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    I joined here in 2016 but was part of since 2010. Some of us transferred here when it died. Wonder how everyone's doin'...
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    Heyo welcome backo!
    Post by: Solana, Jun 6, 2019 in forum: Introductions & Departures
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    Profile Post Comment

    new phone who dis

    new phone who dis
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    bad guy - Billie Eilish
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    i'd give it a hell yeah bruddah
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    Whenever I play checkers and I get my checker to the otherside of the checkerboard, I slam that checker down and yell "CHECKMATE, KING ME, ******" and thus I say checkmate for both checkers and chess.
    Post by: Solana, Apr 17, 2019 in forum: Debate Corner
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    Let the nostalgia flooow
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    Do any of y'all know me
    Status Update by Solana, Apr 17, 2019
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    Hey so like I float a lot and I come on here and see A LOT (well, all) of names I do not recognize......

    Do any of you know me? I'm Solana, or Julia, but have been consistently Solana for like the past 5 years on Kingdom Hearts forums that have merged into each other.

    So like.... Do any of you know me? Do I know you? Do you want to know me (probs not but I'm great on Minecraft and stuff) and I like Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts and I'm good at math and I'm pretty boring so

    lookin' fo frends or suga daddies
    Thread by: Solana, Nov 7, 2017, 4 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
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  12. Solana
    To the left to the left
    I'm like... a liberal libertarian.
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    wat is

    Hi my name is Solana and I was just wondering um

    WHAT IN THE BURST OF RETURN IS THIS. I guess I have been gone a long time because things are looking different, change of colors, there are actually many recent posts, and for some reason I suddenly don't recognize the staff names or ANY of the names that have been online recently.

    So like, what is going on? Who are you people? Or did y'all just get a name change



    Thread by: Solana, Apr 28, 2017, 3 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  14. Solana
    Both are trash, go to Papa John's. I'd say you should have Vocelli's but that's just a Maryland pizza thang.
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    Circle of Life- Carmen Twillie, Lebo M.
    Post by: Solana, Feb 4, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  16. Solana
    Can't you just Google the song title to guess the game?
    Post by: Solana, Feb 4, 2017 in forum: The Playground
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    Math Help

    What math course is this?
    Post by: Solana, Oct 26, 2016 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    You're in Maine, huh? Maine is a beautiful state. I can't stand Governor Lepage, though... Didn't he tell the people of Maine that if enough people asked him to resign that he would resign? I heard he got thousands of letters and emails and phone calls asking him to resign but lo and behold, he is still Governor.

    I actually think that third parties should be free to join the election and I wish that the third party candidates would get as much as airtime as the Democratic and Republican candidates. Stein and Johnson are good choices and I believe that Johnson has (or had, I'm not sure how his recent mishaps like naming a foreign leader he appreciates or "What is Aleppo?" has effected his polls) enough people backing him that he should be taken into serious consideration and be allowed to debate with Clinton and Trump.

    Part of the reason why I think third party candidates don't make it far in the election seasons is because major news networks don't talk about them enough, so avid news-watchers don't know that there are other possibilities besides Republican or Democrat.
    Post by: Solana, Oct 8, 2016 in forum: Debate Corner
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    Did anyone see that video that was leaked about Trump's lewd comments about women behind the scenes? What he called "locker room banter"? The man is ridiculous. I am 110% anti-Trump. I can see why people want to vote for him (like being sick of politicians) but how can anyone stand behind him after all the rude, disrespectful, barbaric, childish things he has said.

    It wasn't until this election that I realized how hate-filled the United States actually is. It baffles me that there are so many people backing up Trump and his ideas about banning groups of people because of their heritage or religion as well as his plan to push back all current illegal immigrants and the building of the wall.

    I can't 100% back Clinton. I'd take Johnson over any of the other choices but I know he isn't going to make it. Clinton is a safe choice.
    Post by: Solana, Oct 8, 2016 in forum: Discussion
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