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  1. Umiyuri Papaeyra

    Type of video: Music Video.
    Song used: Hikari - Rising Sun Rock Remix (CarboHydroM).
    Source videos used: Intros to KH1, KH2 and BBS.
    Random additional stuff: This video uses long cuts rather than short cuts. Mostly on the KH2 intro, because Rising Sun actually syncs PERFECTLY. Seriously. Now if only that video was in a higher quality...

    Merry Christmas~
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  2. Umiyuri Papaeyra
    You know something I've noticed?

    Whenever I've seen animation discussed on the internet, especially by the 'smart' crowd (which essentially translates to the people who use grammatically-correct English and so get all huffy about) and even on animation blogs, and even on this site where we really should know better, I've noticed a huge trend.

    Apparently, CG animation automatically means bad writing, bad jokes and 'snarky' dialogue, while traditional animation means heart and care and all these wonderful wonderful things that 'they just can't do anymore because they're idiots and we're smart but of course we're going to just sit here and complain and b*tch and snicker about it instead of trying to do something like really smart people'.

    Yes, all the bad traits of recent animated movies have been dumped onto the animation style. And I just find it bloody ridiculous.

    So I'm gonna explain a few things right now.

    1) CG animation is "always used for low-budget cartoon films with bad scripts".
    Indeed, low-budget. The thing about computer technology is, it's not just gotten better graphically, but it's also gotten cheaper. What was so much dearer than traditional animation fifteen years ago is now so cheap anybody can do in their own home without training. It's not that CG influences bad writing, but that the low budget calls for CG because other methods of animation are too expensive, and that lack of budget is also responsible for the bad script, and guess which came first? Incidentally, the films with low budgets can be spotted just from their trailers. The animation is undetailed and the lighting usually flat. But seriously, rewind time and this kind of film was produced with traditional animation as well.

    2) Traditional animation "has heart".
    This is a trend started by Disney, of course. Low-budget traditionally-animated films owe all their bad and annoying points to various Disney characters and settings. They tend to be overloaded with sugar, with cutesy talking animals and magic and love and all those things while trying to actually have heart, which is nothing the animation style can do on its own. If you need me to actually give examples of low-budget films like this, try watching Ferngully, The Swan Princess and The Pebble and the Penguin.

    3) CG animation "has no heart because it's snarky and full of pop culture references".
    This trend was started by the original Shrek film, I believe, which did it well. And even then, that was going off a theme set by Hercules, which did it so-so. (Incidentally, both of those films have plots with 'heart' in them, which overpower the snark and parody.) But you shouldn't blame it on the animation style - nearly everything produced in the twenty-first century has these 'smart' undertones, likely because of the whole 'realistic dialogue' thing they're trying to get at. Because people in real life do snark and they don't try to pretend that brands don't exist. The thing is, like a lovey-dovey traditional animation plot, it's very hard to get right, but film-makers don't care either way when they're trying to make money.

    4) Traditional animation is "better because the animators actually care about what they're making, while CG animators just click buttons and the computer does all the work".
    Of course, both of them require a lot of work from the animators. Traditional animation can be considered easier for people to just pick up because absolutely everything is just drawn onto the page and quite easy to edit, plus there's only two dimensions, so movement is easy to animate. With CG, however, to create a decent bit of animation involves wrestling with a computer, and the only bit the computer does automatically is playback (for checking that an animation has been done correctly) and rendering (turning a clip into smoothed images that are then merged into film). The reason traditional animation actually costs so much is the paper - one mistake and you're buying more of it. But a computer can just delete a bad frame with a click.

    5) "Audiences much prefer 2D to 3D. Look, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer got more people watching than Shrek the Halls! Isn't that proof enough for you?"
    (Yes, this stupid comment was on an animation blog, and apparently took a long time for somebody to give a correct answer to, which was then immediately rebuked.) First off, that Rudolph animation is stop-motion animation, so it's more akin to CG than it is to traditional. Second, what families watch on television is often delegated by what parents think is more appropriate for their children, and usually this translates into 'what I watched as a kid'. Obviously, Shrek the Halls only came out a couple of years ago, and Rudolph's been around for decades. It's got nothing to do with the animation style whatsoever.

    6) Common misconceptions about animation.
    Animation is a process of film-making, not a genre of film.
    Animation is, obviously, not a genre specifically for children.
    Not all animation is Disney.
    Anime and animation are actually the same thing. They're the same word.
    If you really insist on telling me 'Pixar is the same as Disney', then call ABC, Miramax, Touchstone and ESPN 'Disney' as well. I bet you won't.
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  3. Umiyuri Papaeyra
    Yes, actually, I did.

    Buuuuuuuuuuuut playing BBS has made me curious and want to come back.

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  4. Umiyuri Papaeyra

    ...I knew I had a design somewhere!
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  5. Umiyuri Papaeyra

    First proper GMV (as in, lots of experimentation with video here).

    Lyrics, as the song is very new and completely unknown:

    I see you looking at us
    Not liking what you see
    You can discriminate us
    But that won't make us bleed

    Coz I see you movin' to the groove we're makin'
    And you're shakin' to the beat we bounce so...

    Come over here, we don't bite, look right
    Sit tight, we're you're new best friends for life

    I've been up all night
    I don't have enough tears for what you've done to me
    I'll set your house alight
    I'll drop the match for all the world to see
    You won't forget me

    *You can run but I'll outrun you, hun
    You can fly, banzai out of the sky
    You can drive you'll never survive
    (Don't try)
    (You won't forget me)
    Go move on, anon won't be long gone
    Go impress, confess you I possess
    Don't you cry, imply that you are mine
    (Don't try)
    (You won't forget me)

    And through my misty eyes now
    The world looks black and blue
    Your every breath makes me seethe
    But what's a boy to do

    It's so easy being all limp and breezy
    Make you sleezy over meezy so
    I'll beat you down to the ground
    Don't make a sound, no-one's ever gonna come for you

    I've been up all night
    Just trying to see things from your twisted point of view
    I'm sorry for Snow White
    The prince wasn't all he cracked up to be
    She won't forget me

    * REPEAT

    **So long, be gone, your life will carry on
    So long, be gone, don't cry as we burn on you

    I got an itch, don't twitch, you can be my *****
    I know that you secretly want to


    * REPEAT x2
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  6. Umiyuri Papaeyra
    The majority of your videos for KHII all have bad links, or the files have been deleted off their hosting website.

    For the sake of my music video, I'd reeeeally like them back (as I've had to resort to AVI files to fill in the gaps, and the visuals don't end up on the final exported movie for some god-unknown reason).
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