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    Look at his reply:

    "I said the same exact thing I said here but you deleted it."
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    It's just talking man. I'm conveying ideas. It's not a speech. I'm still very interested in what your reply would be to the points I made in my last post though. Here is the comment you made:

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    When you're trying your best, creating content and especially content that is aiming to achieve something monumental and is against what most people weren't even thinking of in the first place it's a daunting task. It takes a lot of time to formulate everything when people, at first, won't agree with me every single day until I make the last set of videos I mentioned in the video above; so for someone one day to come to a video I've made on my channel and say all my videos are useless, I'm sorry, it's not about being hurt. It's about being disrespected. That's the one thing in this life I will not tolerate...being disrespected. That's why I deleted it. I'm sorry if that offended you. Again I still want to know your thoughts on everything I said though. It's the thing I'm asking from keep an open mind and try to look at Kingdom Hearts for what it is...a collaboration and to then notice that it never collaborated with any of the creators involved with creating all of these things involved in the first place...the people that define all these experiences. That's not necessarily Square Enix's fault but more Disney. Like I said before they have the means [money] to make everything I'm saying happen it's just that they need to see Kingdom Hearts has incredible potential to really support it which it has always had.
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    I'm sorry but when you come onto my videos and tell me, "Why are you making these useless videos" don't come to me in this forum and say that you aren't hating or at the very least posting unnecessary negative comments. I had other drafts of my previous post that perfectly sum up your reply here; one of the things I said in that post was that I knew the future because I knew what your reply would be saying before you posted it here. When people don't know what they're missing they will continue to be content until you 'show' them which is what I'm working on right now. You and people that are already just content with Kingdom Hearts aren't looking at Kingdom Hearts objectively for the quality of its execution and how important that is. More importantly that way of thinking isn't looking out or caring, frankly, for what's best for Kingdom Hearts. Maybe in the end you still won't want to do that but the fact of the matter is, is that the experience Kingdom Hearts goes for, like I've said in many other places doesn't stand the test of time. I involved a saying before in my last post that I ended up removing put will put here which replies to your though about me making my own "Magical" or "Perfect" Kingdom Hearts. "There's no such thing as perfect, but there is such a thing as doing the best that can be done." I'm not making 'my' perfect Kingdom Hearts. I'm trying to make people see the best Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts can be transcends to another level entirely; not only that but that Kingdom Hearts at its best easily becomes the next worldwide phenomenon. The funny thing about this situation is that you, and other people on this page reading this post, will most likely still not look at the fact that Kingdom Hearts is a platform doing TWO things. NOT ONE. Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between multiple franchises. When we go to a Disney world we do two things, which you and many others still fail to see, RELIVE Disney experiences directly from the movies and are told a new story. Kingdom Hearts is not JUST telling it's own story there. That's what you and others need to see, and what they delivered when it came to reliving the Disney experience does not cut it like I said before. If Kingdom Hearts is doing it's own thing it wouldn't be going to more Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts. If it was doing its own thing it wouldn't be involving: Under the Sea, This Is Halloween, He's A Pirate, Beauty and the Beast, Winnie the Pooh, ect. when it comes to the music of various Disney worlds. It wouldn't be reliving story directly from the movies in EACH Disney world we go to if it was just 'doing it's own thing'. Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration which many Kingdom Hearts fans have seem to forgot. They don't think Disney is a big part of Kingdom Hearts or they don't like it and that's because of the quality of it's execution/representation along with an lack of understanding by many fans and possibly the developers on what makes these worlds these worlds. Which is why I talked, and continue to talk, about the necessity of original Disney creators [composers, actors, actresses, ect.]. There's a difference between adding to experiences and defining them. Kingdom Hearts deserves BOTH. That's what I'm saying with this project. You aren't losing anything with it, we're adding what's missing but the important part is most people don't know what's missing. I'm the one, in most of the conversations I have about this project, that has actually looked back at the entire series, game by game, objectively for what it is to come to a realization that the quality of the handling of all of these things is unacceptable and doesn't hold up. Kingdom Hearts doesn't want to be magical? Ummm...ok. It's own meaning and direction? Yes, it has it's story to tell which I love the foundation of but what you, and many others, need to remember is there is another side of Kingdom Hearts that is not being cared for when it IS a part of the experience. It has it's own meaning and direction with the new story Kingdom Hearts wants to tell but Kingdom Hearts aims to also be a platform to relive those Disney experiences. Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration. It's not JUST "doing its own thing. It's a collaboration that's not collaborating.

    It seem, as of right now, you'll continue to be content with things. Which, when everything is all said and done, is fine for you because that's your choice. Me? I'm not ok with having something be done and just be "Ok" or "Fine". Everything anyone does in this life should be done to the best of their abilities. Things that achieve greatness, like how Kingdom Hearts definitely can, are never "Ok" or "Fine". Like I said before the people at Square Enix, which I respect, gave the execution that we have. It's not only that I don't like the execution but the execution, when you objectively look at it, isn't's lackluster. Again that last part right there is the exact part that most people, like you just did before with my last post, will ignore. I mean nothing but respect to you and anyone else that I engage with on this journey I'm taking with this personal project of mine. Take another look at the series objectively and tell me what you see...objectively. Love it for what it was striving to do but look at it for what it did/is. The concept of Kingdom Hearts is the diamond in the rough that we all fight for, you and me. The execution is the rough part. We need to help this diamond shine as bright as it can because what it can 'really' achieve is something I wholeheartedly believe will be the next worldwide phenomenon. I don't, personally, want to work at Square Enix. I might want to collaborate with them at some point in the future because they have great people there, but like I've said since the beginning of my channel and project on YouTube and will continue to say, the Disney company 'can' do what is necessary to make this happen. They 'have' what is necessary to make all of this happen and trust me they've made bigger investments that are already giving them the return they were hoping for...Marvel & Lucas Films [collective $8,000,000,000 acquisition]. Square Enix doesn't have enough money to fully realize it but Disney does. Like I've also stated before in another conversation pertaining to this project when The Walt Disney Company see's a really big and worthwhile opportunity in something that's when you see them taking not only the necessary steps but the right steps to make that amazing opportunity a reality and more importantly make it the best it can be so there investment will be worth it.
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    Why a reboot? The answer lies in looking at what Kingdom Hearts was going for and what it delivered. It did not do a good job with its delivery/presentation/representation of Disney. This is where people would get angry with me but look at what Kingdom Hearts did objectively and with an open heart to understand why I say the things I say like we need a reboot. We relive Disney experiences directly from the Disney movies and are told new stories from Kingdom Hearts together. We can capture telling a new story with the Kingdom Hearts creators because what they do defines Kingdom Hearts but we can not capture the magic of the Disney experiences when the Disney creators aren't involved because, likewise, they define all of those Disney experiences and like I said before we are experiencing both Disney and Kingdom Hearts. It's like not having Yoko Shimomura composing Kingdom Hearts. It won't really be Kingdom Hearts musically anymore. It would lose what it means to be Kingdom Hearts because that's missing. New composers can add to the music but one truly defines it. Really imagine what it would be like if she wasn't there. Don't just read these words...imagine if that was the case. Go listen to her music while thinking of that. We would all be outraged...and rightly so. Another example is like not having John Williams composing Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Look at what they're doing with that movie. Star Wars Episode 7 is the next step in the story...the next episode; it's the same universe so having John Williams composing is the right choice because he defines Star Wars and what he delivers is magical. Well, parallel that to what we are doing in Kingdom Hearts. Reliving Disney experiences and telling a new story. Like how what John Williams creates for Star Wars is magical, and what Yoko Shimomura creates for Kingdom Hearts is magical, the same exact thing applies to the Disney composers along with what the original actors and landscapes bring. They define each of these experiences. Have them each do what they do best, harmonizing together within each Kingdom Hearts game, which equates to truly collaborating, and it will create the best experiences you could ever wish for. Understanding this reboot means to understand what really makes these experiences, these experiences [Kingdom Hearts, Disney, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, anything]; For this series it's being able to see what you didn't know/think was missing.

    There is a saying that matters to every creator striving to achieve greatness and it's very simple: "What you create either delivers or it doesn't." Kingdom Hearts, with the 'Kingdom Hearts side' of the series, delivered a foundation showing its potential evident by the fans that are passionate for it to be worthy of the support needed to fully realize the experience it has been going for; bringing in the missing Disney elements [composers, all the actors, ect.] that define each world that are necessary for the experience not just wanted. That's why a reboot is needed because what Kingdom Hearts could achieve since the first game, even if the people working on it or the people playing it didn't know, is something that no other franchise could: Every Disney fans wish and dream come true. It's specifically Kingdom Hearts that can achieve that and nothing else. It can impact the world in a way none of us have ever seen and will never forget. You only experience something for the first time once which applies to all of those Disney worlds and experiences. It's a situation where 'the experience Kingdom Hearts was/is going for' achieves something that has never been achieved before for Disney and achieving that experience, succeeding, will bring Kingdom Hearts to the top of the world. Has an impact that will take the world by storm. It's realizing 'The Opportunity' we have here with this amazing series. If you really care about the series as a whole you can't leave all of the worlds executed like they were/are and just leave it to Kingdom Hearts 3 to get it right once even if it was to get it right. It's best for the series to go back and get it right in a reboot from the beginning [with power of next-gen, best choices/execution, ect.] because getting it right has Kingdom Hearts achieving the quintessential Disney experience which doesn't exist yet rendering it the franchise that brought to life the experience that the entire world has always wanted to experience...going to the worlds on the other side of the movie screen from the animated Disney movies that the entire world has fallen in love with over the decades which like I've said before is what Kingdom Hearts was going for but didn't achieve. To be there we had to understand what makes these worlds what they are and since that's the original creators, who were never brought back to collaborate, while knowing that achieving the experience Kingdom Hearts was going for, but didn't with the current series, achieves the quintessential Disney experience that's why you reboot. We really need to give Kingdom Hearts what it needs to fully realize it's concept. It's the most important thing in the world for Disney which is exactly why Disney will support it. What people misinterpret as disrespect when I critique the series is the exact opposite. I mean nothing but respect because all the things I'm doing/saying are for what's best for the Kingdom Hearts series. Continue to hate on the project if you want but if you do know that it won't stop me. Have a good day.
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    You guys get to decide what characters will be included in banners for my social media sites. In these banners, everything involved will be presented in the look the reboot is going for. The banner for my YouTube channel is first. Watch the video below to get all of the details.

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    Here is episode 3 of my Pitch Playthrough which is unveiling my final project 'I've Told You, Now I'm Going To Show You'. I ask for some feedback at the end of the video so leave a comment on the video telling me what you think. I hope you enjoy!

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    Pitch Playthrough Episode 1:

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    Here is my Soundscapes video. In this video we take a look at the sounds of the worlds we all know and love. We find out the effect each composer has with their composing [Disney & Kingdom Hearts] and why it is necessary to have both. Check it out!

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    I wasn't taking personal shots when I posted this video. hatok began that himself within this conversation. I'm not looking for trouble. I just want people to have a level headed, mature, and intellectual conversation about the Kingdom Hearts series/franchise.
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    The position my project has on the series requires patience from people. The exact thing that Kingdom Hearts fans are not known for. It's Disney's franchise, Square Enix develops it. Disney owns the rights and can do what they want with it. You try and formulate videos with even an ounce of the hard work I put into my videos and see how difficult it is. Formulating concepts and talking points to change the minds of many. Making this re-envisinonig was going to be difficult. It was going to take a lot of work which I knew when I started this entire thing but its worth all of that work. . .all of that effort. Square Enix should have fought harder for the money that each game in the franchise needed and deserved/deserves. I look at what was achievable back then and see what Kingdom Hearts brought to the table. Other games were giving perfectly synced 3-dimensional animations throughout the entirety of the game. Some of those games came out before the first Kingdom Hearts like Jak and Daxter which came out a year before the first Kingdom Hearts game. They can make CGI rendered intro's, endings, and secret endings or put money into having those be created and can't put that into, I don't know, scenes and animations in the game we are going to be playing? Thats mismanaging or misuse of your money/budget. I'm not saying I know everything but the same goes for you. You can't add more money? Really? Please read that to yourself again. Its called an investment. Disney acquiring Marvel and Lucas Arts for $8 BILLION together is quite a sum of money. Do you think Disney went into that business deal having the mindset of "you're not guaranteed to actually make that money back. . ." because if you do you need to re-examine it all again until you see what actually happened and what happens with any business deal like that. They dished out that amount of money because they knew they were going to get that money back and then start profiting big time. Its an investment which is exactly what the re-envisioning of the Kingdom Hearts series is. It is an investment that is worth it in every way [money, time, ect.]. "Making an account just to advertise your stuff?" Don't come at me with an idiotic accusation like that. You're not me and you don't know why I made this account. You want to talk about lame look at your own comment. Look at what my actions would accomplish for Kingdom Hearts. What comes from your actions? Nothing. You aren't adding anything relevant to the conversation whatsoever. If you listened to my video you would have heard that I said "Equal the level of quality and beauty of animated movies". Look at Destiny, The Last of Us, Batman Arkham Knight, Far Cry 4, ect. This next generation of gaming is bringing in a whole new experience to gaming.
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    Here is another video I made for my re-envsioning project. I have more videos on the way. This video particularly focuses on executions more than anything. Let me know what you guys and gals think! Have a great day!

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