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  1. Lonely Breeze
    Hello everyone! This is the first poem I'll be posting, enjoy. By the way, please comment if I need improvements or if you like it.

    Just Remember
    The distance overwhelms the both of us now
    You want to see the world, but you don’t know how
    You can travel by car or take the last flight
    Just don’t forget to call me tonight

    Your only worry is where to go
    While behind four walls, time moves so slow
    Sitting by the corner, waiting all alone
    Just don’t forget that I’m waiting back home

    You call me one day, you keep rambling on
    About cultures, histories and times long gone
    You say you love to travel, you say you love it there
    Just don’t forget I’m still saying a prayer

    When you finally come back, you’ve already seen the world
    Though I’d love to listen, I still want to be heard
    I’m glad that you’re happy, but before you go
    Just don’t forget I still love you so
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  2. Lonely Breeze

    Hello :3

    Hello! So, first of all, my name is Kayla. You can call me Kayla or KC. I know, why KC? Well, my last name starts with a C. Anyway, I love music and I write, though I just started to write so forgive me if my writing is horribly wrong. I might post one of my poems, please check it out and see if it's okay.

    I'm very glad I've joined KHV and I hope I can be good friends with you all!
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