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  1. Akio
    New little siggy. I'm trying to get back to my graphic making... so CnC's please.

    Thread by: Akio, Jul 24, 2007, 4 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  2. Akio
    SotW 16 - Voting
    / v.o.t.i.n.g t.h.r.e.a.d | Ends 7/18/07 | Discussion belongs in the Discussion topic \

    You know the drill, guys! Vote the top 3 with your reasons why.
    Remember: This weeks SOTW was colorful so tags must contain lots of colors; not just one.









    -Disqualified for being monotone-











    Voting ends July 27th, 2007.

    Good luck, everyone!

    P.S. - Took this task for old times sake of moving this along and getting a new one out. Also, Darky or Mr. White (Starter of this one), if you do not agree that one of these entries is "colorful" enough, by all means PM me/take it down. I'm not one to argue, but it would be fair to give everyone a chance.
    Thread by: Akio, Jul 22, 2007, 17 replies, in forum: Competitions
  3. Akio
    For the veterans here, Hey! I'm back and hopefully will be for a while.

    For those who don't know me, I'm Cheal (soon to change name). I joined a LONG time ago and after life got me stressed out I had to drop from sight for a while. I'm an ex-mod, full time sig maker, and now a half time moocher since I recently graduated. Hope to get to know you all. ^_^

    PS - I've got Crono's head in my sights since he never told me he came back... *glares*
    Thread by: Akio, Jul 14, 2007, 22 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
  4. Akio


    I is back, but only for the moments, since I caught a link from another forum I was on. Just popping by to say hey. I might come back sooner or later since I graduated, but I do miss yah guys.

    Until then... lata. :D
    Thread by: Akio, Jun 14, 2007, 1 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures
  5. Akio
    Well, I found a tut and had to try it. Here are my results:


    Thread by: Akio, Feb 21, 2007, 4 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  6. Akio
    Well, I couldn't decide between Abstract or Techy, so I did both. :D





    CnC's plz.
    Thread by: Akio, Feb 16, 2007, 9 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  7. Akio
    A first attempt at abstracting my sigs. :D

    So... CnC's.

    Thread by: Akio, Feb 3, 2007, 4 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  8. Akio
    Come here to discuss your signatures with the other members. Good if you need some advice or CnC.
    Thread by: Akio, Feb 3, 2007, 9 replies, in forum: Competitions
  9. Akio
    Odd, weird, or just not realistic enough. It makes you wonder about a person, and at the same time it states a lot about them.

    This weeks going to be weirded up with the theme Abstract.
    Make it with tons of lines, or with circles and triangles; anything that shows off how you are. :D

    ~Due by Saturday, Feb. 10. Laterz~
    Thread by: Akio, Feb 3, 2007, 11 replies, in forum: Competitions
  10. Akio
    This is the sig that I used in my border making tut. Hopes it turns out goodz. :D

    Thread by: Akio, Jan 17, 2007, 7 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  11. Akio
    This is for those that keep asking how to make borders. Consider it a late Christmas present from me. :D

    (Sorry, image was WAY too big Xp)

    If you happen to need any clarification on anything just PM me.
    Thread by: Akio, Jan 17, 2007, 0 replies, in forum: Help
  12. Akio
    Here is one of my newest sigs. Forget that there is no border as I have one coming, since I forgot it.


    Thread by: Akio, Dec 13, 2006, 5 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  13. Akio
    I am on another forum where they have started an Art Worm. I would like to start one here, if we get enough interested.

    ARTWORM SO FAR (<- After I finish mine I'll use ths...)

    Current List (This is also the order):
    Thread by: Akio, Dec 13, 2006, 6 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  14. Akio
    Well, new sig, no brushes used. I liked how it came out, but I was restricted a bit since I was forced to use PS7, making it at school and all. Cnc?


    Btw, to explain the title, it is what the text in the sig, "Boku wa Kuma", means. :D
    Thread by: Akio, Nov 27, 2006, 1 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  15. Akio
    Anyone here in the future want to talk about their entry?

    Post here about the entries, yadda, yadda. Most of you know the drill. :D
    Thread by: Akio, Nov 26, 2006, 3 replies, in forum: Competitions
  16. Akio
    Well, as it's the end of another SotW contest another begins! My shift this week so get ready for... what do you think?! Another sig challenge. :D

    This weeks challenge is to make a sig using the theme... TO THE FUTURE. Anything that is relatively futuristic is the key to winning this week's SotW.

    *Comes back through time machine*

    Well... since no one has entered this weeks contest, I am doing a sudden death sort of process. It will end and the voting will begin when 2-3 people enter, so get to making everyone.

    *Starts up a time machine and jumps back in*

    See you in the future.... again!
    Thread by: Akio, Nov 26, 2006, 0 replies, in forum: Competitions
  17. Akio

    At birth, ten children we're taken from their parents and brought to an experiment lab for testings. The scientists wanted to see if they could create a better type of human. The children had grown up in the labratory until they had turned ten; then they started to do the testing. Each child had one same test, and five different ones. As the tests we're finished, the scientists started to notice the changes occur on the kids. The kids we're each placed into different cubicles so they would live normally as their species would. Each morning the scientists would check up on the kids to see if something new had happened to them, and each morning something would happen. They had made not just one other creature, but ten different species. Most of them we're more powerful then humans and there was no way humans could defeat them. The scientists soon figured it out and moved them to different cubicles; the same but with unbreakable glass. The scientists locked the doors on the cubicles and told the children farewell, and that's where our story begins...


    Okay, this is the area where the members of this RP can start the role playing. For those that want to join, go here, and PM me your profile(using the provided form).

    Now that you've all waited, you can start the RPing, and good luck escaping. :D ​
    Thread by: Akio, Oct 17, 2006, 192 replies, in forum: Retirement Home
  18. Akio
    I recently went into total sig making mode and made tons of new sigs. Here are some of them. (BTW, thanks DW for giving me some good ideas)






    Also, ask me before use. ^.^
    Thread by: Akio, Oct 9, 2006, 7 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  19. Akio
    If you posted an entry and want ask for opinions or want to comment on a compeditors entry, do such in here. :D
    Thread by: Akio, Oct 8, 2006, 10 replies, in forum: Competitions
  20. Akio
    Well, this week I'm gonna be your host. ^.^

    This weeks theme is... RENDER CHOICE.

    The object of this week is to make a sig using one of these three renders in it.

    Render Choices:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you would like to know where these are from:
    Hell Boy, X-Men, and Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    All entries must be turned in by Friday, Oct. 13 at 4:30. Now get going. :D *Fires gun*
    Thread by: Akio, Oct 8, 2006, 9 replies, in forum: Competitions