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    bump bc this is basically my favorite thing

    I love picking up older games I missed out on before, and I think most older generations tend to have at least a few gems. Gen 3 (NES/Master System/etc) is a natural threshold, although I have a soft spot for a few of the arcade titles from before then also. It's true however that it can get pretty pricey! I'd still argue that a basic setup is usually less of an investment than buying new consoles/games, but I don't have any motivation to collect for some platforms because it's so expensive (SNES...).

    I'm actually very invested in trying to "futureproof" my older analog systems and keep them looking and running okay, although lately this has required opening a few of them up. They do look best on a CRT -- awesome even -- but imho CRTs are finicky and, while I don't encounter them dying outright very often, these days they tend to come with picture problems (bad geometry, color impurities) and they're a nightmare to fix. Unfortunately getting this stuff to play nice with modern displays is a complicated and often expensive process, and it's only getting worse.

    If anyone is interested, many older systems can output a pure RGB (+sync) video signal which is really clean without any modifications. It's leagues better than composite video. The issue from there becomes upscaling or "line doubling," and converting it into something an HD display will take. I'd love to do a little writeup on this stuff sometime.
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    Hi! I know it can be difficult but when looking for something specific like this, as many details as possible would really help. Aside from qualities of the video itself, do you remember where you saw it (On YouTube, this site, Google video even, etc.)? Do you have any idea of around what time period this would have been? Is the "Test Test" part you're referring to part of the lyrics or is it text in the video?
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    i'm alive

    i'm alive
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    Sorry about the delay guys, first week of school ;__;
    Also sorry about impressions because I'm terrible at them lol.

    Impressions: I used to mix you up with Hayabusa for some reason I think?? Compassionate, level-headed, & I admire your RP skill/dedication as that has always seemed a little daunting to me lol.

    Is it a Pokémon-style battle or a battle using Pokémon? I need to know For Science™.

    Impressions: I always wondered if your name was a Phoenix Wright reference in which case you're automatically rad in my book c':

    I like Moondust! But funny enough my name doesn't come from the movie, haha.

    Impression: I associate you with Reno because of that avatar. I don't have a whole lot else, sorry...
    No favorite Org member off the top of my head to be honest, but I was Xion for our Castle Oblivion event for a long time, lol. disclaimer: I never played Days
    I do like fruit! Pretty much all kinds.
    I've dabbled in writing different kinds of things here and there but I always fizzle out before it's done, aaaand I rarely subject anyone to the end result anyway haha. So I guess I try to like it.

    Don't apologize for asking about one of my favorite things! :'D

    I'm gonna be predictable here and say TNG is my fave show and Picard is best captain, but I have a really hard time choosing favorite episodes/characters... It's different depending on when I get asked, I guess?

    I just saw The Survivors from TNG again not too long ago, it's an old favorite of mine and I was surprised at how much I still loved it. Really really good episode.

    Random things about myself: I binge plane crash documentaries a lot. I'm also mildly afraid of flying. Don't be like me.
    Gonna have to pass on Marvel/DC, I've barely seen any of them :v the cinematography in Batman Begins was awesome though imo.
    My favorite movie is Apocalypse Now!
    I haven't seen much recent anime, but I have a few older ones that are near and dear to me... Infinite Ryvius, When They Cry, .hack//SIGN, and Death Note, off the top of my head.
    Impressions: Super supportive, friendly and hardworking!

    Impressions: Before I started talking to you I mostly knew you as a popular staff/ex-staff member? Now I talk to you regularly, so I guess my current impressions are self-demonstrative : P. You're generous, and you're honest and patient with me even though school takes over my life sometimes; I appreciate it.
    A pair of shoes in a catalogue.
    Learn to play a brass or reed instrument.

    Obviously they would be color coded so I'm thinkingggg a blue Blade Liger for Phoenix (suitably spiky!) and something sleek & ranged for Edgeworth, a Fire Fox perhaps?...

    I'm having a whale of a time c: just kidding please save me from school
    Amadeus is exponentially more watchable, but I still think Apocalypse Now edges it out a bit.

    That is a fascinating question. First of all, [ᴡʜᴀʟᴇ ɴᴏɪsᴇs]...
    Cinnamon got a well paying job at a top-secret government agency. I'm sure it's feeling [REDACTED].
    Impressions: I was tempted to joke around w/ this answer which I think is indicative of my impressions lol, we've known each other a long time now and you're laid back & fun to talk to (see also: running gags/prank Stardust masterclass), understanding, and of course great to work with on staff.


    Impressions: You seemed friendly before I had the chance to talk to you lol, but my impressions now are that not only was that true, you are fearless when speaking your mind, you have great taste in video games, and you're willing to put up with whatever Ace Attorney tangents I throw your way, bless your soul : P
    OOH SNAP... If Gumshoe counts as an assistant, then I really liked (just a character name, but probably not one to Google) from Spirit of Justice.
    I'm gonna have to sit this one out because -- and I know, it's blasphemous -- I don't play Pokemon lol.
    Aside from textbooks I haven't read many recently ;__; I really want to read more about D.B. Cooper, though.
    if you need me / I'll be downstairs / with the shop vac

    Impressions: Not as scary as a Kyuubey avatar might suggest (even a sombrero'd Kyuubey). Been here as long as I can remember, but I only just realized how close our join dates are lol.

    is the next meme a single ladies edit with Duff McWhalen heads? because if so I am feeling ok about this

    I have seen Laps around over the years, but I don't know Laps, sorry :c
    Neither! It's because Laps is a mature individual and he can do what he wants, gosh dangit!
    But for real -- thank you for asking, I think your questions were fun! My answers, however... haha.

    No socks. No socks any time I can help it tbh.
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    Sorry, can you elaborate? What's making it hard for you?
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    Merry Christmas~

    Merry Christmas~
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    omg @Flapjak bless your soul,

    thank you so much everyone!! C': y'all know me so well im cry

    my birthday can be a biiiit of a bummer because it always lands right at the apex of end-of-semester Hell. this really brightened my day, I appreciate it ;__;

    RIGHT BACK AT U except i'm late sorry

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    I heard DGS had somewhat underwhelming sales numbers, not sure how true that is. Little surprised to hear of a sequel! I'm happy for that, it's really too bad that it's looking like these will never be localized though. Knowing the Ace Attorney fanbase we may well see a fan translation, but (not to downplay the incredible work fan translators have done for the series) it's still a bummer to miss out on an official version...

    I always thought DGS in particular had a really charming/appealing aesthetic. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new footage in this teaser, but it appears that will apply to this one just as much. Looking forward to what this next title has in store!
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    i'm angry and i haven't even played it
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    i saw it and liked jaylah

    i saw it and liked jaylah
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    when i lived in the dorms we had no control over the thermostat lol, maybe the system is just perma-chilly? no harm in just asking her if you could turn it up a bit imo
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    japanese, i might end up with a degree in it at this rate lol.

    i gotta say tho i always felt mildly guilty i never went for french or spanish; i have family who can speak those and they always seem like they wish i was studying at least one of them.
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