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  1. Rho
    A cartoon called The 99, which is coming to Hub (formerly Discovery Kids) in January is already getting protested by anti-Islamic dickheads.

    From what I gather, it's about Muslim teenage superheroes.
    Thread by: Rho, Oct 23, 2010, 7 replies, in forum: Current Events
  2. Rho

    Guess bad things do happen in Canada after all

    Hang the *******. Plain and simple.
    Having religious beliefs is one thing, but KILLING A CHILD over them is absolutely ridiculous.
    Thread by: Rho, Oct 13, 2010, 10 replies, in forum: Current Events
  3. Rho
    ..Hey there, Sarkozy... your country is most at risk right now, y'know.
    Post by: Rho, Oct 6, 2010 in forum: Current Events
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    Alright, so per your "logic" (if it can even be called that), if say, a 14 year old girl was just minding her own business then some loser who can't get laid consentually decides to rape her, and she's impregnated, she's supposed to just go through even MORE pain and trauma? Are you shitting me? First you get raped, then you have to go through pregnancy, at an early age as well!? Just because "O LOL IT'S MURDER DERP"? That's just plain stupid and sadistic. Make the girl go through 9 months of pregnancy, go through the pain of giving birth so early, then unless they gave it up for adoption, having to completely rewrite your future plans.

    A fetus technically isn't a human being. It's one in development. It's like writing a story and such for a movie plot and going "there, that's a movie."
    If it's needed, then damn straight abortion should be legal. Try thinking of the actual human beings here, people.
    Post by: Rho, Oct 6, 2010 in forum: Debate Corner
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    Ahh, Canada. The real free country.
    Post by: Rho, Oct 3, 2010 in forum: Current Events
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    France is definitely at a HUGE risk right now for a terrorist attack. Any day now we could hear about an attack in Paris, and Obama will without a doubt call for aid immediately and whoever is responsible will pretty much be ****ed.
    Post by: Rho, Oct 3, 2010 in forum: Current Events
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  8. Rho
    Favorite: Soul Eater(kim x jacqueline ftw), Haruhi Suzumiya, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop

    Least: Lucky Star
    Post by: Rho, Jul 23, 2010 in forum: Anime and Manga
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    I can't stand watching subbed anime, so yes.
    Post by: Rho, Jul 4, 2010 in forum: Anime and Manga
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    Lucky Star was filled with references only a select few would get. K-On however could potentially do well in America if handled well, considering how well shows like Glee, Victorious, etc. do here. Hence why I think FUNimation should have gotten this series, because they seem to handle their licenses very well.

    Even if Bandai just uses the English dub made in Singapore, it shouldn't be a sub-only release.
    Post by: Rho, Jul 2, 2010 in forum: Anime and Manga
  12. Rho
    And it might not get a dub >_>

    If it doesn't, Bandai = idiots
    Thread by: Rho, Jul 2, 2010, 19 replies, in forum: Anime and Manga
  13. Rho
    If it was an anime, it would be made by the studio BONES and would be dubbed by FUNimation, most likely.
    Post by: Rho, Jun 27, 2010 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  14. Rho
    It's a movie voucher, not a movie disc for the PSP
    Post by: Rho, Jun 23, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  15. Rho
    And this is why religion is such crap. Stuff like this.

    Religion just has no benefits. It just causes more violence and hatred. Hopefully in like 500 years or so, mankind will have evolved past the point of relying on religion, wether it is Christianity, or Atheism, or Buddhism, or whatever. Only in a world without religion can we realistically hope for a world with total peace. Especially when it comes to violent ones, like Muslims. (I'm aware not all Muslims are violent)

    -ahem- Anyway..
    There's just no reason why it should be treated at the same level as sex or stuff like that when it comes to little kids knowing about it. People just need to realize that they're in 2010 now, and it's not something unusual anymore.

    I was told for several years when I was younger that a gay person was "a man who dresses like a woman". :/

    Not just iCarly, but Victorious as well (with one character having a confirmed full-on gay family member). Then again, Dan can get pretty much ANYTHING into his shows.

    No way in hell that's real.

    1) Not even Sarah Palin could be that stupid.
    2) It's Uganda. How the HELL would they have a laptop like that?
    3) Again. Look at that room, look at the stuff there, look at how poor Uganda is.
    Post by: Rho, Jun 23, 2010 in forum: Debate Corner
  16. Rho
    I just wish it included a case for the PSP..
    Post by: Rho, Jun 22, 2010 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  17. Rho
    And watch, in common sexism in trials, the woman will get a lesser punishment.
    Post by: Rho, Jun 22, 2010 in forum: Current Events
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    More information is pouring in on this title, so why not drift the discussion of it out of the Coded board since we don't have a General KH board here, and make one for KH3D?
    Post by: Rho, Jun 22, 2010 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    Not really sure what you meant there, but if there were to be a live-action film (not all game films are bad... from what I've heard, Prince of Persia was really good..and that was a Disney film. Which a KH one would be as well), Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc. would be played by real people while most Disney characters would inevitably be animated in (except for human ones like Hercules and Aladdin)


    What if Tim Burton made a KH film? Plot could be about the world being swallowed by darkness or whatever, and it'd fit his style perfectly.
    Post by: Rho, Jun 22, 2010 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  20. Rho
    I'm completely straight, but this bugs me.. why do so many people think homosexuality is a taboo subject? Lots of people won't tell their kids about it until they're old enough for "the talk", and in kids/family shows, people get angered when there's a moment on the border of homosexuality (i.e I saw a comment about an iCarly episode where two girls kiss lip-to-lip by some mother who was angered that the scene was there. And if it was a guy and a girl, she'd probably be fine with it.. bigot)

    Why is this considered so taboo? It shouldn't be treated any different than heterosexuality is. Makes no sense.
    Thread by: Rho, Jun 22, 2010, 43 replies, in forum: Debate Corner