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  1. Sobo
    Hey does anyone know if and when the Dream Drop Distance cutscenes are going to be uploaded to the Cutscenes Archive?

    I really would like to use them to make some new AMVs.
    Thread by: Sobo, Aug 29, 2012, 2 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8: Final Chapter Prologue
  2. Sobo
    Does anyone know where I can find the full Official Soundtrack for Birth By Sleep?

    I'm looking for good quality audio for either the Japanese soundtrack or English soundtrack.
    Thread by: Sobo, Aug 1, 2010, 9 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  3. Sobo
    So I know there is multi-player capability for Kingdom Hearts 358/2Days. My question is: Are you able to play multi-player through wifi or do you have to play against someone sitting in the same room? The reason I ask is because I am buying a DS Lite just for this game and I want to be able to play my friend in North Carolina if possible. Does anyone know for sure how the multi-player for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days works?
    Thread by: Sobo, Aug 25, 2009, 18 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX