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    Was bored, and had some time, thought I'd pop in and say what's up, see how everyone was doing. I really have been meaning to slap a bookmark on this site, The memory is a bit poopy lately, fried from all the damn databases I sift through 6 days a week, lol. Anyways, hope all is well in KH-land. I said in a different thread, I'm planning on hitting up the Anaheim, CA launch party, anyone else here going?
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    Sad Day T_T

    I was talking to my boyfriend and my headset crapped out T_T
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    So I asked around on the forum for said game above, and noone was of any help, and I can't figure it out myself either, Maybe someone heres seen this before?

    I know for a fact my graphics/video card isnt going out, its brand new, and the game isn't graphically intensive at all (Ragnarok Online, for those that might recognize it), as well as other people have experienced this as well but say that it just stopped after a while(however, this has been going on since November, when I looked in my screenshot folder)
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    a quick search didnt find anything about this, so here I am.

    anyone have this game? I just got it working on my DS flashcart, so if anyone wants to play it with me, lets swap friend codes
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    Hows it going KH-V?
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    nevermind, it ruined it...stupid auto format
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    last I looked it was 1 member(me) and 11 guests? the heck is this?
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    Thought I would just come say hi to everybody, hope your all doin good. Oh wells, catch yalls later
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    Well KH-V

    its been a many years? I don't even know anymore, but I am tired.

    to those that I have hurt, I am sorry.

    to those that I didn't, hope to talk to you all soon on msn or something.

    this is going to be my last post here, since it seems my personality isn't wanted around these forums, I tried my best to be an enforcer of the rules, but it always seemed to just end with me being an ass, no matter how hard I tried. I gladly will wear that brand though and hope to be remembered as such. "The ******* that did his best for everyone. After this post, you'll see my name normalised, I think that is best.maybe one day, I can come back and stuff, but for now, my use was gone and suddenly I was a villain, everyone loved my ways when they were needed, and then it was to the meat shredder, and I was a villain. I tried to make amends but was just slapped again anyways. So feel free people, bash me, hate me, flame me, I don't really care anymore. it was nice being your hero, and then your scapegoat,'s all just made me tired.

    I am not breaking a rule in posting this, and would appreciate to stop being harrassed oh great and wonderful staffers.

    This just in, I failed at life and grammar all in one day!
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    and one of DA

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    (I was covering the blue LED power light, since it was blinding the camera lol I really should dust a little bit...)
    2 1tb internal hardrives
    1 320 gb external
    6 usb ports(4 back, 2 front)
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 3800+

    I opted out of using Vista, and decided on Windows XP: Media Center Edition(service Pack 2) to have a better control of my videos and such. I am happy with the decision.

    note: I put the bottle there simply to compare the size of it, it is shorter than a .5 liter bottle of sprite.

    yes, that is my infamous pink guitar.
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    Happy f*cking Birthday!!!
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    Ok, so I am playing The War of the Lions (psp port of Final Fantasy Tactics) and am in the VERY start of ch1. I want to get m chars to the classes I desire right now before continuing the story at all(I just got Argath(algus) on my team) is the tailwind/focus/throw stoning method effective or is there another better way? (multiplayer is out of the question)
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    ah some of you may have heard, my fairytale came to an end, and my fiance left me, for another guy. Meh **** happens I should be more depressed, and I was very much so for about...three days...

    Now, here's the funny(ish) story.

    I was sitting at work, and this girl comes up and starts talking to me, turns out to be someone from high school, her and I hung around with eachother constantly, were practically joined at the hip, as they say. She had always wanted to date me, but I avoided it, not wanting to ruin the friendship we had, ironic, I know since we stopped talking after school ended.

    ANYWHO, she gives me her number and wants us to go out sometime, starbucks and a movie.

    Think I should entertain this little 'date'?

    oh, and I KNOW she still wants to get with me, she sent me a rather....'bad' pic last night, telling me so....
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  19. Arc
    some background story:

    ok so I went to meet a friend on like tuesday and I always yell "FALCON PUNCH!! SURPRISE ABORTIONS!!! and pretend like I punch her in the stomach we all laugh as she fake falls to the ground and writhes in pain screaming things like "you killed my fetus!"

    its all fun and hahaha, to us, a big joke

    well she calls me today and goes " pregnant..." to which I replay "Oh nuh uh! I never touched you girlfriend, I want a paternity test, wheres maury!!" she stops me and goes "No...I am being serious this time Jes...I'm ****ing pregnant!" so my next thought, that I just so happen to say out loud is "So uhhh...wanna come over today and I'll falcon punch you...?" followed by a looong 10-15 min silence
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    Cupcake has a very FUNNY Helium voice...

    that is all.
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