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  1. Itachilives

    I am back

    It seems whenever I get my heart broken, I return to the land of the heartless.

    Well that came out ... sad ... lol
    Anyway I am back boys and girls, nice to see you all again. To the people I don't know I hope we can be friends. I am planning to stick around this time

    Got it memorized?
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  2. Itachilives

    Love issues

    Well I wasn't going to post this, but then I decided to because I need someones honest opinion. I went on a blind date with this girl and we dated for about an month. I thought it was going good but there was an age issue. It didnt see to bother her and we had her moms consent. Well she broke up with me about 2 months ago. Yeah it hurt a little but I was prepare for it, Then she told me she wanted to get back together. I was happy then a week after that she told me via text she didn't want anything to do with me and she cheated on me and she hated me and stuff like that. Well that hurt a lot but i told her I didnt care and I just wanted her to be happy. I deleted her number and was ready to move on. Well she keeps texting me and ... I dont know if I should keep talking to her. Part of me wants to still be friends with her but I don't know if she will try to hurt me again. What do you guys think?
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  3. Itachilives

    Guess who???

    Hello all,
    Yes its me Itachi and i'm back. I made a return like 5 months ago but it was only for a day.
    Im back for good this time I promise and I'm planning on role paying again.
    Doubt most of you remember me or havn't met me yet but glad to see you all again.
    Like I said planing on being more active so hope I get to talk to you all.
    Got it memorized? - Itachi
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  4. Itachilives
    Got it for christmas and I have to say I love it. My favorites are probably Legendary Child and Out go the Lights. I also like the duet with Carrie Underwood Can't Stop Loving You. Anyone else get this cd?
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  5. Itachilives
    So a body was found in a river of Pennslvaina. Police and the coroner arrive and not long after do they find out the man was not dead but sleeping. He had a lifejacket on, and was just floating in the river on a hot day when he fell asleep. The cops didn't even wake him up a dragonfly landed on his nose. A happy ending to what everyone thought was a sad story
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  6. Itachilives
    So after some thought I decided to pitch this idea. Boy wonder made a Bleach RP which was fun but it was for now stopped. So I propose another Bleach RP but different of course.
    You will be able to choose between diferent choices for you Oc's Soul Reaper's, Quincy's, Arracars, etc. I do have a basic story line but any help is appreciated. You do not need any knowledge of Bleach to participate. If I get 5 or more people saying yes they want to do this its a RP. If not I won't lose any sleep on it and move to my next idea for a RP. Now I will post it before I lose my nerve (lol).
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  7. Itachilives
    look what i found
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  8. Itachilives
    its 1:07 AM here and I cant sleep lol, im going to regret this tomorrow.
    So I thought i would ask whats up? Whats new?
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  9. Itachilives

    Im back

    I have returned
    Yes it is I itachilives741 other wise known as Axel (got it memorized?).
    Most people don't really know me well as i"m usually in only one part of the site.
    But I will change that starting today
    see ya around
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  10. Itachilives


    Good morning khvids,
    Or good evening as for people behind me in timezones. lol
    Hows everyone doing good, I hope
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  11. Itachilives
    Thank you for everyone who gave me advice on what to do for my 12 month anniversary. I was writing a song for her but the day before are anniversary she broke up with me. Well that's life i guess. :/
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  12. Itachilives
    Thursday is my 1 year anniversary with the love of my life Alex. I did get her a ring (which i gave her early) and a necklace but i want do something else. She is grounded so taking her out to dinner wont work and I thought of writing her a song but i only got 3 days and im not that creative
    Anyone got any ideas? - thanks
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  13. Itachilives
    I noticed something, all i do is stare at one thread and thats no way to make friends.
    So hey people whats up
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  14. Itachilives


    Nice 2 meet u all
    im a axel fan
    and i love anything about kh and i know almost anything about it (trying not to be a show-off lol)
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