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  1. Solana
    Hey so like I float a lot and I come on here and see A LOT (well, all) of names I do not recognize......

    Do any of you know me? I'm Solana, or Julia, but have been consistently Solana for like the past 5 years on Kingdom Hearts forums that have merged into each other.

    So like.... Do any of you know me? Do I know you? Do you want to know me (probs not but I'm great on Minecraft and stuff) and I like Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts and I'm good at math and I'm pretty boring so

    lookin' fo frends or suga daddies
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  2. Solana

    wat is

    Hi my name is Solana and I was just wondering um

    WHAT IN THE BURST OF RETURN IS THIS. I guess I have been gone a long time because things are looking different, change of colors, there are actually many recent posts, and for some reason I suddenly don't recognize the staff names or ANY of the names that have been online recently.

    So like, what is going on? Who are you people? Or did y'all just get a name change



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