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  1. Chie Satonaka
    It's been a really long time since I've posted stuff!

    I wonder if you'll notice how much my style has changed in the past year.

    I also have the others in progress, so please wait for them!

    Check out the rest of my pixiv and please rate/bookmark if you have an account. Thank you!
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  2. Chie Satonaka
    HI EVERYONE!! It's been a while since I've been on here. I was bored so I decided to check out what's going on here. It's been, what, a year or something?

    Heh heh.

    Anyways, to the people I've talked to in the past, I'm back. And to the people I'll meet, it's nice to meet you!
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  3. Chie Satonaka
    It's been a while again~

    This time, i'm posting some doodles i drew during my trip. I scanned these sketches and edited them on Photoshop, or colored them on Paint Tool SAI.

    Just click on the image to open the whole thing.

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  4. Chie Satonaka
    Chie here~~

    Long time no see (again... orz)

    This time, it's a lineart of the five boys from Free! (aka the swimming anime)

    i drew the three friends who stuck together. rei is walking towards the three because he is going to join the swim club. rin is walking away from his childhood friends all alone.

    i really like this anime with the fanservice( >__< kya~ ) AS WELL as the interactions between the characters.

    i'm also starting a pencil sketch of another poster for Free! it's a two page spread of the five boys as well as Gou-- i mean Kou-chan. (LOL) i'm planning on drawing them in more casual (?) swimsuits, like not their competition swimsuits. Kou-chan as well~ (she's so kawaii~~<3)

    Please look forward to the finished work, as well as the next project!! ^__^

    Thanks for looking! CnC is much appreciated, as well as ratings and bookmarks (if you have a pixiv account - if not, that's okay!)
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  5. Chie Satonaka

    Brothers Conflict is based off a Japanese light novel. The concept was created by Atsuko Kanase, and the novel was written by Takeshi Mizuno and was illustrated by Udajo.

    The basic story line - Ema (the heroine) moves into the Sunrise Residence complex after her dad marries a famous fashion designer. The complex is owned by the designer, and all the residents are her sons. THIRTEEN OF THEM. So, Ema suddenly has 13 new step-brothers, ranging from 30 years old to 10 years old. (I wonder what has the designer been doing....)

    Of course, this novel is being adapted into a PSP dating sim (I WANT IT!!!! >.<). I still haven't read the novels, so I hope the anime will be good.

    So, to commemorate this, I'm challenging myself to draw a pic of everyone, in order from oldest to youngest, and the last day will be the heroine.

    I will keep updating on this post, so please look forward to my drawings!


    First up is Masaomi. He's a 30-year-old pediatrician who loves eating candy.

    It's on pixiv as usual.....

    Please CnC as usual~~

    *i finally figured out how they do the coloring so prettily~~ ''''ORZ
    tip: use the water tool in on some of the shadows to blur it instead of the airbrush or blur tool. go perpendicular to the side you want to smudge, pulling out the darker color, rather than smudging it parallel.
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  6. Chie Satonaka
    Chie again~

    It's my goal to draw something everyday this month...

    Kay so here are the links to the works on Pixiv.

    Shinya Kougami - LINK

    Makishima Shougo - LINK

    I drew these two on the same day earlier this week. (It's the post date on Pixiv) Kougami in the morning and Makishima in the afternoon.

    I used the airbrush tool and it looks like I used Copics.... LOL

    I feel like I drew Kougami better than Makishima (probably cuz I like Kougami better--*shot*) Yeah... I tend to work harder on characters I like better... orz

    Anyways, please comment as usual. And anything I can do to get better?

    Oh BTW these two are a wallpaper set. you can use them if you want~~ (i'd be really happy if you used them!!) just let me know in the post if you used it~~ thank you~
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  7. Chie Satonaka


    this was for my desktop of my new laptop... Felt like drawing the three main boys from Karneval (the Tsundere, the Man-Child, and the Half-human LOL) BTW Tsundere is Gareki (the guy in pink, cuz pink is a manly color), Man-Child is Yogi, (the blonde guy with a dark side to him), and the Half-human is Nai (silver-haired kawaii shota).

    I used the colors from the anime, using the dropper tool. I used the pen tool for the base color, and the marker tool on another layer with the "Fringe" effect on.

    How is it?

    PS - to fans of Yogi, please don't kill me. the first version i uploaded, i forgot his allergy patch ''orz I'm sorry >__<
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  8. Chie Satonaka


    Hey KHV,

    Even though i'm still kinda a newbie here, I think i'm gonna stop by less and less. I don't know what to do here anymore... I'm satisfied having a pixiv to post my art, and I can still talk to my friends over Skype and stuff. I don't know... It's just starting to get a bit boring here (sorry!!!)

    I'll still drop by every once in a while when I'm bored, but probably not as often as before.

    See you!
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  9. Chie Satonaka
    It's been a while (once again)....
    I've done some sketches these couple of months. I finally scanned the best ones.
    They're pencil sketches and I'm working on the digitally colored versions of some of them right now. I don't know how long it will take, but I will update here, since I plan to post lots of stuff.
    If you want, check out my Pixiv. I post the better things on here.
    Here is the album.
    I'm not posting these on Pixiv just yet. Maybe I will post them with the final copy...
    Oh right! Please CnC~~ Just put the name of the piece and any comments~~ I appreciate feedback on anything that I need to improve, or change.
    Thanks guys~~
    Please look forward to my next updates~~~

    BTW - Links are located on the underlined and bolded words...

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  10. Chie Satonaka
    This is a pic i drew for TotM #8. Just wanted to post it here so more people can see it. A million layers for this project....


    It was inspired by episode 3 of Uta no Prince-sama! season 2. Syo (the guy in the pic) was playing in this action drama, where his character needed to jump across a half broken bridge in one of the scenes. He didn't want to use a stunt double to prove that he was not a newbie, but couldn't do it in the beginning. In the end, with his friends' help and encouragement, he was able to make the jump.

    So how is it? CnC is appreciated~~
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  11. Chie Satonaka
    It's Chie~~

    Drew a pic of Gareki and Yogi from Karneval (カーニヴァル). OMG THESE TWO ARE ADORABLE(≧∇≦)
    I'm coloring it in right now on the computer, so I will post it when I'm done!

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  12. Chie Satonaka
    So i'm trying to code a visual novel right now.... . I'm a total beginner in programming so please help....

    I'm doing the text in Japanese and this message keeps showing up when i try starting the game -

    'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xff in position 0: invalid start byte

    what does it mean and how do i fix it?

    i've followed the instructions on the renpy documentation, but it's not working.... i saved it as a unicode (UTF-8) and also tried putting 'u' in front of the quote as they told me too. still didn't work....

    please help me! >__<''

    I really want to finish this soon!

    if you need any more information, just let me know and i'll post it here.
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  13. Chie Satonaka
    I think I posted the lineart or sketch version here somewhere a LOOOONNG time ago... I finally colored it! -__-;

    Other than my terrible pencil-crayoning, how is it?


    This is the reason why I stick with digital art.... (-__-);;;;;
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  14. Chie Satonaka


    Hey guys~

    Still on an on/off hiatus, but I thought I would drop by and say hi since I have some time.

    So what did I miss? (probably not a lot, but....)
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  15. Chie Satonaka
    I feel like taking a break from KHV... I don't know for how long exactly, but I'll still check in occasionally. I just want to focus on my own projects and work and stuff....

    Sorry to the members that I had something for... I'm not going to be able to finish them...

    Aright then. Good bye and I'll see you again, everyone.

    You guys were really good people to me~

    I'll miss ya all!
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  16. Chie Satonaka
    Congratulations! You have cordially been invited to join the Shadow Operatives. We are a group of people who have dedicated our lives to hunting the demons known asShadows. Only those who have awakened their Personas – the dark part of your soul, or even your “true self” if you’d like – can fight shadows, whether it be in Tartarus or inside the, er, TV World. Please confirm that you would like to be a part of our group; it’s much easier if we know we can contact you should the need arise. Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck in whatever you choose.
    Misturu Kirijo
    Hello, and welcome to the Shadow Hunters! As you can see, we are a group of ordinary people who have uncovered an extraordinary gift – the gift of a Persona.

    Don’t be alarmed, we welcome all types here: rowdy high school students (WE ARE LIVING OUR LIVES), ace detectives (ABOUND WITH SO MUCH INFORMATION), bears (SNOOPING ‘ROUND TOWN WILL GET YOU NOWHERE), heirs to a major company (YOU’RE LOCKED UP IN YOUR MIND); you name it, we take it!

    Now, there are certain rules you have to follow if you want to be a part of all this, so listen up (unless of course you want to embarrass yourself in front of all of your peers).

    · First and foremost, you MUST have access to a Persona. Now ordinarily you would be able to make a contract for yourself in the Velvet Room or unlock your powers with some help from allies, but since this is not the case, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE NAME OF SOMEONE WHO HAS ALREADY CONQUERED THEIR PERSONA. We’re not prejudiced though, so it can be from any entry in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Not just the ever popular P3 FES/Portable and P4/Golden! However ONCE A CHARACTER IS TAKEN, THAT’S THAT; NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS (much to Teddie’s dismay) about it.

    · Remember that KHV is a website based on a CHILDREN’S VIDEO GAME! Despite the fact that these games are for a mature audience, you can’t just curse like a madman. Pleasetry to keep it PG-13 so the staff don’t have to get on anyone’s case, or even shut us down. Should the need arise, one of us will take action and BAN YOU FROM THE FAMILY, so think before you post kids; no hasty decisions (“BURN MAI DREAAAD MUDAFUKAZ!!111!!!”)

    · Other than that, have fun. Anyone and everyone is welcome here, so please try to be nice to new members. If you have a personal quarrel with them, please leave it outside of this thread or even try to settle it. Trust me, it’ll make everything easier on the rest of us.
    Chie Satonaka - Chie Satonaka (P4)
    Cat~ - Naoto Shirogane (P4)
    Plums – Rise Kujikawa (P4)
    Cherry Berry – Yukiko Amagi (P4)
    cse2311 – Ken Amada (P3)
    K3YBL4D3 KHIGHT – Undecided
    Hayato - Minato (P3)
    thank Cat~ for the OP <3
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  17. Chie Satonaka

    i'm seeing a whole bunch of people from Inaba~~

    Naoto, Kanji, Narukami, Yukiko...

    anyone interested?
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  18. Chie Satonaka
    heys~~ me again.

    so here's a project that i did very quickly. just got a lineart of yoshino takigawa and mahiro fuwa from Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest - Civilization Blaster)... love these two~~

    coloured using SAI and tried imitating the original artist's style with the blush. i did three different copies. can you tell what i changed? (it's easy) which one lookst he best?
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  19. Chie Satonaka
    Heyooo! Chie here. (again. >-<)

    So this is a project I'm working on... gonna take forever but, not gonna give up (ganbarimasu!)

    just coloured the skin and hair of most of the characters... needing some help on clothing colours~~ (cuz there's like 14 people in this.... gah...

    so, um, if you feel like it, can ya suggest some colours for their outfits? like what would look good, of course.

    for the two not coloured yet, approximate colours -

    messy-haired guy: silver-ish hair
    spiky short-haired guy - yellow orange hair

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  20. Chie Satonaka


    Yah!! Now I can see my bishounen more <3 *ahem* i mean watch their fights and enjoy the VOICE ACTING OF EVERYONE~~~~~~
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