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  1. Monument_X
    Hey guys and gals!
    I recently played through the european version of the game.
    And towards the end you find yourself on Destiny Island as Riku and get to talk to Roxas, Ventus and Xion. They ask you questions not so different from the start of KH1, and i was wondering... Does my answers have any effects whatsoever on the end of the game?
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  2. Monument_X
    As some of you may know I study audio and music production. We recently had a project where we were supposed to put music, foleys and other sounds on a movie made by the students from the 3d-animation study. And now the project is finally finished, so I thought I'd share it with you.

    Feel free to give criticism and feedback :)
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  3. Monument_X
    Hey guys, long time no see!
    I've been working the last couple of days on this AMV.

    I've been taking critique from my earlier AMV's for not using enough effects, and have therefore experimented with some small effects here and there.
    At the start i went for this thriller-ish mood and tried to make the scenario of kingdom hearts more scary than it really is, and then it eases up a little when you get to the verse of the song.

    I probably could've used more effects, but I find it almost blasphemic to "ruin" perfectly well made kingdom hearts cutscenes with too much effects.

    Anyways heres the final product:

    Tell me what you like and dislike and I will give you all virtual hugs! ^.^

    Clips: Intro's from KH1, KH2 and BBS. Secret endings from KH1.
    Song: Does it offend you, yeah? - Wondering (Dirtyphonics Mix)
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  4. Monument_X
    does anyone here belong to the muslim religion? in that case could you please translate the quote for me?
    here's a picture of the writings on the bracelet
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  5. Monument_X
    I made a little mashup with the norwegian band, Color Me Amazed and clips of Richard Dawkins at school today.
    Please tell me what you think! :D

    And please dont make this to a discussion about religion or anything. I simply just want feedback on the product that i made :)
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  6. Monument_X
    Hey there! Its been a good while since my last post, so why not come strong back with a new AMV? :)

    Didnt actually try to make a deeper meaning or tell a story or anything, i just wanted to make a cool video. But somehow the lyrics actually match the scenes that i used, so thats just pure luck i guess (or maybe my video-editing skills are based on instinct xD)
    I concidered using some effects, but i decided to not use too many of them. Mostly because its not my strongest side, but also because i think the square-enix animations are too awesome for me to mess with the picture :p

    Hope you guys enjoy it! ^^
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  7. Monument_X


    Anyone here heard about them?
    Its really great, like a mix of rock n roll, hardcore, and black metal. With lyrics inspired by vikings and stuff!

    check it out!
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  8. Monument_X


    Great japanese guitar player
    If you havent heard, check it out!

    Im wondering though, does anyone know a english webshop where i can order his cds? At least a webshop with english translations? Its kind of hard navigating through a webshop full of signs that makes no sense to me x(
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  9. Monument_X
    I recently had a visit to Svartlamon which is the closest thing Trondheim (my city) has to a ghetto.


    This is the kindergarten

    I mainly took this pic cuz i laughted at the writing errors.

    This is my favourite. Edited in photoshop to look more rusty and dirty :)

    Feedback plx! :3
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  10. Monument_X
    I recently discovered this goa-trance artist named Infected Mushroom, and i must say im taken by storm.

    So Im wondering have anyone else heard about this fantastic artist?

    If not i strongly recommend you check it out.

    Here's a song from them.
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  11. Monument_X
    So yeah...
    Got bored and I made an AMV from KH clips :p
    The song is Enter Shikari - Solidarity.

    Not really trying to make a hidden message or a story or anything. I just thought the clips matched the rythm.

    Heres the link:
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  12. Monument_X
    I recently read about some research among american voters and i came across something that shocked me a little.

    Lots of americans were asked if they would vote for a good qualified person for president if the person was:
    - A woman, 95% said yes
    - A catholic, 94% said yes
    - A jew, 92% said yes
    - A coloured person, 92% said yes
    - A mormon, 79% said yes
    - A homosexual, 79% said yes
    - An atheist, 49% said yes.

    So according to this, over half of the population of the USA would deny a good qualified person to be president because he doesnt believe in God. And I cant help but ask, why?
    Why should religion and politics be mixed?
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  13. Monument_X

    Yey me!

    Today I can legally buy cigarettes, beer and whine!
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  14. Monument_X
    And that really hurts :C
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  15. Monument_X
    Today I was walking down the street downtown in Trondheim with some friends, and then suddenly I see theese lights hanging in the tree's. And I thought to myself "That is beautiful", so since I happened to be carrying on my camera I took a picture of it :).
    Christmas preparations is a bit early in my personal opinion, but I still think that the look of those lights were beautiful.

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  16. Monument_X
    Today I went to a concert with a local band from Trondheim, Norway called Pelbo. And I decided to take some live-photos of them, and I must say Im pleased with the results.

    Sorry about the large files :C




    For those interested you may check out their music at
    Its perfect for those seeking new alternative music. "Zoom In" is a personal favourite of mine :)
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  17. Monument_X
    This is a photo i took of my friend for a school-project i had.
    The theme for the photo is "love".
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  18. Monument_X

    Hi there ^^

    As you probably get im new to this forum, and i figured this would be a good place for first post.

    My name is Bjørn (wich is norwegian for bear, so as some of you might understand im from Norway).
    Im 17 years old (18 in december yay me :D)

    Ive been playing Kingdom Hearts for about one year now (both I and II) and i figured that i should join a forum to get some information about upcoming KH-games and simply just discuss the game that I love so much :).
    Apart from Kingdom Hearts i play other games aswell like The legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario. So im pretty much a nintendo-gamer, but Kingdom Hearts has made me really happy for having a ps2 :D

    When im not playing games im doing some music-stuff (both listening and making). My main instrument is bass, and i can also play piano, guitar and a little bit drums.
    I play in a band aswell. for those who's interested :)
    Im also a hobby-photographer. ^^

    And thats me I think. Hope I didnt make a too long description x)

    Oh! and btw! Forgot to mention im a male and im a hetrosexual if that matters x)
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