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    As Luna strolled around, she had realized she never told Aux of what was to happen the next day. Luna reached i to her pocket and pulled out the gummiphone that was handed to her. She opened up her phone and found Aux’s contact that was given to her. She left him a brief message but left it vague. Apologies for leaving a message this late. I need you to meet me by the ship we used from the Sanctuary at dawn. I would suggest being prepared for a period of time. Luna sent off the message and sat down on a nearby bench, waiting for the sun to rise.

    Luna remained on that bench that whole night and saw daylight break over the horizon. She got up and went back to her room to grab a small bag before walking over to where the ship was being held.

    A loud dinging sound came from Aux's phone to signal he missed a call. His large arm emerged from his blanket as he felt around for the gummi phone. He put it to his ear and played back the message. Upon hearing everything, he hung up the phone and groaned into his pillow.

    He did as instructed and went to meet her at the hangar. Not getting much sleep himself, he had bags under his eyes. He let out a huge yawn as he saw the princess approaching. He looked to see if anyone else was with her. "Where are the others?"

    Luna saw Aux by the hangar, yawning loudly. He looked over at her before asking where the others were. The princess shook her head. “No one else will be going. Originally, I was planning to go alone, but DJ and Shiro insisted that you were to be brought along.” She sighed for a moment before crossing her arms. “I am more than capable of handling myself and this is a more personal matter. But they left before I could argue back.” Luna walked past Aux and climbed aboard the ship.

    Aux blinked each eye separately from the early morning rise. Ignoring his unwanted presence, he was still on board with the plan. "Some one kidnap your boyfriend?" He asked, climbing onto the ship and closing the door behind them.

    Luna shook her head as she started up the ship. “No. Koa is fine. I did a small check in with him a little while ago.” Luna paused as she continued to focus on the starting sequence for the ship. “This is a tad more serious than that, I’m afraid....” The princess took ahold of the controls and the ship started to rise. Steadily, she continued to raise the ship higher into the air until she felt she was okay to open a gate. Luna took her keyblade, pointing it straight ahead, and opened a gate for the ship to pass through.

    His eyes widened ever so slightly as he took a seat next to her at the cockpit. "Well not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon..." he proved his feet on the dashboard, cracking his neck as he leaned back in the chair. He folded his arms and turned to her. He paused for a brief moment before sighing. "Look, I know you're able to take care of yourself. But we've been losing more and more people lately. Having some backup now and then doesn't hurt... Kaida told me that teamwork means people doing smaller jobs to get the big job done faster... so what's the big job?"

    Aux took his seat next to Luna. He then made himself comfortable by putting his feet on the dashboard. Luna immediately moved them off of it. “Do not put your feet on the dashboard. They are not a foot rest.” Aux then sighed before reasoning with the princess. He then asked what needed to be done. Luna had sighed as she continued to steer the ship. “This ‘big job’ is more on my end rather than someone else doing something...” She paused for a few moments. After several silent moments, Luna opened her mouth. “It involves that.” The princess then pointed towards the incoming world. The outside of it had been shattered and what could be seen of the ground was almost an ash grey color. “I will give you at least two guesses as to where we going.

    Aux made a quick whistle as he eyed the broken world. "So are we here to fix it?"

    Luna nodded her head. “Essentially. Yes.” She tightly clenched the steering wheel as the sight of the broken world got closer and closer.

    Aux's eyes narrowed on her tense grip and patted her shoulder. "Hey..." he waited until she looked back at him. "You've got this."

    Luna looked back ahead as she still kept a tight grip. “I have a lot riding on this.” She paused. “A lot is at stake...” Several moments passed as they had reached the broken world. As they entered the world, no color was to be seen for miles and miles. All that filled this world was an ash grey and a sort of dark red tinge to it. Broken houses surrounded the area, dried up lakes and rivers, and the ground was bone dry and dead. It was as if the world was on its last few breaths. Luna looked away as the sight pained her immensely. She took a moment to breathe before looking at Aux. “If you had one guess as to where we are, where would you think?

    After inspecting the broken terrain he shrugged. "Your home?"

    Luna looked back as they were passing a castle slowly breaking apart. “Welcome to what remains of Solara Lua...” She looked forward once more as the ship pressed on further into the world.

    "So, what can I do to help?" He asked cracking his neck as he stretched. He was starting to feel more awake now.

    Luna saw two people just up ahead and prepared to land the ship. “There’s not really much. Like I said, this is more on my end rather than it is yours. That is why I was telling DJ and Shiro I can take care of things.” The ship had landed in front of a young man and a young woman who had crossed her arms. Luna was the first to exit the ship. “Better late than never, Princess.” The young woman said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. “My apologies, Mira. There’s a lot going on right now.” Luna apologized to the woman named Mira. Mira had then sighed before the young man spoke up. “While that is understandable, Your Highness, but this issue needs to resolved quickly. You are running on borrowed time and that borrowed timed is quickly diminishing.” Mira nodded her head in agreement. “Deimos is right, kid. If we don’t get this solved, you and your brother are going to have a lot more to worry about.” Luna nodded her head in silence. She closed her eyes and turned her head away. “I know I have little time left. However, I will do what I can to get this resolved.

    "You two..." he barked, referring to Mira and Deimos. "What can I do to help Luna do this as safely as possible? I know this is something she has to do alone, but there's gotta be some way I can support her."

    Mira walked over to Aux before answering back. “Listen Red-head. First of all, you don’t intimidate me or Bird-Brain over there. Second of all, I’ll be giving the orders around and you’ll treat that with respect. Third of all, there’s nothing we can do but wait.” Mira stepped up towards Aux, showing him she isn’t going to be one to budge. Deimos sighed as Luna scratched her head awkwardly. “What Mira is trying to say is that, there really is nothing we can do on this side, Her Highness will not be having any support once she starts. The only thing we can do is to prevent any intruders who might dare to enter.” Deimos calmly explained to Aux before turning to Luna. “Speaking of Her Highness, I had thought you would be traveling alone.” Luna looked back at Deimos. “A sudden change in plans unfortunately. Though it might be useful should something unexpected arise while I’m in there.” Deimos nodded his head before Mira looked at her. “Alright. Now answer me this, kid. How much does Little Red know?” Luna turned away as she scratched her temple awkwardly in silence. Mira shook her head before sighing. “Well that answers that.

    He walked around them and nearly matched eyesight with Luna. "I'll make sure no one interrupts you from this side." He reached into his pocket and pull out an old folded piece of paper. "Growing up, I never had a lot of confidence in myself. So if you ever feel like you're not enough for the task, read what's on the paper." He put it in her hand and closed it. "You ready?"

    Mira scratched her head. “I’m guessing he knows nothing.” The young woman sighed and shook her head. Luna nodded her head as she put the paper in her pocket. “I’m ready but we’re still waiting for few others.” Mira then interjected. “Not to mention, Lizard Breath’s temple isn’t up yet. We still have time to sort of get ready.” Deimos sighed before elaborating further. “What Mira is saying is that Lord Phobos’ temple must reveal itself first before Her Highness steps in. We are still waiting for three more to be present.” “Nope, we just need the temple to show up now.” The three looked over at the sudden voice. The voice had belonged to Koa’s elder sister, Illiana. Along with her Luna’s twin brother and an orange haired girl appeared alongside Illiana. Luna ran over to her brother before hugging him. “Luci!” Lucien hugged his sister back as he greeted her. “Hey Luna. I’m glad you’re okay.” Mira crossed her arms. “Well now all we need is Lizard Breath to wake up.” She paused. “While we’re waiting, you might as well fill in Little Red here. I don’t know what you’ve kept secret from that group of yours but you’re gonna have to at least come clean to the red head here.” She point her thumb over at Aux before pausing once more. “Unless you rather have me do it for you, Luna.

    "Up to you..." he motioned to Luna.

    Luna pulled away from her brother and remained silent. Mira shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll deal with that later, I guess.” She looked at the three that had arrived. “You guys weren’t followed, right?” Illiana shook her head. “We’re all clear. It should be relatively quiet for now.” Mira nodded her head. At that moment, the ground started to shake violently as something started to rise from the ground from several yards away. A building had started rising from the earth above the hidden building. “Guess Lizard-Breath is awake...” The group tried to keep balance as the ground continued to shake. Once the building had completely risen, the ground stopped. Luna immediately looked at everyone. “Is everyone alright?” The group nodded their heads. “Solana, Deimos, you two take to the skies and get to a vantage point. We need eyes above just in case.” The orange haired girl and Deimos nodded their heads before quickly shifting into a phoenix and the two flew off ahead. Luna then focused her attention on everyone else. “The rest of you guys will stay outside here. However, you guys will decide amongst yourselves on how you will be positioned.” The rest of the group nodded their heads. Luna looked back at the risen temple. She took a deep breath before walking right in. Mira watched as the princess marched ahead before turning back to Aux. “Alright. Since our princess is doing she needs to get done and everything is quiet. Let’s actually bring you up to speed, Little Red.” With one hand on her hip, she pointed in Aux’s face. “Pop quiz! What do you and your group already know about Luna?

    He listed then aloud as he thought to himself. "Princess of heart, she has a brother, something happened to her homeworld..."

    Mira scratched her head before crossing her arms. “So practically nothing. Got it. Grab a chair, Red. You’re gonna be listening for a bit.

    Luna walked up to the entrance of the temple. She hesitated for a few moments before shaking her head. She turned back to look at her friends and family before giving a slight smile and wave. Luna had then turned back towards the temple and ventured in with the door sealing off behind her.

    Illiana crossed her arms before letting out a sigh. “Alright. From here, it’s all on Luna. We’re merely bystanders right now.” Mira shook her head. “I wouldn’t say that, oh niece of mine. You never know what might be lurking around. We have to make sure no ones gets into that temple, otherwise our dear Princess will be grave danger.” Mira placed a hand on her hip as her gaze directed towards the temple. She then looked at Aux. “Can you handle a little guard duty, Little Red?

    "Beats doing nothing I guess." He peered off to where he last saw Luna. "Whatever gets us to that final form."

    Great. Not much arguing with Little Red here. I honestly thought he was the type to rebel or something like that.” Mira shrugged her shoulders before putting both hands behind her head. She looked over towards the temple with a gaze of concern painting her eyes. “Go easy on her, Lizard Breath. She ain’t Selene but she’s her family regardless...” The woman turned back towards Aux. “Well Little Red, we have some time so let’s have a nice long chat. How does that sound?” Illiana rubbed her temple in frustration. “She certainly likes to make light of even the most intense of situations doesn’t she?” Illiana sighed as she looked at the temple before looking behind her for any intruders or individuals that would be trespassing on their home.

    "You know I'm taller than you, right?" He asked regarding being called 'Little Red' so many times. "And it's not like I'm going anywhere anyways..."

    Mira shrugged her shoulders. “And? Everyone here is little to me. Doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. Everyone is a little kid to me.” She stretched a little hit as she paused. “Unless you’re somehow older than me then you’re staying Little, capiche Little Red?

    Aux kept thinking back to how he would've responded to this a year ago. He simply groaned and glared at her.

    Mira smirked for a moment before looking at Aux. “You can keep glaring all you want but unless you’re over 3000 years old, that name is sticking.” She chuckled before crossing her arms. Illiana sighed as she rubbed her temple again. “You can ignore her but she really is over 3000 years old.

    He looked to Iliana. "So What are you doing back here?"

    Illiana looked back at Aux. “Same reason we’re all here. Protect the princess and bring back our home from the brink of destruction.” Illiana looked at the temple before looking back at Aux. “However, once we bring this back, more problems are gonna come along. There’s only so much the Prince and the others here can do.

    Aux nodded in reply. "What did you say your name was again?"

    Illiana responded to the young man. “Illiana. Illiana Salavic.” She paused for a moment. “Your name is Aux right? If it’s alright with you, I’m just gonna stick with Red.

    "Why? Is Aux really such a hard name to remember?" he replied.

    Illiana shrugged. “Nah. I just get lazy.” She crossed her arms as she responded. “I got too many things to remember and names are the least of my worries.

    "Whatever you say..." he eyed her up and down briefly to try and come up with a color to define her as well. He caught sight of her hair and added; "-Chestnut..."

    Illiana looked at Aux before shaking her head. She sighed for a moment before smacking Aux behind his head. “Chesnut? Really? If you’re gonna throw nicknames back at someone, be a little more creative with it.” She shook her head again as Mira nodded in agreement. “It’s all in the creativity of the names and speed. It was a decent attempt though.” The prince sighed as he rubbed his temple. “Are we really discussing names and comebacks when we’re supposed to be watching for any trouble?” He looked back at the temple. A look of worry spread across his face.

    A portal opened in a flash of light with whiskey stepping through it. Her long, white flowing dress cascading behind her. She summoned her keyblade and began to scatter her chains across the floor. "où est-elle?" She spoke calmly with intimidation as she walked forward.

    "Ahh crap..." Aux replied.

    A small look of annoyance crossed Mira’s face. “Tch…Figured we wouldn’t have some peace and quiet.” Illiana looked over at Mira for a moment. Mira looked back at her and immediately shook her head. Lucien took a step forward and answered. “Malheureusement pour vous, elle n'est pas là.” His expression did not waver as he calmly answered. Illiana and Mira took a step forward behind the Prince. “You are not welcome here. Leave now.

    Whiskey summoned to light chains as she entangled them around Mira and the prince.

    Lucien struggled a bit as Mira remained calm with a smug grin on her face. “Now we see the gimmick live and in person. Those two already filled me in on what you’re about and trust me sweetie, I don’t taste that good.” A faint dark red aura surrounded her as she spoked to Whiskey. Illiana then took this opportunity to speak to Whiskey as well. “You won’t get anywhere if you harm a single hair on either of their heads.” She crossed her arms. “Besides, you can try and kill that one but she’s pretty stubborn for someone over 3000.” Mira looked back. “You know…Fair enough. She has a point.

    "I have adjusted..." she spoke clearly in English. She twisted her wrist as if turning a metaphysical gear, causing the chain on Mira to turn a darker shade. "Any vaccine requires knowledge of the virus to purge it..." The Dark chain began to drain Mira's aura at a rapid rate. "Va avec dieu.." she calmly replied, watching the life drain from Mira.

    Mira dropped to her knee as she felt her energy being sapped. “Alright…she came prepared…” She struggled a bit against the chains. “Wasn’t….expecting that……and….me without a….plan….b…” Lucien struggled against his own chains before dropping onto both knees. “I didn’t….think….she adapt….so quick….” The two felt the energies being drained more and more with each passing minute. Illiana called out to Whiskey. “Stop!! If you think this will get the Princess to you sooner, then you’re sorely mistaken!!!! What good is hurting these two gonna do for you?!?!

    "She took everything from me... now I will return the favor..." she flung a dark chain at Illiana, zooming towards her. Aux spung ahead of her and guarded with his blade, the chain partying off it. "Roturier.." she groaned, glaring at him "MOVE... or DIE." she commanded them.

    Lucien fell to his knees as he continued to struggle. He couldn’t understand what was driving Whiskey to do all of this. He tried to gather as much strength as he could to tilt his head up and look at her. “What could….she possibly have….taken from you?….You two barely…..know each other!” Mira looked over at Whiskey as well. “The princeling….has a point… could she have stolen……everything if you two never really….spoke?” And then it hit Illiana at once, it had started to make sense. “You know Luna is a princess of heart, don’t you?” Illiana gazed right into Whiskey’s eyes. “That must be it. If you have something to do with that, it would make sense why you’re doing this but I’m still not making any sense of it!” Whiskey then shot out a dark chain at her. Illiana braced for impact but before the chain could reach her, Aux immediately blocked it. “Thanks but I could’ve dodged it.” With one hand on her hip, she smirked as she gave her thanks. Illiana looked back at Whiskey. “One more chance. Let the Prince and the woman go. Luna isn’t here. There’s nothing for you to gain here. Release them and leave!! This is your final warning!” Illiana opened her palms at her side as dual pistols were summoned to her hands. She readied herself for to fight, knowing she was most definitely Whiskey was in a league of her own......
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    Shiro and DJ looked at one another before looking back at Luna. Shiro and DJ agreed to let Luna go but on one condition. "I have to take Aux with me? It makes sense but I am more than capable of defending myself, I do not wish to take Aux away from any training." DJ sighed at Shiro before turning back to Luna. He informed her that she could take the ship they flew in on from the Sanctuary. The princess sighed before scratching her head. "And I guess that ends that discussion..." DJ had then told her to contact someone in case her situation got out of hand. Luna nodded her head as the two of them walked off. Another sigh left Luna's lips as she scratched her head once more. "Well, at least there'll be more eyes to keep watch. Though that'll require me to explain the situation to him......Or I could have the others explain it to him. I feel horrible about that but I am on borrowed time." Luna sighed once more before walking away.

    She walked back to her room and got her stuff ready for the journey ahead. Suffice to say, sleep was not easily obtainable for the princess. Luna had so many things running through her head. Her kingdom and its current situation, her world and what little time she had left to try and save it, her own strength and how to convince Phobos to help her, and what other hurdles might lie ahead for her to face. A multitude of things that kept eating away at her mind throughout the night. After tossing and turning for a few hours, Luna decided to get up and have a stroll, hoping the night air might help clear her mind.

    However, her stroll would do little to calm her racing mind as the sun rose on the horizon, bringing a new day.
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    Luna stepped out of the Gummi Ship to see DJ and Shiro awaiting their return. DJ had informed the group that they had found Aurora before recommending they expand their arsenal. Shiro then flipped a switch to reveal an assortment of long-ranged weapons. Luna gazed at each of the weapons but none of them even sparked an interest in her. She looked at DJ and Shiro. "If it is alright with you two, I have my own preferred weapon of choice." Luna then took out a small box and proceeded to open it. Inside, there was a small blue stick with small gold accents on it and an engraving of a crest on it. The princess removed it from the box before tossing it into the air. She raised her hand and small glow shined from that hand. The crest shined in response and the stick had extended with a blade forming at the top, forming into a halberd. As it started coming down, Luna caught it moving with it as it spun around her body before she stuck it into the ground. "I would rather use this. It is nothing against those fine weapons but I much rather use this. It's more of a sentimental reason."

    DJ and Shiro had then given the group their next course of action for tomorrow. The group went their separate ways. As Luna started walking off, she heard a faint sound coming from her pocket. Luna reached into her pocket and pulled out her sphere-comm. She waved her other hand over to answer the signal. From the sphere appeared Mira and Deimos, Luna then greeted them. "Mira, Deimos, what's going on?" Mira crossed her arms. "What's going on? What isn't going on?" She paused before continuing. "You-know-who is starting to catch wind of our little plan. Not to mention Lizard Breath's patience is running thin." The princess was a bit confused on the information that had just been relayed to her. "What do you mean? How? Phobos knows we are coming?" Deimos had then spoke up. "One of her servants might have seen us leave for Solara Lua. As for Lord Phobos, the instant we reached Solara Lua, I instantly felt a presence higher than Lady Artemis. Lord Phobos is awake, mi'lady." Luna's eyes widened in shock for a moment. Mira had then continued. "There's only so much time Lizard Breath can hold out for before he decides he's done and with Wannabe Dictator over there sniffing us out, we don't have much time. It's now or never kid. You need to get your royal bum here now." Luna placed a hand on her forehead. What was she going to do? She couldn't abandon her training but she also has a duty to her world and its people. Luna looked back at Mira and Deimos. "Alright. I'll get there as soon as possible. Deimos, I'll call for you in a bit. Be prepared." Deimos bowed to his princess. "Of course, Your Grace." Luna looked to Mira. "Mira, contact Lucien as soon as you can and let him know. Once you do that, we'll need him on Solara Lua." Mira seemed a bit lost as to why Luna needed her brother there as well. "I can do that but why do we need him here?" Luna paused then placed a hand over her heart. "Just a feeling I have right now. Please trust me on this." Mira shrugged. "Alrighty, you're the boss." With that, the two faded away and the light emitting from the sphere was no longer shining. She put the sphere back in her pocket before clenching her fist. "I'm running out of time. I need to hurry."

    Luna turned around and made her way toward DJ and Shiro. "DJ...Shiro...may I have a moment with you two?" Time was of the essence and if she needed to leave, it would have to be now. She walked along with the two. "I have something urgent that needs to be taken care of back home. If I do not get this settled now, I fear for the worst for my home." Luna then bowed her head. "My deepest apologies, however, I will not be able to join the others for training until I get this matter sorted."
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    Luna's emerald colored eyes shot wide open at the sight of a familiar adversary. The Headless Horseman had appeared in front of the group, however, his appearance had been through a drastic change. "Cara deum...." The horseman was no longer headless as he donned a skull with horns coming out from his head. The horseman looked at the princess as she took a step back. Before she realized what was going on, the Horseman had shot a fireball at her. Jack immediately jumped in front of her, taking the brunt of blow, knocking him away from the group. Luna immediately turned to Jack before reaching a hand towards him. "Jack! Zero!" Luna turned her head right back the Horseman. "That was a mistake, Horseman! You will pay for that! Not only for Jack's sake, but for Belle as well! You will return her back this instant!!" Oogie then pushed a button which locked the group in what appeared to be some board game. She looked to the others before shouting to them. "Keep your guards up!! Do not let them down, not even for a moment!!" She looked back at the Horseman with a hidden fire hidden behind her emerald irises.

    The group had won the game against Oogie. Luna ran towards the Horseman but before she could reach him, he had vanished from sight. She clenched her fists tightly, whispering to herself. "
    Not again...." She took a deep breath before immediately running over to Jack and Zero. Once she reached the two, she immediately casted a healing spell. "Are you alright, Jack?" The skeleton nodded his head. Sigh of relief left the princess' mouth as Jack assured her he was okay. "Thank you for saving me. I owe you a lot for that."

    It was then Luna felt a familiar light nearby. She turned towards it and saw that the keyhole had revealed itself. "
    It's the keyhole!" Quill's keyblade had been immediately drawn to it. Quill had then sealed the keyhole, securing the safety of this world. A smile had then covered his face. Luna felt a sense of relief at the moment, it had felt as if the weight of his burdens had gotten lighter.

    Jack had then confronted Oogie, taking his place as the true Pumpkin King. Luna watched on as she remembered Jack's words and ambitions about what the Pumpkin King is. Another smile had graced her face once more. Jack had then given the group of SOS members his first task as Pumpkin King. Oogie laughed hysterically at the thought of the group "escorting" him out. Luna crossed her arms before speaking to Oogie. "
    I would not laugh if I were in your place, Oogie. You will atone for all the crimes you committed here and never harass these people again." She then looked to the others. "I am on board for whatever you guys see fit as his punishment."
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    Luna followed the group as they had finally reached Oogie's manor. Jack had then knocked on the door before a voice spoke out to them. It was the sound of a small child. Jack had then made up a reason to visit. Luna felt a little off about her surroundings. Once the words 'trap door' were uttered, Luna immediately looked at the floor as it opened up beneath the group. Without a blink, Luna found herself falling at what had felt like 20 feet. The door that had dropped them had then shut, leaving the group in complete darkness.

    Without being able to see anything, Quill suggested for the group to huddle together, with their backs to each other. The sounds of keyblades being summoned echoed in Luna's ears. She stayed right where she had landed and closed her eyes while taking a deep breath. She took that moment to think of an idea that benefit their situation. Quill had then asked Jack if Zero's nose could shine brighter. She immediately opened her eyes with a gasp. In that moment, an idea had appeared in her head. "
    That's it!" Luna shouted towards Quill. "That won't be necessary!" Luna then cupped her hands together and closed her eyes once more, seeming to be in deep concentration. With her eyes remaining closed, Luna concentrated her energy into her hands. With each second, a small glimmer of light appeared in her hands before it continued to grow into a small ball of light, illuminating the surrounding area. "We have enough light here." Luna opened her eyes as she looked at the group.
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    Luna continued to fend off against the heartless. Cutting down each one that had dared to confront her. She watched as the others continued doing the same. The princess scanned the area around her and saw the heartless' numbers were diminishing with each passing second, until a few had remained. It was then she heard Kel shout. She turned to where he was looking to see Quill on the ground while the heartless were pouncing on him. "Kel! AJ!" She turned toward the two before she gave instructions. "Take care of that and keep him covered!"

    She turned to the remaining heartless that still stood in front of her. Luna ran towards the enemies alongside Jack. With a couple of slashes from her blade, the remaining enemies had been dealt with. The princess looked around once more just to be sure no other enemies were lying in wait. After making sure the area was clear, Luna ran over to the group of three. She kneeled down to take a look at Quill's injuries. Before she took a glance, she looked to the others to see if they needed any first aid. "
    Did anyone else suffer any injuries? I want to make sure everyone is alright before we press on."

    She turned Quill over before beginning to administer first aid. Luna took a look at Quill's gashes and immediately held her keyblade above his body. A warm green light covered her blade before covering Quill. She knew her healing magic wasn't going to immediately fix everything but she knew it would hold over until they would be able to get access to proper medical equipment. "
    Quill. Quill, are you alright? Can you hear me??" The princess called out to him as she continued using her healing magic.


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    Luna continued to lend her ear to Quill as he expressed more of his concerns: His concerns for his home, his concerns for his world, and his concern for himself. Luna's eyes widen as she saw drops of blood flow from his hand. With conflict filling his eyes, Quill thanked the princess for listening and lending council to him. Before Quill could rejoin the others, Luna grabbed his wrist and pulled out a small cloth from her pocket. "The best way you can thank by not giving up." She paused as she started wrapping the bleeding hand. "Don't allow doubt to fill your mind. Nothing will be resolved if you allow 'what-if' scenarios stop you. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. Life isn't about 'what-ifs', it is about taking your shot and moving forward." Once she finished wrapping his hand, Luna looked up at Quill with a smile on her face. "That is how you can thank me. I will not accept anything else." Luna placed a hand on his shoulder, nodding her head before walking back to the others.

    Jack had went on about what it meant to be the Pumpkin King. It had meant that you were a symbol of Halloween and leader on the night of frights. Luna heard the passion and conviction in his voice as he spoke about the role. "
    It sounds to me like you would be a much better fit for this role instead of Oogie." A small giggle left her lips. The group had reached the hill and as they were about to press on. Heartless had the group surrounded. Keyblade in hand, the group had started their strike back against the Heartless.

    With Jack's Soul Robber equipped, Luna looked at it and an idea sparked in her mind. She looked at the Heartless that were surrounding them before looking back at her keyblade. She turned her head toward Jack. "
    Jack! Quickly! Use your Soul Robber and launch me into the air!" Jack looked hesitant but Luna gave him a smile of confidence as she nodded her head. With a quick nod of his head, Jack extended his Soul Robber to grab her wrist. Luna grabbed onto the Soul Robber as Jack spun her before releasing her into the air. As she was sent into the air, Luna spun her body around pointing her keyblade outwards. The tip of her blade glowed blue as ice magic started shooting out from her blade. The ice struck the Heartless that were getting close to the group, giving them a bit more breathing room.

    Luna landed back down on her feet. She stood back up as she thanked Jack. Luna looked back at the remaining heartless. "
    That gave us a bit more room to breathe. Though there's still many more to go through." As Luna was surveying her surroundings, the ears on her head twitched a bit as she heard rustling coming from behind her. With a quick swipe, she had gotten rid of the heartless that was about to attack. A small look of concern covered her face. "How did I-? It's as if my hearing just elevated further." Luna went to touch her ears that should've been at the side of her head. When she discovered her ears were not where it should have been, her eyes widen as she reached for the top of her head. "What in the name-?!" She touched her new ears in shock. Luna had then remembered that heartless were still attacking them which needed to be resolved. The princess drew her keyblade and readied herself for battle once more.


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    Luna remained silent as Quill recounted his tale with his aura. The expression on Quill's face had dropped with Luna not entirely sure on how to respond. He feared he would hurt someone. He then switched the topic towards Luna. He had asked if she was aligned with Light. The princess nodded her head. "I suppose Light has almost been a silent companion of mine. Present but never reveals itself." Luna closed her eyes for a moment before finding words that she would hope spark new thoughts into Quill's mind. "Let me ask you this, Quill. Do you intend to run from your past forever or intend to forget about it entirely?" Luna paused before looking forward. "I understand the feeling of not wanting to revisit past traumas, however, I also know that I cannot run from them. It is those very traumas that assisted in molding myself to the person standing right now. It is because of those traumas that I wish to face them head-on and grow beyond that." Luna looked back at Quill, before she continued on, he had pointed ahead towards a skeleton man of sorts.

    The skeletal man approached the two, followed by what appeared to be some spectral dog. He asked the two if they had arrived to help with their preparations. The skeleton had mentioned they were preparing for Halloween? The word sounded familiar to Luna's ears but it was a moment lost in translation. Quill had introduced himself and Luna. Luna bowed her head. The skeleton had introduced himself as Jack Skellington. The dog named Zero, circled around the two. Luna chuckled before squatting down to Zero's height. "
    It is a pleasure to meet you, Zero." She reached out and patted Zero's head before standing up.

    At that moment, Kel and the others had caught up with Quill and Luna. Luna gave a small wave towards the others. AJ had then asked Jack about this 'Pumpkin King' and his whereabouts. While Luna respected AJ's urgency to get down to business, she also worried if they were already seeming suspicious to Jack. The princess kept quiet while Jack answered his question. He then offered to lead the group there. He had mentioned making a small stop at this Mad Doctor's Lab. Luna nodded before following after Jack and Zero.

    Once they had reached the lab, Jack greeted the Doctor and handed him a small bag. The Doctor immediately pulled the covers off the table behind him to reveal pieces and parts of a large rag doll. The Doctor had mentioned needing a new assistant and that his latest creation would be the solution to that problem. After several moments, the Doctor had given him a green slime which had immediately wrapped around his wrist. He had called it the 'Soul Robber' which would assist their efforts against Oogie Boogie. With the Soul Robber in hand, he looked to the others, asking if they were ready to go. Luna nodded her head before following Jack out. While Luna's curious mind looked around the lab, she noticed Quill fall forward. She immediately rushed over before Jack's new Soul Robber caught him. A sigh of relief left the princess. As the group walked outside, she had Quill sit down for a moment to catch his breath.

    After a few moments, they rejoined the group and followed Jack. Jack had then warned them to be on their guard. Luna then responded. "
    I can safely speak for all us when I say we will be fine when it comes to self-defense." Luna smiled to reassure Jack. The group pressed on through town, while keeping their eyes peeled for anything suspicious. They had went pass several tombs as Luna then looked to Jack. "Pardon my curiosity, Jack, but what exactly is the job of Pumpkin King?"
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    Luna took a step forward as Quill caught himself on a tree. "Are you alright?!" Quill reassured her that he was fine. He then talked to the others before following after Luna. The two went off ahead toward the town. As they were walking, Quill had slowed his pace to match Luna's. She quickly took notice of this and opened her mouth. "You do not have to slow down just to accommodate my pace. I can pick up your pace just fine." She smiled, as if to tell him she would be just fine. As they reached the city, Luna looked around before Quill spoke up. She turned around and noticed his new appearance. It didn't seem he was too ecstatic about it. He then thanked her for accompanying him. She shook her head. "You are doing just fine! There is no need to worry about proving yourself worthy. Your presence is already appreciated for just agreeing to help us." She smiled before looking down at her own appearance. She found herself wearing what seemed to be a cloak. She felt something on her shoulder, it had turned out to be a small teddy bear with an eyepatch on her shoulder. She smiled slightly. "It would seem I look like a mage or wizard or perhaps a fortune-teller of sorts." A small laugh left her lips as her tail swayed left and right, ears atop of her head slightly moving, still unbeknownst to her.

    Quill had then mentioned Eraqus in his couple of words. Luna grew a bit concerned. What had Eraqus said to him? Quill quickly apologized before asking her a question she was a bit surprised at. She lightly scratched her cheek as she tried to answer. With a nod of her head, she gave Quill his answer. "
    Yes. However, I had no knowledge of this prior to joining this group. While I am one of the Seven, I do have a kingdom that I'm sworn to keep safe." As they walked, Luna followed up with her own question. "What brought about this curiosity? If you have any other questions, I am more than happy to answer." She paused. "To the best of my abilities, of course." She smiled before letting out a small laugh.

    The two reached a graveyard where the children's tracks had stopped. The princess crossed her arms as she looked around. "
    How odd...Their tracks abruptly end here..." She looked around once again. "We should head further in. Perhaps, they left something around the area." Luna looked at Quill as she gave her suggestion.
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    Luna found herself in a strange forest with the others. What had appeared in front of them were various trees with strange markings and a doorknob on them. The group discussed amongst themselves on what these strange trees might be. Luna took a step forward and closed her eyes to ponder for several moments.

    As she was pondering, three children had appeared in front of the group wearing odd costumes. The children and the others were talking for several moments, however, Luna was still struggling with those odd trees. Once the children had left, Luna placed her fist into the palm of her hand. "
    Ah! Feriae!! That is what it is!" Luna turned back towards the others before scratching her head. "My apologies, Feriae is what you all would call holidays? Is that the word you all would use? You'll have to excuse me, english is not my primary language."

    The group had to split into two separate groups. One would go through the door that had depicted a colorful tree while the other group would head into town. Luna nodded her head as Karina, Aux, Beuce, and Faust made their way towards the door.

    Luna stared towards the road ahead which she assumed led into town. A sudden feeling of danger ran through her body. It was as if something was telling her to be cautious. Quill had then decided to take point and scout what lied further ahead. Luna shook her head. "
    I do not think going alone would be the best option." She paused. "We need to be cautious from here onward. I have an ill feeling that there's more that awaits us than what we expect." She paused once more and then turned to Quill. "Regardless of how much experience one has, it's best to have someone else watching your back. I am not opposed to the idea, however, I just believe someone else should accompany you."

    Luna took another step ahead before another strange feeling passed through her.

    Luna looked back at Quill. "
    Would you mind if I accompanied you? I would like to get a good glimpse of everything myself. I wish to know what it is that we are dealing with in this world as well as have a better understanding of our surroundings." Luna had then walked off ahead before turning back to Kel. "Kel, can you three keep an eye and ear out behind us? The more eyes, the better our guard." Luna nodded her head before walking straight ahead. As she was walking, she felt something move behind her but she didn't pay too much attention towards it.
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    Aux slowly came into view as he examined the orb. He'd only seen technological communication, so a more mystical form was foreign to him. He poked the orb, seeing if anything changed.

    The image of the figure grew clearer and clearer until the image of Luna's brother appeared. "I was wondering when you would reach out." Her brother chuckled for a moment. Luna tilted her head a bit in confusion. "You were waiting for my call, Luci?" Lucien scratched his head. "It was just a feeling I had." Aux had then poked the orb. The twins turned their heads to him. Lucien then spoke up. "It'd be much appreciated if you didn't touch the orb." Luna nodded in agreement. Lucien spoke once more. "You...Didn't I see you aboard that boat?"

    "Yeah, nice to see you again." he waved. "I was with your sister when the summit fell apart." Aux immediately felt those words could be misinterpreted after he said them. "I mean I wasn't 'with' her, I was just helping her. Not that that she needs my help or anything, she knows what she's doing- I MEAN- I was just taking her down to the- you know what I'm just gonna hand this back to you and stop talking now." Aux turned to walk a few feet away in embarrassment.

    Lucien looked back and forth between Aux and Luna. Luna shrugged her shoulders in response. Lucien looked back at Aux as he kept tripping over his words before walking away. "Odd fellow, that one is. In any case, how are you doing, dear sister?" Luna looked back at her brother before giving him a small smile. "I'm doing alright. What about you? You're not pushing yourself are you?" Her brother shook his head and smiled at her. "Illiana and the others have been watching over me. There's no need to worry on that." A small sigh of relief left Luna's lips. Lucien was a bit curious of her sudden call. "Not that I enjoy our talks but I'm sure you called with a purpose, have you not?" Luna scratched her head as a small feeling of guilt passed through her. "Yes. I need to speak to Mira and Deimos. If you could put them both on the line, that would be greatly appreciated." Lucien nodded his head, curious but he knew better than to pry. He would wait until his twin sister would be ready to speak with him on that matter. "Of course. We all just got out of a meeting. They should have more than enough time to speak with you." Luna nodded her head. "Thank you, brother." Lucien nodded his head with a smile before walking off.

    Aux folded his arms as he looked out on the evening sky. "I was never this awkward when I was the bad guy... maybe I should go back to being that." he sarcastically told himself.

    Luna looked over to Aux as he spoke to himself, the princess shrugged her shoulders before turning back to the sphere. Two figures came onto the sphere projection. "C'mon you bird-brain! You're slow as my grandmother...And she died over 3000 years ago!!" A figure of a woman, who appeared to beckoning the other figure to come stand by her, appeared. The other figure was of a man who had just stepped into view. Luna awkwardly chuckled as she scratched her head. The figures had soon became clearer. Luna smiled at the two figures. "It's been awhile, hasn't it....Mira? Deimos?" The two stared back at the Princess before slightly bowing to her. "Your highness..." The two simultaneously greeted her before standing back up. The black-haired woman named Mira placed a hand on her hip before a slight smirk appeared on her face. "And here I thought, I wouldn't hear from you for another couple of months." Luna scratched her head awkwardly. "My apologies, Mira. I haven't had many opportunities to contact you guys." Mira sighed before smiling. "Kinda figured you were busy. Don't worry about it. Just glad you called at the very least." She crossed her arms as her smile never left her face. The blonde-haired man Deimos then took his opportunity to speak. "Thank the gods you were able to communicate with us at all. And from what the sphere is displaying, it would seem you are unharmed. I'm grateful for that, Your Highness." A chuckle left the princess' lips over Deimos' words. "Deimos, no need for formalities, you are free to call me Luna. I'm happy to see you well, my friend." Deimos nodded his head in agreement. As much as Luna would love to catch up with both of them, she knew she had to get down to business. She looked over to Aux and motioned for him to come over to her. "My apologies my friends, however, your assistance would be most appreciated right now." She paused as Deimos and Mira looked at one another before looking back at Luna and Aux. "Specifically, your knowledge on the gods that preside over Solara Lua..."

    Aux made sure to be less vocal as he approached Luna. He hovered next to her as he awkwardly waved his hand at Deimos and Mira. "So are these like your cousins or..." he quietly asked her.

    Luna turned her head slightly towards Aux as he questioned her relation to Mira and Deimos. She chuckled slightly before shaking her head. "Neither are blood relatives. Deimos has been watching over Lucien and I since we were born. He...." She paused for a moment as she searched for a way to describe him. "Let me put it this way, he's a special kind of being." She then crossed her arms as she tried to find an even simpler way to describe Mira. Having already explained Mira's full story to Kel and Karina, Luna tried to search for the words in a more simple, less long-winded way. After pondering for a bit, Luna looked to Aux, hoping her words would be able to explain. "Mira, on the other hand, she's someone that has a very deep history with my family. She's a lot wiser than she looks." She paused. "Her story is a can of worms that I will share with you later. It's a bit of a long story." She looked back towards the two as Mira and Deimos were conversing with one another. Mira looked back at Luna. "What do you wanna know exactly?"

    Aux felt they were more like Luna's godparents from the way they were described. He looked to Luna, awaiting her answer to Mira's question.

    Luna looked back at Mira. "Artemis and Apollo, to be specific." Mira and Deimos both looked a little puzzled as Mira urged her to continue. "Alright, what about them?" Luna searched for words to phrase her question for a moment. "Would they be able to transfer some of their power to someone else and act as a vessel of sorts for them? Has there been any cases such as that?" Deimos slightly twitched as Mira pondered for a moment with her hand on her chin. Luna waited for some kind of answer from either of them. "Well....I haven't heard a case like that but I don't think it's impossible....Though with what those two are currently doing..." Mira paused before she looked over at Deimos before noticing his unusual behavior. "What's got your feathers ruffled, bird brain?" Deimos looked around before laughing awkwardly. "Me? O-o-oh nothing! Nothing at all!" Mira put a hand on her hip. "Out with it. Now. Before you force me to do something, I can't legally say." Deimos gulped and nodded his head quickly. "Well, as we are aware, Lady Artemis and Lord Apollo are holding together what pieces are left of Solara Lua before our whole world falls into nonexistence." Luna casted her eyes down at the possibility of her losing her world. Deimos scratched his head. "If Solara Lua wasn't in the current predicament it now faces then it would be a possibility. As it falls at this current time..." Deimos paused. "There is no way to do something like that without putting Solara Lua's life at risk." Luna clenched her hands into fists. Silence fell over the group. Mira had then broke that silence. "Unless old lizard-" Deimos immediately covered her mouth with his hand as if to silence her. Luna looked up to see Deimos cover Mira's mouth. "Unless who? Is there someone else who could help?" Deimos turned his head toward the princess. "Oh no! Please pay no mind to her. Artemis and Apollo would be the only ones who would help with your current situation." Mira struggled to get his hand off of her mouth.

    Aux raised an eyebrow to Luna before looking disgruntled Mira.

    Mira got Deimos' hand off her mouth. "What was that for?! She knows about Lizard-Breath, doesn't she??" Deimos scratched his head as Luna looked between the two of them with nothing but confusion written on her head. "She doesn't?!?! Are you serious??" Deimos laughed awkwardly looking away. "Mira! Deimos! One of you or both of you explain! Now!" The two of them flinched before bowing to their princess. Deimos lifted his head first as he explained. "You and Prince Lucien were to learn of this by the time you both were 21, when a crown heir was named." Luna listened to Deimos as he begun his explanation. "As you may have learned through your tutors, Solara Lua was formed by Artemis and Apollo long long ago." Luna nodded her head. "What if I were to tell you that was not the true story?" Luna was confused even more. "What do you mean, Deimos?" Mira crossed her arms. "He's saying someone else formed Solara Lua. They happened to be an acquaintance of mine and your great-granny's." Luna's eyes widen slightly. Deimos sighed as he placed his hand on his temple. "The true creator of Solara Lua is named Phobos, God of Creation & Destruction." He paused. "During First Queen Selene's reign, Lord Phobos happened to be a friend of the crown and worked close with the Queen." Mira then spoke up right after. "After the First Tragedy and Selene's decision to put me away for a several thousand years, Phobos went up and vanished, as far as I know." Deimos nodded his head. "After the First Tragedy, Lord Phobos had decided to cease contact with mortals and watched all from his temple. Queen Selene had removed all traces of mi'lord since then, that is why no one knows of his existence. It was only limited to royal blood." Luna remained silent as they explained. "Phobos...."

    "So... you find this Photos guy. Then what?"

    Luna tried to process the new information in her head. Deimos bowed his head as he apologized. "Many apologies, Your Highness. His Majesty didn't want to share that with you or your brother until you both reached 21 and a crown heir was named. He did not mean to withhold that from either of you forever." Luna placed her left hand over her right wrist where her bracelet was dangling from. She looked at her wrist before she muttered to herself. "How many more secrets have you kept from me...Father?" Luna shook her head as Deimos answered Aux's question. "His name is Phobos. He might be the only god that might be able to assist with whatever is troubling Her Highness. If Her Highness wishes to seek out Lord Phobos, she will have to travel to whatever remains of our homeland and to his temple." Mira crossed her arms again. "That is if he's willing to agree. Phobos has always been a stubborn lizard. It's rather annoying but he's her best bet. Like Bird Brain said, the Princess is going to need to head back home if she's going to find Phobos."

    Aux looked to Luna. "Okay... so we go to your homeworld and find Phobos. Just say when and I can try and get us some transportation." he reassured.

    Mira looked at Aux. "No need to worry on the transport situation. Bird Brain and I have it covered. All we need to do is wait for the Princess' command." Deimos sighed. "I really wish you would stop with that name." Mira shook her head. "Not on your feathery life." Mira flicked his forehead before turning back towards the two. Luna remained silent for a bit before breaking it. "You two are to relay the same information to Lucien. I won't have him in the dark about all of this. Am I clear?" Mira and Deimos bowed before simultaneously saying. "Yes, Your Highness." Luna looked down as she closed her eyes. "We won't be able to leave immediately. Mira and Deimos will need some time to prepare and so will I. I do not know what awaits us back home." She turned to Aux. "Is that alright with you?"

    Aux shrugged. "Well, its not like we're in any rush, right?" He looked over as the sun had set further on the horizon. "But when you are ready to go, just say the word. And I'll help you get there if I can." He offered his hand to shake hers. "No one is being left behind."

    A slight smile crept on Luna's face. She nodded her head as she shook Aux's hand. "Thank you. I appreciate your offer. It will take some time on their end but it's more of a mental preparation for myself." Mira and Deimos turned to Luna. Mira spoke up first. "We'll settle things on our end. We'll contact you once we finished on our side over here." Luna nodded her head. "Your Highness, once preparations are made, can you tell us why you need Lord Phobos' assistance?" Luna nodded her head. "I'll explain everything once we are all ready. Until then, I will await your call." Deimos and Mira nodded their heads. Mira looked to Aux. "If there's so much as a hair strand harmed on our princess, I will come for you and your little ragtag group. I've had thousands of years of practice in torture methods so I would suggest keeping her safe and sound." With that, Mira hung up the call. Luna sighed before scratching her head. "My apologies, Mira can get a bit...much..sometimes. Though she means well!"

    Just then, AJ, in a very out of character moment, passed by the two, running and jumping in the air, laughing happily as he did. Very emotional for a change, he turned to Luna and Aux before waving at them. "Hi guys! Isn't it great to be alive? WOO-HOO!" He tussled his own hair as he ran off, laughing happily as he did.

    Aux turned to Luna. "I've learned to just accept people as they are at this point." Luna nodded her head in agreement as she was very confused as to what had just happened. She then muttered to herself. "What an odd person..." She scratched her head before shaking her head. "We should probably head back to the others." The princess then walked back towards the main hall with quite a bit on her mind.

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    Koa escorted Luna to a room since it was getting late. Luna slept on the bed while Koa sat on the floor next to the bed. Luna insisted Koa take the bed but he refused. Suffice to say, Luna did not win that argument. For the first time in awhile, Luna was able to sleep without worry as she held Koa's hand the whole night.

    Morning rose as Luna slowly opened her eyes and saw she was still holding her beloved's hand. A smile graced her face as she sat down and rested her head against his shoulder. After a bit of time, the two finally got up and Luna made her way to the training grounds.

    As she saw Shiro, DJ, Eraqus, and Yen Sid around a large case of what appeared to be crystals. Luna looked at Yen Sid and was happy to see he was safe. "Thank goodness you are alright, Master Yen Sid." Shiro then picked up an orb, calling it a Primal Orb then proceeded to explain its properties. Luna nodded her head as she listened to his explanation. Luna walked forward and picked up an orb. As she held the orb in her hand, the orb had soon turned a shade of pink. Luna looked up at Shiro before asking him a question. "This orb is pink, am I to assume this aura is more of a spiritual one? Will this hinder me from today's training?" Considering the position Luna was in, she had a small feeling she wouldn't be participating in the training the others would undergo.
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    Luna nodded her head as the meeting was bout to be wrapped up, essentially. Koa stood up and made his way to Luna. As Luna stood up, the doors were knocked opened. Against the door, Karina was pushed against. "Karina!!" She looked up to see a man standing in the doorway, looking down at DJ. A scowl spread across DJ's face as he said the name 'Orion'. Luna saw Aux clench his fists as if he was ready to pick a fight. The princess put her arm in front of him as she shook her head, signaling him to stay where he was.

    Koa shifted his eyes as Shiro summoned a key-hammer. He shifted his eyes back to his princess as he slowly made his way toward her. Silence filled the room while tension drifted in the air. Shiro then shot from his seat and striked at the unknown man. Koa immediately grabbed Luna, pulling her close against his chest protectively. The man was knocked unconscious from the attack. While the others recovered ans talked amongst themselves, Koa pulled away a little bit to check on Luna. "Are you alright?" Strands of hair fell in front of the princess' face. Koa gently moved the strands and tucked it behind Luna's ear. "I'm fine. Thank you." She looked up at her beloved as a small smile graced her face. Koa returned the smile as he nodded his head.

    Goofy went around to each person and gave them a peculiar device. The two tried to figure out how the device worked. They were quite puzzled about this strange 'gummi-phone'. After some fiddling around with it, both Koa and Luna had a better understanding of it. Koa looked to Dawn and Vallus. "I'll be back in a little bit. Just going to get some air with my fiancee." Luna bowed slightly to the two. "My apologies." With that, the two made their way outside.

    With the meeting adjourned, Koa and Luna decided to get some fresh air. The two sat down on a bench before Koa turned to Luna. "Feeling any better?" The young man placed his hand on top of her head. Luna turned her head up to face him before her head faced forward. "I think so. What about you?" She looked back at Koa. He nodded his head before responding. "A little stressed but I'm okay now. Especially now that you're next to me." A small smile fell on her lips as a very faint blush dusted her cheeks. Koa dropped his hands onto the bench. Luna took ahold of his hand in that moment. Whiskey's words still haunted her. She squeezed Koa's hand tightly. Noticing something was troubling her, Koa let go of her hand before wrapping his arms around her. He held her tightly, hoping it would bring her some sort of relief. Luna rested her head against his chest as she closed her eyes while she felt her worries slip away for a moment.

    "What's worrying my wife right now?" Koa stroked her hair as he wanted to find the cause of his bride's unease. Luna immediately shot up to look into Koa's eyes. "W-Wife?" Koa chuckled a moment before nodding his head. "Might as well get use to saying it. While the wedding is postponed, I at least want to be able to call you my wife once. If that is alright with you of course." Luna blushed at the thought of him calling her 'his wife'. She nodded her head in approval. "Now that we have that out of the way, what's worrying you?" Luna was hesitant on telling him about the events that transpired on the Sanctuary. However, she knew better than to lie and keep it bottled up. She couldn't lie to anyone, let alone Koa. She took a deep breath before she started opening up about it.

    "So that's what's bothering my bride..." Koa patiently and intently listened as Luna told her tale. Luna nodded her head before shifting her gaze away. "I have no clue what it could possibly be that I supposedly 'stole' from her but I do not want her to hurt anyone I care for, especially you. I just found you again and I do not wish to lose you again. I couldn't bare it if she took you away from me. I just couldn't..." Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. The thought of her being ripped away from her beloved, was a thought that would break her soul into pieces. Koa kept his eyes on her as he watched her, on the verge of tears.

    He held her face in his hands before pulling it towards his. Luna's eyes widened in shock as the tears that were spilling fro her eyes stopped. The young man pulled away, drying Luna's tears. "You know I love you, right?" The princess nodded her head. "Then you must know that the last thing I could ever do, would be to leave you all alone. I could never do that. Never in an eternity. I'n with you until we both take our final breaths. I promised you that when I proposed and I will uphold that promise." A smile of adoration graced Koa's face as he felt nothing but love for the girl in front of him. "I'm happy that you care this much about me however, you have to trust that I will do whatever it takes to keep my promise to you, any promise that I make to you, I will keep. Have I ever broken a promise to you?" Luna silently shook her head. "Then you know I'll survive and fight for our future just like I know you will." The princess nodded her head as she placed her hand over one of Koa's. The two leaned in once more. Koa wrapped an arm around Luna's waist, pulling her closer to him as he slowly ran his hand through her hair. The couple stayed like that for a bit before they decided to head back to the others.
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    Luna listened to as the conversation carried on. Luna found herself agreeing with each person's point. Luna sat down and continued to listen. Koa nodded his head as the Black Coats had a new objective. "We'll discuss more on the Children of Cosmos at a later time, if that's alright with you. If we're to scout them out, we'll need a place to start. However, we will discuss after the meeting is adjourned." Koa sat down as DJ and Shiro continued.

    After Shiro and DJ said what they needed to say, they then gave each faction a new objective before making the SOS' objective to train and grow stronger. Dawn had agreed but brought up a good point on their time. Luna nodded her head and closed her eyes as she listened. The princess stood up once more before placing her hands on a table, pushing her body up. She lifted her head and opened her eyes to make eye contact with each person in the room. "Miss Dawn makes an excellent point." She paused.

    "Time is of the essence. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, even to the finest nano-second. No-Heart and Nequa continue making steps, strides even, toward what they're set to accomplish." She looked at every single representative as she continued. "Time is not a luxury that is plentiful nor is it abundant. Should the SOS go forth with this training, every minute shall not nor will not be wasted. I would hope the same goes for the other factions with their objectives." Luna looked to Aux and Beuce before pausing, taking a moment to breathe. "We are all racing against a clock, a clock in which, when it strikes 12, no one will be safe and all chaos shall ,and will, break loose. Time is a very precious thing and we cannot afford to waste it." With one final look around the representatives, the princess sat back down.

    Koa nodded his head and listened to every word Luna had given. A small grin washed across his face. While this was not the time, he found himself growing even fonder, prouder of the young lady he promised the rest of his life to. Koa then looked to the others. "I think Her Highness has basically taken the words out of my mouth but she and Dawn are absolutely right. Does anyone else agree? Anyone disagree? I certainly won't disagree."

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    Luna took her seat as the ship was starting to take off. She looked out the window and pondered for the duration of their flight. She thought back to her discussion with her brother, her initial fight with Whiskey, and her last altercation with the woman.
    "Tu es un voleur. Et un jour bientôt ... je prendrai ce que tu chéris!"
    Luna's mind began to fill with worry and concern over Whiskey's words. A thief?.... She took ahold of her necklace with her left hand before holding it with her right. Visions of Koa and her family filled her mind while Whiskey's words echoed and replayed in her mind. Take what I cherish...No....I...I can't lose them again...Especially not him...I...I... As if to pull her from her thoughts, DJ called out on his comm link. The princess turned her head toward him as he then called out to the Black Coats. She tightly clenched her hand that was around her necklace, praying her beloved would answer. However, the voice that responded was far from Koa's. She shook her head and tried to reassure herself that he was alright.

    The ship made its landing. Luna looked out toward an abandoned Central Haven. She stood up from her seat and made her way off the ship. She stepped off the ship and looked around what was Central Haven. She followed after Oswald, Shiro and DJ into the building. Inside the main hall, several people awaited for their arrival.


    Koa rubbed his ears to try and relieve the volume of Finlay's voice. "Finlay, if I told you once, I'm gonna say it a thousand times. In. Side. Voice! And another thing, let me answer the comm link!" Koa shook his head before rubbing his temple. He looked at the remaining Black Coats that were here in Central Haven with him. He looked around the hall before reaching into his pocket to grab a necklace with a lock on it. Koa pulled out the necklace and stared at it for a few moments. Although he knew she would be fine, Koa prayed for her safe arrival.

    The sounds of a ship touching down outside, reached the main hall. Koa put his necklace back in his pocket and stood up to await for the SOS' arrival. The group walked in and greeted those who were already here in the main hall. Koa scanned the room before laying his eyes on his bride-to-be.

    A small sigh of relief left both Luna and Koa's lips as they laid eyes on one another. A small smile graced Luna's face before reaching Koa's face. Shiro had then asked for 3 representatives from each faction to participate in this meeting for their next course of action.

    Dawn wasted no time and immediately asked Koa who would be going. Koa nodded his head before looking at his group. He looked at each person closing his eyes and crossing his arms. "Alright. Dawn and Vallus..." Koa opened his eyes and turned his head toward the two. "You guys will be accompanying me to the meeting. Finlay, Dastgir, you two will wait out here with the others. And please be mindful and respectful towards the others." Koa walked over to Shiro, motioning to Dawn and Vallus to follow him.

    Luna turned her attention toward her group. Karina had been the first to nominate her 3 choices. She had nominated Beuce, Aux and Luna. Luna was a bit surprised but she agreed. Out of the group, as far as she knew, Luna was one of the rare few who has experience with meetings such as this upcoming one. Kel had then agreed with Karina's choices as well. Beuce had no complaints either. Luna nodded her head before putting in her two cents. "I think myself, Beuce, and Aux would be the best at this moment of time. We'll do our best." A small smile left Luna's lips before she looked to Beuce and Aux. "Shall we, gentlemen? We'll be back soon." The princess bowed slighly before going on ahead of the two and made her way to Shiro. "The SOS have their representatives." Koa spoke up right after. "The Black Coats have their representatives as well." The princess turned her eyes towards Koa before facing forward. Koa had done the same thing before the two groups followed after the Order's representatives.

    Inside the Hall of the Order, the three factions began their meeting. Those in attendance listened as Shiro and DJ opened the meeting. They had went over what has had happened up to this point before opening the floor to choose a topic to go over first. Luna stood up and spoke up. "I propose we go over the state of the worlds. As important the other two topics are, I think it's best we secure and establish the safety or dangers the worlds are currently in. Should we defeat No Heart and Nequa's Red Society, if there are no worlds that are left, there will be no point to all of this." She paused. " Is there anyone who wishes to discuss something else first?"

    Koa stood up as Luna opened the floor to the others. "I have no complaints, however, I feel that we should go over this current clash. If this clash, between light and darkness, gets out of hand, no amount of safety and protection will help any worlds." Luna nodded her head before responding. "I'm very concerned about the collateral damage this might produce as well, however, we need to make sure no innocent civilians will get caught in the crossfire of all this." Koa nodded his head in agreement before looking to the others. "Is there anyone else who wishes to chime in? I'm sure we all want to reach an agreement. Especially at the start of this meeting's agenda."
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    After walking through the other districts, Luna decided to head back to the ship and await for their departure. Upon climbing aboard the ship, she noticed Karina just a little ways away from her. Reflecting back on her conversation with Kel, she thought to herself to try and explain her circumstances. The princess hesitated before taking a step towards the other girl. She took a deep breath before walking towards. "Hi! Do you have some time to spare?" She lifted her hand and waved it slightly as if to say 'Hello'.

    Karina hadn't actually expected anyone to pay much mind to her until they left, but she was in a more pleasant mood than normal when Luna greeted her. "Well there isn't much else going on right now, so I would say so." She tried to make it sound nice, though it didn't entirely come off as nice as she had hoped. It was just the tone of voice, even when she was being pleasant it was still flat and not as cheery as someone like Luna, especially in comparison to someone like Luna.

    Luna smiled before standing next to Karina. She gave herself a few moments to to think about how to start this conversation. She looked down before a small laugh left her lips. "It's kind of funny to think of how far we both have come since the day we both found our way to this group." Luna looked up and paused for a moment. "I like to think that we both grown a lot during our time here, our time with this group. I almost can't recognize the girl I once was when I first joined." She chuckled again as she reflected on earlier days. The princess then looked at Karina. "Would you agree with the same?"

    Karina thought about it for a moment before giving Luna a wry smile. "Well I am sitting here talking to you now. I have to say that is an improvement from where we both came from." Karina didn't tend to bring up what happened when they first met anymore, but it still took her a long time to come to terms with it and start trusting Luna. It was hard to claim that wasn't improvement in some way.

    Luna chuckled a bit before nodding her head. "I don't believe either of us ever thought we would both be talking like this back then." She paused. "It is more evidence that we've come a long way." She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. The princess fiddled around with her necklace before she decided to speak up. "Speaking of beginnings, many apologies are in order." Luna wanted to clear the air with Karina about various things regarding the beginning when they first met. She never really had an clear time of when exactly to speak on it, however, now would be a good time than to not speak on it at all.

    Oh Karina really did not want to have the Ananta talk with Luna as well. She wasn't much for apologizing, just getting better, and Luna certainly had gotten better. "There are no apologies in order. From what I see you are perfectly fine and aren't wronging me, so I don't see a reason to apologize." Karina purposely used present tense to try and get the point across she didn't care about apologies of the past.

    Luna nodded her head and smiled. "Alright. However..." She paused. She knew Karina wasn't looking for apologies nor was she expecting any. Though the feeling of guilt that Luna harbored still sat in her heart. She opened up to resume. "I still owe you an explanation of sorts. You deserve to know at least that." The princess looked over to the girl, as she wished to tell her tale. "Would you allow me that at the very least? If you do not wish for any apologies, then no apologies will be given. However, I do wish to tell you my tale at the very least to answer some, if any, questions in the past." She pulled another strand behind her ear, awaiting Karina's reply.

    "I cannot stop you from talking, nor do I have plans to walk away, if that makes you feel better." Karina answered, not sure if she even wanted the story, but if it was something Luna felt the need to tell, then so be it, she wouldn't stop her from sharing whatever story she needed to share to put the record straight from what happened in the past.

    Luna nodded her head. "I appreciate that. It would definitely lift a weight off my shoulders." She was relieved Karina would let her tell her story. Even if she didn't need to hear it, for Karina to say she would listen calmed Luna. "Well, this tale isn't entirely my own. While part of it is mine to bear, a good portion of it will not be told from my perspective." She paused. "It'll be told from another's perspective." Luna looked up before starting the story. "This tale stems back over 3000 years ago, when our kingdom was first established." She paused once more. "A great war broke out and countless upon countless lives were lost. Throughout our history, events such as that had occurred; for which we had thus called them 'Tragedies'." She turned her head toward Karina. "During the events of the first Tragedy, most of the lives that were lost were at the hands of a savage female ex-soldier. It got so out of hand that the first Queen had to intervene and use a good portion of her power." Luna looked back forward before continuing. "She casted a spell which separated the butcher's body and soul. The queen hid away the body and sealed it while she took the soul upon herself and be the soul's warden." She closed her eyes. "She set the spell to keep the soul sealed within royal blood until the day comes when the woman's soul would reignite once more."

    Karina just looked at Luna for a moment. "That is... Interesting... But what does that have to do with what happened in the past? That was long between any of our times." Karina pointed out a bit confused with why Luna was telling her this.

    Luna could see the confusion on Karina's face. She immediately replied to her question. "The story is not over yet. Only the beginning. I promise there is a point to the story." Luna looked forward once more and continued the story. "The butcher's soul went on and on from royal vessel to royal vessel. The soul moved from body to body when one vessel passes another is born and inherits the soul. 3000 years later, it just so happens I got the short end of the stick." She casted her gaze downward. "And unfortunately, I just couldn't keep my emotions in control..." She took a deep breath before sighing. "When I was 16, it was the night of my brother and I's birthday. Koa and I went to a special place that even the locals didn't know of." Luna smiled as she held her necklace. "He asked for my hand in marriage and in that moment, I felt like the happiest girl alive." Her smile soon faded. "However, disaster struck. Two assailants wearing cloaks had shown up and they tried to open a dark corridor beneath my feet. Koa immediately pushed me out of the way and he was sinking into the corridor. Before either of us knew it, the two figures were gone. I tried to pull him out but I wasn't able to and he fell through, professing his love for me before sinking in." She squeezed the hand that was wrapped around the necklace. "I was enveloped in so much grief, anger, and despair. So much turmoil that something in me pulsated and took over my body. I passed out right then and there and when I woke up next I was in my father's arms. When I looked around, I saw nothing but destroyed buildings and houses on fire. Nothing but destruction and devastation." Her left hand grabbed her right arm as she dropped the other to her side. Memories of that sad day had still haunted her. "Needless to say, I'm sure you can infer how my village ended up in such destruction. The butcher had risen from her slumber. My days had been numbered. Should the soul ignite once more, the vessel only has a certain amount of time to either extinguish the soul for good or find a way to soothe her pain and bring the soul back to the right body." She paused, continuing to recount the days leading up to the present. "What happened back in the Dwarf Woodlands was an episode such as that. I wasn't in control so to say. It wasn't me who attacked you and the others, it was the butcher. Her name is Miravel. Miravel Salavic." The princess turned her head toward Karina. "I do not wish to shift the blame of that day on her entirely. In the end, it was still I who allowed to happen and for that I take responsibility."

    Of all the things for Karina to get caught up on, it was her age. "He proposed when you were sixteen? I thought it was just my world that was acceptable, but you, you were excited. For you it wasn't an excuse to get rid of you..." Karina thought about it. "If it makes you feel better I probably would have wrecked the town without the soul of a murderous *kupo in me. But it seems you got a handle on it now, and Koa is alright. I trust him and the rest of the black coats are doing great. Once we deal with No Heart you can be together again." Koa was one of her preferred people in that group, and she had faith in the both of them to make it back to each other.

    Luna chuckled for a moment before nodding her head. "Yes. He was eighteen at the time. However, he knew I still had objectives to achieve and he understood that and told me he would wait however long it takes to have me as his bride." Luna smiled as a faint blush dusted her cheeks as she recollected the happier events of that day. She turned to Karina again as she mentioned her own situation regarding that. She wanted to say she felt sorry but she knew Karina didn't want apologies. She took a second to choose her words. "However, you took that situation and took fate into your own hands. That's definitely not something to laugh at or feel bad about. It shows how much courage and bravery you have." Luna chuckled again as Karina made another comment towards Mira. "Yes. I was able to quell her pain and get her back to her body. It was definitely a challenge but she and I were able to do it. Now she has a second chance at life and to atone for her actions in the past." Luna looked up, smiling a bit. She nodded her head in agreement. "I trust he'll be fine. If he goes before I do, I won't be able to forgive him." The princess chuckled a bit before turning her head back to Karina.

    "It has never been about courage, it was cowardice. I couldn't face the consequence of my own actions. I disobeyed my father and he beat me half to death. I ran away before he could make me a servant of his house. I should have been killed by the law of our world. I never felt grateful that I lived, I just... Ran away and hid with a group of more powerful people than I hoping he wouldn't find me. When he did I nearly crumbled again. Perhaps it was reckless courage that drove me to do things I did but I have been hiding more." That all became abundantly clear when she had to face her father again.

    "Either way I am glad you got the courage to face your demon and once again prove that you really are the best of us." Well maybe Besides Beuce, but he was the best of them in a different way. Luna was just unearthly good, to everyone. She was a light like no other in their group.

    Luna shook her head. "In my eyes, that is anything but cowardice. You took yourself out of a horrible situation. That's not cowardly at all. You did what you had to do in order to keep living. Nobody in their right mind would fault you for that." She paused before a slight smile came across her face. "Well after seeing your father, he is most definitely not in the right mind." She hoped her small little comment would cheer Karina up. Luna shook her head again. "I'm not the best. I'm far from that. I'm just merely fighting my battles just as everyone else. I am not anyone special." She smiled for a moment before casting her gaze upward.

    Several moments of silence passed before Luna spoke up. "You know..." She paused. "You're more than welcome to stay in Solara Lua, if you would like to." She turned her head toward the girl. "When my brother and I restore it, that is." Luna scratched her head as a small chuckle left her lips. A smile running across her face once more. "We'll more than ecstatic to have you. The door will always be open for you, all you have to do is just say the word and we'll set up everything." Luna wanted to help as much as she could but still respect Karina's boundaries. "I hope my saying that didn't make you uncomfortable. I just wanted you to know my door is always open, should you need it." Another smile wiped across her face.

    Karina just shook her head at Luna. "I hid from it far too long, escaping wasn't the problem, it was just thinking I never had to face it again." Karina tried to explain before Luna tried to insist that she was nothing special. "Like it or not Luna you are special, and you are the best. That is just something you have to live with." Karina retorted. The conversation then turned to Luna offering her some place to stay and Karina found herself looking away at that offer. She didn't think she would have to say anything on this so soon, but now she felt like she had to explain at least in the vaguest of terms.

    "Thank you for the offer Luna, I do appreciate it. Kel also offered to have me back at his home when this is over, but... I think I will be sticking around Beuce for a while. I don't need a home if I am wherever he is." She hated it the moment that she said it, she realized how stupid and cheesy it sounded. "What I mean by that is that I don't care if I have to live the rest of my life on the move, as long as I get to travel with him." She tried to correct herself but still cringed at her own words.

    Luna smiled before she laughed a little. "I assume this won't be an argument I can win, will it?" She chuckled a little bit more. Karina had then rejected Luna's offer but Luna wasn't surprised she would reject it. However, her reason behind it took Luna by surprise. A huge smile painted across her face before Luna made a huge grin. "Ah! Gratulationes!! Quam admirabile!!" Luna grabbed Karina's hands as her excitement over flooded. After a few moments, Luna released her hands immediately and apologized. "My apologies!! I got so excited that my Latin slipped out. Congrats! How wonderful!!" Luna clapped her hands together and moved it to her left. "I had a small inkling something had changed. Your eyes carry a certain warmth to them." A soft smile went across her face. Karina quickly corrected her statement but Luna was still happy for her regardless. "I am so happy for you, Karina. You deserve to find a happiness such as that."

    Karina was a little thrown off about the pure excitement that Luna had over what she implied. She didn't even outright say that anything happened between them. Karina found herself a little confused and embarrassed about how to reply to all this. "Oh... uh thanks... I guess?" Karina sounded as confused as she felt as she just kind of looked at Luna for a moment. "I guess... it is kind of great..." Karina finally offered a bit of a warm smile.
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    Once Luna had secured Lucien's and Illiana's safety, she ran back toward Aux and Quill. She saw Whiskey shoot out more chains. Aux had then yelled at Luna, wondering what she had done to make Whiskey, or Amelie, so mad. "If I knew, then this whole situation would be different, wouldn't it?!" The princess looked back at the angry woman as she shouted in French. It took Luna a moment to translate what she was saying. "Took her light??" Luna was quite puzzled at what she meant. Whiskey continued her tale as her power grew and grew. "Wait...You were one of the seven???" Luna was definitely shocked over Whiskey's words. Before Whiskey took her leave, she had then called the princess a thief then proceeded to say one more thing before taking her leave.

    Aux had then instructed the other two to start heading off, in search of the others. Luna followed after Aux and Quill before looking back to where Whiskey had once stood. After a few moments, she walked away and joined the others. Once the three reached the Summit room, they joined the others as Shiro and DJ went over the group's next course of action. Luna sat in silence as her thoughts took over her mind. Lucien went over to his sister and try to give her some peace of mind at the very least. "Everything will be fine." The princess turned her head towards her brother. "I apologize. I had hoped my pondering wasn't bothering anyone." Her brother shook his head. "Never in a million years will you be a bother, dear sister." Luna chuckled for a moment before taking a deep breath. "Is it that woman that called to you before?" Luna nodded her head in response to Lucien's question. "Her words....They held such anger. She called me a thief of sorts." She lowered her head as she replayed Whiskey's words. Lucien placed a hand atop of her head. "You're not a thief. You are remotely far from being any sort of thief. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, alright?" Luna lifted her head and nodded. She leaned her head on Lucien's shoulder before sighing. "It feels like everything is just piling up more and more as if it's a tower." Lucien kept his hand on her head, gently patting it to comfort her. "It may seem like that but you don't have to take it all on by yourself. You have Illiana, Orella, Deimos, Solianna, Koa, this group, Mira, and myself. You are not alone." The princess nodded her head as she thought about her friends and family. She slightly smiled as she took a deep breath. "You always know what to say at times like these, don't you? You and Koa both." The two twins chuckled as they took this moment to breathe and enjoy the other's company.

    After a few moments, the twins stood up as Illiana walked up to them. "Your highness, we're all set to go whenever you're ready." Luna looked at Lucien as he nodded his head. "Thank you Illiana." He turned his head to his sister. "Since it seems like you and your group is about ready to depart, it only makes sense for us to get a move on as well." Luna nodded her head. "Be careful when you get back to the colonies. Don't do anything reckless." Her brother nodded his head. "You be careful as well. That woman is still out there and to be honest, I'm quite worried." Luna nodded her head before reassuring him. "I'll be fine. It's not as if I'm fighting alone." She smiled as she reassured her brother. She then turned to Illiana. "I'm sorry Koa wasn't on board. I thought for sure he was here." Illiana shook her head before giving her a smile. "Don't worry about it Lulu. Koa and I will see each other in due time. You just focus on keeping yourself safe." The princess nodded her head before lowering it. "If I know my brother, he's too stubborn to drop dead. All of us know that all too well. Besides, I'm sure he doesn't want to make you wait any longer than you already have. Trust me." She gave Luna a little wink before chuckling. Luna nodded her head before hugging Illiana. "Thank you...Lili." Illiana patted Luna's head as she smiled. "Take care of yourself, Luna." The princess nodded her head before turning to Orella and Solianna. "I'll see to it that they are all safe, especially His Highness." Luna nodded her head. "I'm counting on you and Deimos, Solianna." Solianna gave her a one hand salute, as if she was agreeing. Luna gave Illiana one more hug before hugging her brother. "Curam, frater." "Tu caves quoque, soror." The two held on to each for a moment before letting go. As the two seperated, nothing but smiles were on their faces. Lucien went over to the other three as they walked away.

    After Lucien and the others left, she turned back to the group and saw Aislinn just a bit ways away. She sort of remembered seeing her in the Summit room after the surprise attack. Luna wasn't too sure since she was quite injured at that point. She decided to walk up to Aislinn. "I hope I'm not interrupting. I just thought I should walk over and say 'Hello' at the very least." She smiled as she lifted a hand to say 'Hi'.

    “Curam, frater”- Take care, brother
    “Tu caves quoque, soror.” You take care too, sister
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    Luna unlocked the cell that Lucien and Illiana were in. The two walked out and the princess properly gave her twin brother a hug. Another man had walked over to the three before leaning his weight onto a wall. The three looked at the man as he introduced himself as Quill. Luna went over to this Quill and casted some healing magic. "I don't think it'll be much but I hope it helps, even a little." She turned back to Lucien and Illiana before someone called out to Luna. The princess turned towards the voice to see the woman named Amelie. Luna immediately stood in front of her brother and her friend. "And I will ask you again, what did I take from you?"

    Amelie shot out one of her chains towards Luna. The princess braced herself for the attack when Aux stepped in, taking on the chains. Luna was taken aback a bit. Amelie, or Whiskey rather, took back her chains calling Aux a sinner for his use of his dark aura. Luna turned to Aux, giving her thanks. "Aux...Thanks." She smiled as she nodded her head. Aux had then told Luna to take her family out of the area. Luna was a little hesitant to leave Aux and Quill but she knew she couldn't put Lucien's and Illiana's lives at risk. She nodded her head and turned to the two. "Get!" The prince and Illiana nodded their heads as they heeded Luna's words. The three ran off toward the elevators. Luna got all three of them into the elevator before closing the doors to head to a safer floor.
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    The medic is close to finishing up Luna as Noctis and Prompto bring in Aux.
    "We're back."
    "And we brought a friend!"
    Aux was sat down next to Luna tilting his head back and forth lazily.
    "What's wrong with him?" The medic asked.
    "THaT's LUna," Aux said, drooping his words as he pointed to her. "And sHe iS a PRincESS."
    "Tranq dart, got it..." The medic said, looking into his bag.

    Luna slowly opened her eyes to find herself in the medical bay. She saw one of the medics finishing up healing the princess. She turned her head to see Noctis and Prompto dragging in Aux from what she could see. "I-is that A-Aux?" The two men brought Aux next to her. "I-I-I apologize...I just woke up...I-it's a little difficult to see at the moment." The medic had begun examining Aux to find what was wrong with him. It seemed Aux was acting a little odder than normal. The medic had determined it was a tranquilizer dart that was affecting him. "How did this happen?" She was a bit lost as to what had happened between her losing consciousness and her waking up. "Aux? W-what happened to you?"

    "I'm Aux!" Aux spoke as the medic gave him a counter sedative into his arm.

    "Yeah.. one of the guards kinda made a misfire. This is the result." Prompto replied.

    Aux tried to shake his head before looking at Luna. "Gooooood morning!" Aux said to Luna with warm smile.
    "Medication should take effect in the next half hour. Yours as well. Your injury was... hard to place. But I just boosted your energy with what I had." The medic informed.

    Luna watched as the medic inject medicine into Aux's arm. She turned to Prompto as he explained the situation. Luna nodded her head before turning back to Aux. "I see...Well...." The princess paused. "I rather it be that sort misfire than of the other variety." She sighed for a moment before Aux talk to her once more. He had greeted her a 'Good Morning' with a smile on his face. An expression that was rare for Aux to make. Luna nodded her head and she returned his greeting. The medic had then informed Luna of their states at the moment. "I'm grateful for all you've done, Doctor. Thank you very much." Luna bowed her head to the medic. She then turned her head down to her lap to recollect her thoughts and processed all events that have happened so far. Luna clenched her fists. "Lucian.....They will pay for this...." She took a deep breath to calm herself. She turned to Prompto and Noctis. "I thank you both once again! If it weren't for you two, I might have died back there. And I thank you for bringing Aux all the way here." The princess turned her head to the odd-mannered Aux.

    "Ahh no worries, shame he's gonna be a bit loopy for a while... who knows how long it will take before it gets better..."
    Aux shot up from his chair like a rocket as they had just finished bandaging his wrist.
    "Mom!" He yelled out.
    "It's worse than we thought..." Noctis sighed.
    Aux shook his head as he tried to get his brain in order. "They... they took them in the prison block. My mom included... Everyone's searching... We should too."
    Aux turned and bumped into another young man. This young man was Scott. He had just been finished being looked after from the small graze that Karina left on him. As he bumped into Aux, Scott dropped the small twine of hair he took from his to-be-fiancee.

    "Do you mind?" He asked rudely before looking at what he dropped. "Pick that up."
    "What?" Aux asked, trying to get passed him. Before he could leave, Scott quickly grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. "Are you deaf AND stupid, you neanderthal? I said.. Pick that-"
    Aux gave him a swift jab to the nose, knocking him flat on his back. Aux let out a grunt of pain, shaking his broken wrist off. "ACCK! Worth it... Hnnnng..." He turned to Luna and tilted his head to the elevator. "Come on, let's go." He looked down at Luna to see if she was alright first. "You okay?"
    Noctis looked at Prompto. "Are we... still supposed to follow them?"
    "What, you had better plans?" Prompto asked.

    Luna nodded her head before Aux shot up from his chair. The action had startled the girl a little bit. Luna turned her head to hear Noctis sighing. "Well...At least it didn't take too long." Luna awkwardly laughed as she scratched her head. Aux had spoke about people in a prison block, including his mother. Luna was a bit confused at what he was talking about. "H-hold on Aux. What are you talking about?" Luna tried to stand up as she attempted to make sense of the situation. Aux had then bumped into another man, which caused the man to drop what seemed to be hair. "Hair?..."

    The man was quite rude about the situation, demanding that Aux pick up what the young man dropped. "E-excuse me?-" Luna was about to step in when Aux knocked the man down on his back. The red-haired man shook his wrist, as that jab had hurt his hand. "H-hey..-" Luna was about to see when Aux headed toward the elevator. Aux had asked if she was alright. She nodded her head. "I still feel a little light-headed, however, I'm alright physically for the most part." The princess sat down for a moment as she held her head. She shook her head to ward off the weariness she was feeling it. The princess got back up and looked at the man on his back. "It would be wise to think before speaking in the future." She bowed her head before going to Aux. "Care to explain to me just what is going on? Just what is happening?"

    Aux took a deep breath as he doubled back. "The Red Society is here and they've taken a bunch of people we care about. They were trying to escape with them but something went wrong. So now they're stashing them like hostages. And now we have to rescue them because I don't know when I'll get to see her again!"Aux stopped talking after he realized what he said.

    "Because... I don't know if I'll see her again..." Aux corrected himself, taking a beat. "I've been away from home for almost five years... I told her I'd make her proud." He swallowed the lump in his throat. "I was in such a rush to find her, I never thought about what I'd say..."

    Luna clenched her fists before looking down. She then muttered to herself. "I was hoping that was all a dream...." The girl closed her eyes for a brief moment. "Brother...." As Aux finished explaining, it seemed he had a small outburst with his last sentence. Luna looked up at the silent Aux. He had corrected himself before explaining any further. It had seemed that Aux was carrying burdens of his own. Luna's eyes shifted to the side to choose her next words.

    Luna gave herself a few moments to really think and choose carefully. "I...I don't know who this 'her' might be..." She paused. "However, it is alright to not know what to say in situations like these. There is no right way go about some situations. However, it is important that you face those problems head-on instead of avoiding it." She held her hands together, placing the joined hands in the center of her chest. "Regardless of what may have happened in the past, whoever you are looking for will still care about matter how much time has passed." Luna looked right into Aux's eyes as she gave her thoughts. "Sometimes you just need to have a little faith. Okay?" A smile had graced her face as she did her best to reassure Aux.

    Luna took a deep breath before speaking. "So...shall our first stop be at the prison blocks? Or was there another place you had in mind? I'll let you call the shots." The princess giggled a bit before awaiting Aux's answer.

    She smiled at him a little more kindly and her small giggle was just too damn precious. Aux chose to stand up with a renewed attitude. "Thank you." he shyly replied, trying to return the smile.

    "Most of the others are still in the earlier levels of the prison block, so we should probably start at the opposite end..." he looked back into her eyes. "And don't worry, we'll find your brother...."

    Noctis stepped forward. "Prompto and I will stay on the main level if anything changes."

    Aux nodded in response. He grabbed Luna by her hand and ran forward. "Let's go!"

    He led her straight to the elevator and pressed the 'Z' button to transfer them to the bottom of the prison block. As the elevator doors closed, he realized he was still holding her hand and quickly let go. "Sorry." he replied, turning red.

    Luna's smile stayed on her face as she nodded her thanks. "Anytime!" She placed her hands behind her back as Aux decided their next course of action. The princess nodded her head as she listened. Aux had then reassured Luna about her brother. She went silent for a moment before nodding her head. A couple more moments of silence passed by. "Thank you."

    Luna looked off to the side, her thoughts taking over her mind. "Illiana was taken too....I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if either of them were to be harmed..." She casted her gaze to the floor and closed her eyes as she held her necklace. Noctis had then spoke up, informing the two of his and Prompto's plans now. Luna nodded her head before bowing. "I can't thank you two enough for all you've done. You have my gratitude."

    Aux had then taken ahold of her hand, dragging her into the elevator. Once the two were inside the elevator, Aux had pressed a button to take them to their destination. Before Luna could say anything, Aux immediately released her hand and apologized, his face turning red. She shook her head as she replied calmly. "That's alright. No need to worry." The princess looked up as the elevator descended to the bottom. Luna took a deep breath as she held her necklace, praying she would find at least some sort of clue to the whereabouts of her brother and her soon-to-be older sister.

    "We'll find your brother and friend again..." he looked to the elevator as the doors opened. "We'll find my mother as well.." The two left the doors as they raced down the corridors. Z block was empty, as was blocks Y to U.
    They approached T Block where Illiana and Lucian were placed in the same cell.

    As Luna approached Block T, she tried to keep her head up in hopes she would find her family. She looked and looked in each cell to find no one in each of them. As she approached the next cell, she found two people sitting in one cell. The princess drew closer and closer to see it was Lucian and Illiana. "Lucian!! Illiana!!" The two picked their heads up to see Luna running toward them. Lucian stood up and grasped the bars. "Luna!!" Luna grasped the bars and faced the two in the cell. "I thought I'd lose you two as well..." Tears ran down her face as she expressed her fear. Her brother placed a hand on her head as he tried to comfort her. "It'll take more than some little hole to get rid of us. You know that right?" Luna giggled as Illiana made her comment. The girl nodded her head.
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    As the chains tightened around Luna, she could feel more and more of her energy drained out of her. The woman raised her hand up to sky and the chains, along with Luna, rose with her hand. Before Luna could utter a word, the mysterious woman slammed her down and sent Luna crashing onto the floor. With another motion, she swung her hand to the west wall, sending Luna crashing into it. She could barely move before, but now her body was almost lifeless. The woman then pulled Luna's chains and slammed her onto the opposite wall. Luna could barely feel her fingers or move anything in her body.

    The sound of a chair hitting against something rang in the princess' ears. She tried her best to move her head, only to see Noctis and Prompto. The woman immediately bound Prompto in her chains as Noctis looked for something to shield himself with. Luna slowly opened her mouth and hoarsely spoke. "R..Run...get..out" Noctis asked the woman just who she was. She revealed herself as Princess Amelie from a kingdom called Ridania. Luna was definitely unfamiliar with that name or that kingdom. Amelie then turned to Luna before tightening her chains further, accusing Luna of taking something. Just what could Luna have taken if she had never even known of this woman?

    Amelie continued to drain the light out of Luna. Luna was on the verge of losing consciousness before she felt the chains being removed from her body. Her body dropped to the floor before hearing an aggravated scream coming from Amelie. Luna tried to move her fingers but found it hard to do so. Noctis ran over to the princess, wrapping an arm under her shoulders to lift her body slightly. Prompto walked over to the two to make sure they were alright. "Noct! You alright?" Noctis nodded his head. "I'm fine. It's Luna that needs help right now." Prompto looked at Luna and was concerned. "Her highness needs some immediate help and fast."

    The sounds of an argument filled the room. The two men looked over to see what was happening before looking back at Luna. Luna needed some medical attention and she needed it fast. Noctis shouted at the group. "Hey!!" Prompto looked at Noctis while remaining silent. "I think we have a bigger problem over here! She needs help!!" Prompto looked to the group before shouting. "Her highness is gonna need someone to look at her before anything else. Whatever that lady did to her, it really really knocked the wind out of her!!" Luna tried to open her eyes and opened her mouth. " guys...go on...ahead...." Luna struggled to utter her sentence as she told the group to go on without her. Amelie had drained so much of her strength while inflicting various other injuries on her that it almost hurt to speak. "I-....I'll catch up....with you...soon....The others....they need more help...." Noctis and Prompto stared at the princess as she pleaded for the group to help out the others.
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