ones did people find the most frustrating? For instance the magic carpet ride in KH2 which was actually only completable once every few attempts when an extra heartless would appear.

    But the one that's caused me most anguish so far is that flipping Panic Vegetable mini game in 100 acre wood during re:chain of memories. The one where countless vegetables trundle down the hill towards you and you have to smack them left and right 150 times to get the trophy. This wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to rescue the idiotic pooh bear, who decides to sabotage all of your efforts by casually meandering into the oncoming produce and getting himself killed. I say he should just be left to deal with the consequences of his own foolish actions. But if that wasn't bad enough he has the audacity to maniacally titter 'ohoho what fun!!!' as a monstrous pumpkin rumbles towards you and crushes you to pulp.

    Safe to say I have not got this trophy yet.
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  9. phoenixkh93
    It's kind of a running fandom joke that the main trio don't seem to ever be concerned with their parents, but I came to the realisation after watching this vine:

    That the only parent I can think of that we actually see in the entirety of the KH universe is King Triton.
    Sora's mom has a single line of off screen dialogue, but it's not even stated that it's his mom, just a woman calling him for dinner! I can think of a couple of adoptive parents though, like Even for Ienzo and Geppetto for Pinocchio.
    I guess it's pretty much a direct consequence of Disney protagonists tending to be orphans.
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  10. phoenixkh93
    looks like Viz media are finally releasing more of the manga! Volume 4 of 358/2 in on Amazon set to be released October 28th, with vol 5 in January next year.

    Also, vol 3 of the omnibus edition of KH2 manga is being released this December!

    It's been such a long wait but this should keep me going until new games are released :)
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  11. phoenixkh93
    So guys just a heads up, there is another distant worlds final fantasy concert in London this November. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, Friday 10AM. Last time they sold out within a half hour so get in quick if you're interested! It is basically a beautiful concert of music from Final fantasy in full orchestra, and Nobuo Uematsu himself (the composer) will be there!! Best of luck if you try and get tickets :)
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  12. phoenixkh93
    I love little trivia things like this :)

    Is there any cool little details, secrets or just cool tidbits you almost missed or didn't notice at first?

    For me, a major one was that you could freeze the bubbles at Hollow Bastion to make platforms to get up to the chests. I spent hours trying to get to those chests I could see up there, mainly thinking it was some secret arrangement of the sliding walls puzzle below. When I finally figured it out and got up there and opened the chest...It wouldn't let me have the gummi part. I'd already got the 99 puppies reward :( :( :(

    (I tried to sell all the gummi parts I owned just so I could get the chests and I ended up with a flying cockpit with a single gun as a gummi ship. And still couldn't get the chest because Cid wouldn't let me sell the rare pieces)

    Also the guy who gets his heart stolen in Traverse town appears briefly in Agrabah as an recoloured NPC, made to look Middle Eastern and with Agrabah clothes.
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  13. phoenixkh93
    So who is Rowdy Brown and why does IMDb have both him and Jesse McCartney slated to voice Roxas in KH3? I have never heard of him before, especially not in connection with the series. Thoughts anyone?
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  14. phoenixkh93
    ...And realised Loki and none of the other prisoners had toilets in their cells. Bad show Asgard
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  15. phoenixkh93
    So I was thinking while watching 358/2. There is such a big deal made over Sora and Roxas being separate beings (not to mention Xion). The same goes for Kairi and Namine. It's heavily implied though that Sora will be able to save Roxas and Namine and they will be able to become their own people, which is great!
    But why is no fuss made over the other nobodies? Axel is perfectly happy to be Lea again and none of the others have shown that they care at all about their nobodies getting their own identities separate from their original selves. In fact thinking about it, it kinda bothers me a little that Lea is just Axel without the face tattoos. He doesn't even have a different set of clothes!
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  16. phoenixkh93
    I found these on the trivia pages of KH insider but no translations there. These are taken of Jiminy's journal, but in the Japanese edition of FM, Tetsuya Nomura himself wrote the words on the top as if it was Sora. So it's kind of like Sora and Nomura have the same handwriting :)

    Does anyone have and idea at all what they say?

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  17. phoenixkh93
    I have every treasure in the game except 44 and 45 for Riku on the grid. I've looked on guides and searched everywhere but no luck :( the guides say about going to the portal stairs, but give no directions to where this is, and how to get there. Any help at all would be appreciated :)
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  18. phoenixkh93


    So I'm going to Italy for 9 days! Exciting times. But then the day after I get back I'm off to my job next year as a youth leader in a retreat centre which means this is probably one of the last chances I'll have to say goodbye. Now I won't be gone for good, hopefully I'll be able to check in every once in a while (I want to see the Traditional art of the month result :P) but not half as much as now. So I just want to say thank you to the staff and the members for making me feel welcome and providing a brilliant service for us.

    Love and best wishes!
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  19. phoenixkh93
    First full pencil drawing I'm uploading. Tried out some new techniques and I'm fairly happy with it. The picture isn't actually of anyone in particular, I just kind of made it up as I went along. I think it was sorta inspired by old series Rachel from Friends, or at least the hair is. I think It might have turned out more realistic if I had used references, but I'll know that for next time now. Sadly my scanner made it incredibly grainy and faint so I had to touch it up on Pixlr. Please tell me what you think, seriously ANY comment would be appreciated.

    Click on image to enlarge

    View attachment 32782
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  20. phoenixkh93
    Had it on repeat for about 3 hours now.

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