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  1. crazycatz00
    Something I made today for a friend, figured there may be others who'd like it as well:
    // Disable Depth of Field
    00166db6 000000EF
    Post by: crazycatz00, Aug 14, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
  2. crazycatz00
    I don't understand... are you trying to using the KH1 ISO tools on KH2? I'll try to help if I can figure out what you're trying to do.
    In any case, the up-to-date KH2 ISO tools (and hashpairs) can be found at under the Patcher section.

    Also, about the blinking issues... those are known, as the blinking sprites are separate from the main texture image, but still uses its palette.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jul 7, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
  3. crazycatz00
    O hai there.

    Anyway, ya, I can get KH2 + BBS (and the Launcher, but that's useless) to run in English. The KH2 translation seems complete, but BBS is still in-progress. No English Coded scenes; it doesn't even have multi-language capability.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 6, 2014 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  4. crazycatz00
    Wow, I'll look at that in the next few days, but there's a ton of differences there! If you can narrow down the differences, and keep it working, that would really help speed things up for me as well. ^^
    Post by: crazycatz00, Aug 24, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  5. crazycatz00
    Ok, a full non-widescreen one will take more more time, matrix hacks and function hooks and all, but here's 2 real basic versions.
    • noWideRender: Widescreen hack on, render hack off. I think this may fix the crashing, but will have objects pop in and out on the sides. Even if this isn't preferred, I would like knowing if this is the cause of the crash or not.
    • partialNoWide: Some of the widescreen hack off, mainly the render hack, FMV fixes, and camera horiz+ modifier.
    If these work, I can work on a more proper no-widescreen version.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Aug 24, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  6. crazycatz00
    Ohh, it's actually the widescreen hack... that might be a problem, since all text alignment relies on it either being widescreen or not (and will look wrong if you change it).

    In any case, I have the original, commented hacked-ELF. I could try to fix this.
    My guess is the part of the code that expands the rendering FoV is causing the RAM increase (since w\o it, it's mostly a camera FoV hack). If I can make a version that is still widescreen, but without the render FoV change, could someone confirm whether that works on a real PS2 or not? If it does, the text alignments should still be good.
    I guess a completely non-widescreen version can be made too if someone wants, but it will have text problems; that's just part of the deal.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Aug 24, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  7. crazycatz00
    Figure I might as well post this before I accidentally delete it:
    // Swap O and X (English mode)
    201679a0 08059EAC
    This forces the game to always use the USA button map; X for confirm\attack and O for back\jump. Found it while I was looking for something unrelated.
    I can probably hack the reverse (Japanese controls on USA version) if anyone really cares.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Mar 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  8. crazycatz00
    That's good, I'll update the zipbuilder to use this one then.

    As for what I did: I rebuilt the program, without changing a single thing. :cool: Hence why I have no idea why it happened to begin with. xD

    Edit: Updated ZibBaller to use the non-crashing versions.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Feb 1, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  9. crazycatz00
    Sorry about the delay, I don't have as much time on weekdays anymore.
    The "Attempted to read or write protected memory." is a semi-known problem. I had it reported before, but it ended up fixing itself before I could find out why it happens. It shouldn't have anything to do with the ISO though.
    I'll try to take some time today to see if anything looks off, and link a "test" version here; see if that works for you guys.

    Also, I doubt your ISO is missing files if PCSX2 can play it. KH1 has a ton of hidden files, thousands of them. (Though that extraction hang does sound weird, if you can maybe post a screenshot of that.)
    In fact, the blank IDX step doesn't even need a file, which is what makes this whole thing weird...

    Edit: Ok, can you try the version attached? Just put all 4 files in the folder, replacing the old "KH1 ISOMaker.exe". If it errors again, screenshot and post again, please.
    This might fix it, and in case it doesn't, it should tell me more information on the "type debug" screen.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Feb 1, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  10. crazycatz00
    I'll look into that over the next few days (school slows me down a bit :confused:). Thanks for the screenshot though, the version # (in the title bar) and the "debug" text at the bottom help the most with this.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jan 27, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  11. crazycatz00
    Yep, pretty much. Just put the ARDs in next to the stables, and patch a clean ISO. ;)
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jan 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  12. crazycatz00
    First, real quick, voices in the Final Mix games are English by default. Something about the Japanese wanting to hear the English voice actors, or something. :p

    About the patch itself, there are 2 states: A "stable" ("complete") and "unstable" ("incomplete") version. Whenever I post a link, it's to a set of stable files. But most of the worlds aren't "done" yet (they have alignment issues, untranslated lines, etc still), and are still unstable. And as you could guess, the unstable, incomplete files haven't been tested very well yet; they're more likely to cause the whole game to crash. Stable files shouldn't crash (and if they do, please report it with whatever you know ;)).

    As for why I only link to stable files: some unstable haven't been re-aligned (ex: text could be off screen), some people don't know how to report a crash ("It crashed, pls fix."), etc. If you're willing to get the extra unstable files, you're likely to help a bit more when something goes wrong. :cool:
    Now, if you wanted to add the unstable files anyway, it's not hard. Especially if you're using the Zipball builder thing I made.
    1. Start with a working setup from the Zipball thing. When you run "KH1 ISOMaker.exe", you should get a new ISO with the stable files.
    2. Go to the incomplete Google drive folder:
    3. Each folder is a world's files. The number before it is a rough "state". The lower the number, the more that needs to be done to that world. (See "Phase info.txt" for more specifics on the numbering.)
      For each folder you want, download all the files inside it.
    4. Take the ARD files out of the folder, and put them in the "import" folder. You'll see a bunch of ARD files in there already, for Destiny Islands, the Colosseum, etc.
    5. Build like you did the last time. (Run ISOMaker with the ISO in the right place.)
    Unfortunately, only a few worlds are done-done. Most of the game is actually translated, in some state, though.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jan 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  13. crazycatz00
    A quick way to try out the patch:
    1. Go to and let it load, it may take some seconds. When it's ready, click "Download file".
      This app takes the latest files for both my patcher and the files in the Completed folder. It will auto-update whenever a change is found. ;)
    2. Extract the zip file somewhere you'd like.
    3. Put your Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix ISO in the extracted folder, and name it "kh.iso".
    4. Double-click "KH1 ISOMaker.exe".
      It should give you a little info, then say "Press enter to run using KH.ISO..."; Press enter.
    5. Let it do its thing.
      It's making a new ISO, and leaves your "kh.iso" untouched.
    6. If all went well, you should see "New ISO finished! Press enter to exit..."; Press enter again.
    7. You now have an ISO patched to our Completed folder: "kh.NEW.iso". :cool:
    As for how much is translated, I downloaded the current zipball, ran it, and recorded a quick run-through:

    Menu's are pretty much done, maybe the stray mistake (do tell if you find one :oops:). Again, this is just the completed folder. In addition, there are a few screens gumi-related that I have partial translations on, but aren't done yet; so they're gibberish here.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jan 4, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  14. crazycatz00
    Public ;)
    Post by: crazycatz00, Jan 1, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  15. crazycatz00
    Ehh, I can't say that... I'm being a bit lazy lately. Sorta stuck on the "Need to translate Japanese, but don't know Japanese" part..... xD
    Maybe I'll get the KH2 texture modder finished later... I got a reader working, but it seems the palette is shared between them (3 different textures refer to the same palette, but starting at slightly different offsets). I'm guessing a optimization, but makes it a huge pain to edit.

    Edit: Also got a stereoscopic version of PCSX2 running :p.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Dec 13, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  16. crazycatz00
    I got some tools for KH2, just need to rewrite most of them now.... so annoying to use them. (I'll actually get on that today. ;) )

    Also, I've gotten Xeeynamo's permission to fix up the patch. He even gave me a tool to make his kh2patch files and the "source" to the current patch. :p

    We could probably use a KH2 hard-mod thread sometime, as well. Enough interest in at least fixing it up.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 27, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  17. crazycatz00
    Updated the font mappings, and moved the string mapper + ARD editor (removed spaces in name, was getting annoying).
    String mapper and the ARD editor were updated to support a new type in the font mapping.
    Font mapping was updated to have better command parsing, and some basic generation functionality (ex: Text Color). Also added mappings for the KH2 font used by Xeeynamo.
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 24, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  18. crazycatz00
    Made a mod for Kingdom Key -> D version.
    View attachment 36870
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 13, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  19. crazycatz00
    OK, so nevermind about the 2 words I asked about last post, seems they're just random data. -.-

    I did rearrange the name input screen, but one new problem: it only lets us put in 8 characters. The default US name, Excalibur, is 9 characters. I'm trying to make the thing longer like in the US version, but no luck so far.
    So we might need a new name for that...
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 12, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  20. crazycatz00
    So I found a few things for the naming screen... but no idea what this is: "だぼ3".
    Also found this: "空", which is Air\Empty\Blank, but I only have 2 characters for this one.
    And suggestions on translating these?

    Edit: Woo, found a way to rearrange the letters in the name thingy. Slow as heck, because of the weird encoding, but working. ^^
    Post by: crazycatz00, Oct 12, 2013 in forum: Code Vault