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    What did I miss?

    (Also it's my 23rd birthday today)
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    I probably could fire up Netflix and watch an entire season of 30 Rock before anyone showed up ...
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    in playing Call of Duty while listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack.
    "A heart full of l-HEADSHOT!"
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    but the pronunciation of the word "colonel" is one of the most rage inducing things ever.

    I'm aware of the tumblr post about the same topic but dammit this has pissed me off since before tumblr.
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    So I'm on a day trip to Estonia, and naturally all the advertisements I'm getting on here are in Estonian. Which basically seems like I'm trying to read Finnish despite having severe dyslexia.
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    (this is also the reason why Finn's are a little crazy in the winter)
    Note that this was also taken in the southern part of Finland, so the difference is even more drastic in Lapland.
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    It's been two months since I moved back but I don't think it fully hit me until I had to change the timezone in my preferences right here on KHV.
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    [I don't think I was gone long enough to warrant an actual introduction thread again so this shall do]

    Hi again. Did I miss anything important? How is everybody?
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    Like, today was hard enough for me personally, I had to say goodbye to pretty much all my friends in Chicago. Then the news about Zimmerman walking broke. Then I found out about Cory Monteith dying. I'm not as fond of Glee as I used to be, but something like this happening just terrifies me. Especially since it sounds like it was an OD, and my own mom is battling addictions right now and I'm just so scared for her and I wish I could hug her but it's another three days before I can...

    I'm sorry to vent, I just needed to get that off my chest...
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    but for whatever reason* I've been watching a bunch of the cast interviews for the latest Star Trek movie. So I shall share a few of them here:

    *Okay, so the criminally good looking Karl Urban is the reason. Sue me
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    So last night I was dreaming, and basically I was Katniss in the Quarter Quell Hunger Games. Except the arena was more of a high-tech, multi floor lab. And the contestants weren't really trying to kill each other, in fact, Johanna and I staged a very elaborate rescue of Finnick. Like, he was dangling in a cage over lava and what looked like coleslaw and apparently it was less dangerous to hop over the lava and burning hot stones than the coleslaw so that's what we did, and we rescued him and got back to the regular lab area. But then a bunch of guards appeared except they were rhinos? And we had to scramble for weapons cause apparently they weren't allowed in these games, but we found some cool knives and kicked the rhino/guards' asses. But then I somehow tripped out of a window and woke up.

    tl:dr. Don't let me take Nyquil before I go to sleep.
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    I'm loving my Facebook and Tumblr feeds so much right now.

    #I stand with Wendy Davis
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    Dear random guy at the trainstop
    While you ultimately turned out to be harmless, for future reference, it’s probably not a good idea to follow a girl (even if it was only for 20 yards or so) at 1 ****ing am in a not so nice part of town to give her a note with your number and a prompt to “txt me hun”. She just may have had a ****** day and a work shift that ran two hours longer than it was supposed to, and she may be clutching pepperspray in one hand and using her keys as ****ing Wolverine claws in the other and be mentally going through five different ways to get out of a choke hold and be wound up enough to believe that any larger person (a.k.a about 90% of the adult population) may be a potential mugger or rapist. Also she is probably far more interested in getting into her own bed rather than yours, ktnxbye.

    Sorry (not really), I just got kinda freaked out for a minute there and I need to unwind myself...
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    and everything's really badass and dramatic.


    Link to trailer
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    so now you have to suffer with me

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    Okay, so here are a few songs I've performed live at school functions. First one is from the talent show, the last two from my Choral Ensemble's spring concert. Audio quality isn't the greatest, I had to use a still camera to capture this x/

    I realize now that if the Death Note game was still being played I'd be dead meat. Although good luck figuring how to spell my surname >;3
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    I'm trying to find a cheaper option to buying a laptop/iPad, so I was wondering if anyone knew whether tablets like Nook or Kindle have writing software on them (MSWord, Text Edit, or something similar), or if I can download an app or something. And furthermore, is it possible to connect a (preferably cheap) portable keyboard to one? I don't really want to spend more than $300 on it, if possible.
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