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    You can use any politician or leader (royalty, etc.) from any period of time. Then, the next poster decides who wins and describes how one would defeat the other. These battles are not one-on-one, they can include whatever the ruler can use to win, anything real, that is. Then the poster, posts their own pair.
    Round 1: Vladimir Putin vs. Benito Mussolini
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    You know,

    I bought a PSP last year so I could play Birth by Sleep when it came out. To this day, I still don't have Birth by Sleep. Thought I ought to share that fact with you.
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    Hey guys

    What's up?
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    [VERSE I]
    I feel distant
    and incomplete
    you hold
    my soul
    I hope this time
    is different
    I hope
    you've changed
    Just know
    That I still love you
    and that love
    wont go
    down without a fight
    [CHORUS I]
    I miss you
    like nothing else
    and I just want
    to hold you now
    cause I feel
    a sinking in my chest
    and I don't know why
    but I feel like
    something's going wrong
    [VERSE II]
    I've lost track now
    how long has it been
    since we
    were close to each other
    but it seems like
    an eternity
    so many days of night
    Just know
    that I need you
    and a soul
    will die
    without light
    I miss you
    like nothing else
    and I just want
    to hold you now
    cause I feel
    a sinking in my chest
    don't make me cry
    please tell me
    that nothing's going on
    because without you
    I don't know what I'd do
    I'm begging for
    your love
    and I can't see you
    with anyone else
    it would be just too hard to watch
    [Chorus III]
    and I miss you
    like nothing else
    and I just want
    to hold you now
    cause I feel
    a sinking in my chest
    I want you to be my life
    but I terribly dread
    that something's going wrong
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    What's up? I herd u liek mudkipz?
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    Information here>
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    longcat is long
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    apparently the earth has 3 more years left...

    ...pass the jeager
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    Think fast

    *throws wrench*
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    I'm here.
    what the hell do you want?
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    I've got soul

    but I'm not a soldier
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    I love Photobomb
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    they would've used Hayden as Xion's VA?
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    and for everyone who doesn't, I kill one
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    Sorry it took so long. I just don't have a lot of time to write...oh, and I procrastinated. If you haven't read the other two posts since I first posted them, you should, because they've changed almost completely.
    Chapter 1:
    First edition: 11/7/09

    Chapter 2

    18 is the Defending Force headquarters. It is located in-and under Dock 18, a dock that used to be occupied by an aircraft manufacturer called Unity Global that Saraxos ran out of business 12 years ago. The whole facility is still there, complete with aircraft factory and parking garage. The manufacturing equipment is in relatively good condition. We used the office building part to build a research lab, a prison, sleeping quarters, a meeting room, and a communication room.

    We had our cars nearby, so we used the garage entrance. Our cars all have machine guns, a rocket launcher, and other hidden weapons, including a device called Autowrap that lets the cars look like any car the driver wants, for stealth. (and also for showing off.)

    Aston and I went to a lounge to relax. Aston tried to open a bottle of soda. He tried for about a minute but gave up and shot off the cap, “Ah, Myth powers.†Just then a man walked in. It was Lancet Saraxos, son of Saraxos, but on the Force’s side. He hasn’t completely won over my trust. Tsunami was 5 when Erado joined Saraxos, but Lancet was raised by his evil father from the beginning.
    “Where’s Tsunami?†he asked.

    Lancet had been in a relationship with Tsunami for quite some time. All the children of major Saraxos members are trained to be Firebirds, and Lancet was all Tsunami had to talk to during training.

    “She went to the research lab,†I replied.

    He left. When he was gone I rolled my eyes at Aston. There was something about Lancet that just…annoyed me.

    “Show some respect, if his dad dies, he’s running the company.†Aston snapped.

    Oh, not the old “be a brownnoser or this war will go on until the end of time†stunt. Aston had used that one regularly since he found out Lancet was on our side.

    “How did Sentinel know I was there?†Aston asked

    “It can’t be a coincidence because Sentinel doesn’t just go for a walk with his Triblade.â€

    “It makes me nervous.â€

    “It should.â€

    “Maybe he was guarding the bullets.â€

    “Whatever helps you sleep at night.â€

    “I don’t sleep at night, there’s too much to think about.â€


    Aston muttered something under his breath.

    “What was that?†I asked.

    “Nothing,†he snapped.

    “You can tell me, you know.â€

    “Fine…I haven’t slept much since Sienna died.â€

    “Really? I didn’t know you were that close to Sienna.â€

    “But I was. She was the first Firebird to trust me.â€

    “Would she want you to worry this much?â€

    “I guess not.â€

    “Then don’tâ€

    We waited for about twenty minutes. Defending Force members came and went out of the room, and finally, Tsunami burst through the door.
    “Nothing,†she said.

    “What was Lancet here for?†I teased

    She glared at me. “Did you find anything?†Aston asked.

    “I found an engraving, an addressâ€

    “Where is it?â€

    “Out of townâ€
    * * *

    Downtown Discovery was divided into five major parts: The Saraxos District, the Docks, Riverside, the Slums, and the Hotels. The Saraxos district contained the Capital, the Saraxos building, and other businesses. The Docks was was where most of the money came from. Even Saraxos shipped things out of the docks. Riverside had condos, shops, and the biggest of the three airports around Discovery. The Slums are just what is sounds like, slums, but comparatively, they aren’t too bad because the city isn’t too old. The Hotels was where most of the life was now, since Saraxos doesn’t usually make tourists disappear. 18 was in the Docks.

    The Blade had a van for the three of them, customized with extra-extra dark tinted windows, communications screens, and in the trunk a full arsenal of weapons. There was a Semi truck that drove behind the van, driven by artificial intelligence, like most trucks in Discovery. This truck carried each of the Blade’s cars. The van and the semi both had Autowrap, and the trailer looked like it carried office supplies to the local superstore.

    There was a road, Byrd Street, which went through all 3 parts of Discovery. As the Blade drove this street, Tsunami looked at the beach as we drove through Riverside. “Look at all those people,†she said, “having such a good time even though any one of them could vanish tonight.â€

    “Live while you can,†Jasen replied.

    Jasen and Tsunami sat in the row of seats behind the driver. Aston was at the wheel, with a suitcase carrying Destiny in the passenger seat.

    “So, where are we going again?†I asked.

    “New Boston,†Tsunami replied.

    New Boston was an industrial town about an hour from Discovery.

    “Is there a bullet factory there?â€

    “Not that I know of, but there is a Saraxos Personal weapons plant that might make them.â€

    “Well it would have to have pretty good machinery to make elemental bullets.â€

    “They’re Saraxos.â€


    We entered New Boston, a really gloomy town. It smelled like burning rubber and most of the surfaces were brown, grey, or black. You might see a dull green if you’re lucky. We made our way to the address, which turned out to be an empty warehouse. There were covers and a thick coat of dust over the machinery.

    There was ice on the ground beneath one of the machines. Tsunami pulled off the cover. It was less dusty then the rest, meaning it had been used recently, and there were…footprints in the dust. The machine was a security box. It looked like someone attempted to freeze the lock, then smash it, but had failed. There were also some bullet dents, possibly from elemental bullets.

    Tsunami pointed to a big gash on the box. “Look at this. It looks like someone tried cutting through, but I wonder why they would try that if they knew they couldn’t break the lock.â€

    “Maybe cutting through was their first attempt?†I offered.

    “That’s not very smart of them. They could damage whatever is in the box, unless they’re trying to destroy it.â€

    “Whatever it is, it has to be pretty important for them to try this hard,â€

    “Let’s look around the warehouse.†Aston said, “Tsunami, you investigate those footprints, but stay in the building. I’ll take the north end of the warehouse, and Jasen, you take the south end. When we’re finished, we’ll meet back here.â€

    The south end was very odd. There were these strange circles imprinted in the ground, like a peg legged man was walking here, and there was some strange green goo that I couldn’t identify but I should probably know what it is. There was also an enormous hole in the wall, ringed with the green goo and looking like it was eaten away at. The green goo must be some kind of acid. Therefore: don’t touch it. I was the last one done and the others were waiting for me. We discussed our finds, starting with Tsunami.

    “Whoever left the footprints was here recently. The shoe that left the prints was from some kind of armor, but I couldn’t get much more information.â€

    Aston was next. “The North End was interesting. I found a broken DualAxe, and some strange green substance. There are also signs of a struggle and some broken machinery. There is ice everywhere, and it doesn’t seem to be melting. There are also elemental bullets on the floor. They look like they ricocheted of some metal, but it doesn’t look like there was a winner or loser to this fight.â€

    Finally, it was my turn. I told them my findings.

    “We should take a look at the hole in the wall.†Aston suggested.

    We walked over to the hole and took a closer look at it. There were metal shavings on the ground below the hole, and more of those circular marks. Could those be footprints?

    Tsunami turned to me. “This machine has puncture marks. Why would…Jasen! Behind you!â€

    The last thing I saw was a giant metal scorpion.

    * * *

    Back in Discovery, a formerly normal person lay in a cold room.

    “Awaken,†said a voice to him.

    The automatic systems in his head brought him to reality, taking him away from the sweet, cold embrace of perpetual death. He looked up and saw that there was a window in the wall. “Activate implanted memories,†said the voice.

    Then it all camek to him, his capture, his torture, and then, they took his soul. He was filled with rage. “I am commander of this division of Saraxos enterprises, and you will listen to me now,†exclaimed the voice proudly, “No one is going to listen to you anymore, because no one is going to leave here alive!†he screamed at the voice.

    “What?!†questioned the voice, “Abort test of SENTRI combat system, ABORT NOW!!!!â€
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    but I know I can trust you

    here goes...

    I just lost the game
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    is Riku's older brother?
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    but at least you learned something
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