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Mar 6, 2013
Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Cat~
      Yes... yes it does.
      Not much is really going on, signore. I just got back from buying my mother's Christmas gift with my grandma and I'm trying to continue playing JFA. Dr Grey was obviously going to die, I wasn't surprised at all...
    2. Cat~
      Well alright then, Andy. You can call me Catalina, or just Cat. Either one works for me.

      And in case you were wondering, my name does indeed have "Cat" in it. That's pretty much why I use "Cat" in every account I make for anything.
    3. Korosu
      It is fine good sir, I am sorry for not replying last night also, I went to sleep. xD

      N'aw, why thank you. Yay~ you like them. I can be accepting to try new music, though I always end up retreating and going back to the stuff I was listening too before. But trance, I can like. Metal, I adore so yes, I'll like that. xD

      Aw, I've done that before, it is indeed very embarrassing. I hope you feel better also, being sick sucks. Not a problem sir.

      I'm just fine, thank you. My day has been pretty bland and plain, expect for a visit to my Psychologist.
    4. Cat~
      Oh no, it's not your fault. I probably should've mentioned it earlier anyway.
      Ah, well then is it okay if I called you Scruff? The y just seems unnecessary and, to me, Scruff has its own appeal.
    5. Cat~
      Ah, I see. Well, I appreciate the thought, but I usually just go by Cat. My first username was Cat<3 Sora and that's the one that everyone remembers... although there are others that some people are still fond of.
    6. Cat~
      I'm here. Just out of curiosity, what does CC mean?
    7. Korosu
      Oh, well..No idea really. xD People's opinion's of me usually change overtime, when I come out of my "shell" shall we say? I can be quite shy, seem all innocent apparently, then BAM..I end up creeping people out.

      Sorry! I know, you don't have to go through all of them at once! Silly. Of course, I will happily wait for your reactions~

      Ah, it was not a problem good sir! It is always nice to show people new music and whatnot and hear their response to it etc.

      How was your day?/how is your day going? o:
    8. Dinny
      Hahaha, really now? No biggie!! n___n
      Welcoming new members is always nice c:
    9. Daxa~
      Oh you sweetie <3
      The offer is most appreciated.

      Night night hunny bee,sleep well~
    10. Cat~
      Oh, it's alright. We all need to rest, and you, good signore, have earned it what with all the long VMs you've exchanged with people today.
    11. Cat~
      No objections? Alright then. Mr Wright, you may proceed with your cross-examination. You know? When he disguises himself as a Vincinetti goon and does the coffee-shop mission? He says to one of the guards, "No problem, signore". Remember that?
      No, I had audio issues with the first emulator I tried. This one hasn't had any issues until now.
      Oh damn... well, it's worth it, though there's one sequence that has to be precise, or the game will be all like "lol, no. Try again noob". It can be very frustrating, but I managed to finish it after like three weeks of trial, error, and utter failure.
    12. Daxa~
      Doesn't matter.
      But thank you for being concerned.
      Daww poor little Fluffykis,you go straight to bed and zzzz. <3
    13. Daxa~
      I am alright,a bit worried about somethingbut meh.
      And yourself darlig?
    14. Cat~
      Only if you have a problem with me calling you signore (intentional Sly 3 reference).
      Well, No$gba is working fine... for now. I just want to have audio when I play my AA; it's one of the best parts of the experience!
      Yep, it's JFA. Oh my god, this is going to be sweet! The fifth cases are always both the most rewarding and the most challenging.
    15. Korosu
      Why thank you for the compliment sir, I'm sure your opinion of me will change soon enough though.
      Take it whatever you wish. o;

      Yay, I am glad. Be warned, I am going to spam you with videos!





      ^ So pretty, a good cover.

      Now for one or two or more songs. It is so hard to pick a favorite, I must say.

      I say, I am very sorry for the spam! Dx I got carried away, I think.

      Yes, we shall soon!
    16. Daxa~
      Good evening dear~
    17. Loxare
      Great! Join our crew!
    18. Cat~
      Hey. The first emulator didn't have sound so I found this other one called No$gba (No cash GBA) and it works great for GB, GBA and DS ROMs.

      Also, dear lord, I had forgotten how colorful the witnesses always are. And Gumshoe... ah, good 'ol Dick. XD
    19. Loxare
      Closer to Treasure Planet actually. And I still need your opinion on thems.
    20. Korosu
      I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, that is why.
      "A little" You may not be able to handle me! Shame, shame. As long as you don't give a reason for me violence to be aimed at you, it won't be. Unless you're Feenie. Feenie always deserves it. c:

      Please; this guy is the definition of sexy.


      I'm sure if you try you could have more luck! Romantic poetry, how adorable.

      It is hard to describe really. Autumn is unmistakably a creative, unique and fascinating composer. It's classic sounding somewhat yet it has darker/industrial influence added to the mix aswell. A way to describe her music is as "frilly and lacy" The juxtaposition of mysterious, dark and threatening sounding bursts of high-pitched electronic-industrial sounds/bass she adds, really interest me and catch my attention. It's almost distorted. Hurm, sorry if that didn't really explain why her music is appealing to me, I'm very bad at explaining. I could give you some of Violin pieces to listen too, if you like? Or some songs, I'd be more than happy to show.

      Ah, nice to know I'm not alone with my big list! I get easily distracted and cannot finish anime as quick as other friends, which annoys since they end up spoiling it for me. It would, I'm sure What? Would love a new friend also. c:
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Music, Gaming, Animu.


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