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  1. Amber
    After having abandoned my "cookie castle" for over three years, I have finally found my true calling.

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  2. Amber
    A few months ago, I came back to KHV. I was bored and wanted to revisit some old memories. I was an active member again. It felt kind of nice for a time.

    But then reality started to sink in. What was my goal here? To possibly become staff some day? Yeah, I'll admit, that's always been a goal of mine. Heh, I probably just ruined my future chances of ever getting there just by mentioning it out loud. But why did I want to be staff? Was it for the power? Probably not. The validation? Maybe a little. Was it perhaps because I love technology and helping people and believe I would do a kickass job? ... Most likely.

    But I digress. I realized I had no idea why I still visited this website every day. Most of the friends I had on here before are long gone, save for one or two. I wasn't really making any new friends because most people already have their little groups and social structures and I felt like I was intruding upon their little universe. So for the past couple of months, I've felt really awkward and a bit out of place.

    The main reason I'm deciding to leave now is that I start college in a few days, which is going to significantly affect the amount of time I can spend on the internet. So I'm going to stop coming here until I have a better reason to come back.
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  3. Amber
    Can anyone here read/understand Japanese? I want to make sure this means what I want it to mean...


    It's supposed to say "Asahi-Con" as in Asahi (sunrise) and con (convention). Will this work for my purposes, or will it seem offensive to actual Japanese people in some way?
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    Hell yeah. Time to get my kandi ready.
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  5. Amber
    Is it normal for my mom to go out and get beers every night?

    I mean, she only has one or two, and she doesn't come home drunk or angry, so I wouldn't call her an alcoholic, but still. It's become a regular thing lately, and I'm worried.

    We've been having money problems lately. We can barely afford food, and we've been late on several bills. I don't know the full details, because it's not my money, but still, I can tell that we're not doing very well. I'm moving to college in a week, and we still haven't gotten bedding or towels yet. They're always talkiing about how money's so tight and how we can't afford certain things and whatever.

    Today, on our way home from visiting my old anime club, she was wondering out loud, "Should I have a beer at home or go to <bar name>?" I told her she should drink at home to save money. A little bit later, she was like "Oh, but it's happy hour! I can get it half off!" I was silent. "Can't I just have one or two? I wanna hang out with grownups!" I was still silent. Why was she trying to negotiate with me? When we got home, she was like "Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to <bar name>." I got out of the car, and she drove off.

    When I went up to my room, I started crying. Seriously? You can't afford my bedsheets but you can afford to go drinking every night? What a load of BS...

    Should I confront her about my feelings, or just let it be and let my parents manage their own finances?
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  6. Amber
    This is mostly for the older members who like to reminisce about the past. With the new forum, it is much easier to view your entire rep/like history. Unfortunately, it seems the actual messages are lost, but at least you can see what you posted and who liked it!

    Just hover over your name at the top, click "Likes You've Recieved", go to the very last page, and find your first at the bottom of the page. Then post the contents of your post that was liked/repped and try to figure out why that person repped you.

    My first liked/repped post:

    Repped by Jordier0xs0x. I can only guess it was to comfort me in my time of noob.
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  7. Amber
    I am hungry. There is very little food in the house. My dad doesn't get paid until Monday. My mom just borrowed $75 from me to cover the -$14 balance in her account and to go get a couple of beers with some friends. My dad is still at work, leaving my brother and I home alone for the next few hours.

    I find myself really wanting a pizza. So I go to I see an advertisment on the side for the $10 dinner box. Pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, and sauce for $10? Seems like a good deal to me. I click order. It asks me delivery or carryout. I choose delivery. It asks for my address. I put it in.


    I can't drive, nor do I have access to a car.

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  8. Amber

    I have no life.
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  9. Amber
    All that techno playing
    One song that I heard played
    In my head it has stayed
    I have no clue to the track name
    It's driving me insane
    The tune plays through my head
    And this is how it went
    It went
    doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
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  10. Amber
    I think I found one that I kinda like, but I'm a little concerned that it's too... boyish.


    I dunno, what do you guys think?
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  11. Amber
    The article:

    There are no words for how I feel about this right now. This is ridiculous. Aside from the fact that $200 barely covers transportation and/or hotel, this is so disrespectful to the cosplayer in many different ways. I think she summarizes her feelings much better than I ever could:

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  12. Amber

    "Six little eggs on the run
    They f*ck each other three goes
    Boom Dubi Doom
    Watch out be safe so
    Three little eggs had sex
    One win and two explode goes
    Boom Dubi Doom
    Watch out be safe so
    Two little eggs in the sun
    One sleep too long goes boom boom
    Boom Dubi Doom
    The story end with
    One little egg was blind
    Make suicide with pen bomb
    Boom Dubi Doom
    Another story come"
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  13. Amber
    I do sometimes, if it looks interesting.
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  14. Amber
    *goes to clean room*

    *sees ants crawling around*

    ... Haha, no.

    *goes back to being lazy and unproductive*

    *internet is being crappy slow and takes like 10 minutes to post this thread*

    Dammit. *sigh* Guess I have to deal with these ants...

    I don't get it though. There's absolutely no food in my room. They're crawling on some important paperwork, so spraying is not an option. I don't know why they're there, and I don't know how to get rid of them.
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  15. Amber
    Trying to plan out my college classes and whatnot. Help me decide!

    Here's some helpful information:

    -In order to graduate in 4 years, I would have to either:
    --- Take 15 units/semester + 6 units/summer semester
    --- Take 18 units/semester + take summers off

    -In order to graduate in 5 years, I could either:
    --- Take 12 units/semester + 6 units/summer semester
    --- Take 15 units/semester + take summers off

    - I don't do well under stress.
    - My time management skills are iffy.
    - I want to enjoy college; I don't want to have nervous breakdowns due to a heavy courseload like I did in high school.
    - Tuition is per unit, not per semester, so the prices are roughly the same.
    - Financial Aid does not cover summer semesters.
    - I'm planning on having a job and being active in clubs and I'm thinking of being an RA some day because I love helping people. AKA, I will have other time commitments.
    - My mom is really pressuring me to try to do it in 4 years.

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  16. Amber
    ... and sometimes uses me as a test subject.

    My head feels kind of dizzy and I'm starting to notice there is a small amount of lag when I am looking at one object and I switch to the next. I find the experience very interesting.

    I'm obviously not drunk, however, seeing as how I can still type with one hand and I remember to correct any small typoes I may make as I make them. Also by the fact that I'm still wearing pants.

    Just wanted to say that I thought the feeling was interesting. That is all.

    Haha. Pants.
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  17. Amber
    I honestly tried to go to sleep this time, guys. Honest. But now it's 8 in the freaking morning, and while I'm tired enought that I probably could finally fall asleep, I have plans today. Would it be better to just tough it out, or try get a few precious hours of sleep before continuing on with my day?
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  18. Amber


    Just curious. How many of you have ever been to an anime/comic/whatever convention? Which one(s)?

    EDIT: I only stuck this in Spam Zone because I honestly couldn't think of where to put it.
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  19. Amber
    What's the last book you read that wasn't assigned for school?

    Bonus question: What's the last book you read that was assigned for school?

    For me, I believe it was one of my dad's Star Trek books about four or five years ago and Jane Eyre back in May.

    Upon realizing this, I've now decided to stop spending my insomia-filled nights playing Plants vs. Zombies and instead start spending them reading Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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  20. Amber
    "The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail. Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number."

    Seen here at 3:48:

    Sounds like KH3 on a next gen console, to me. Thoughts?
    Thread by: Amber, Aug 1, 2012, 21 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8: Final Chapter Prologue