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Jun 4, 1997 (Age: 20)


The Heart, Female, 20


Tfw you can barely get to your laptop without passing out after work -_- Jul 14, 2017

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Aug 16, 2017 at 1:00 PM
    1. Cloud.Strife.
      Why not sign up for a world?
    2. adamboy7
      Guess what! KH3d demo is available in E-shop!
    3. Krowley
      Hello, just checking in to see if you're finding everything understandable in the RP so far.
    4. VermillionMok
      You know you can join someone in the rp right?
    5. Cloud.Strife.
      Nothing much
      Waiting for someone else to post in the rP for me to come back in.
    6. Cloud.Strife.
    7. Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo
      Welcome to the Site(:
    8. Cloud.Strife.
      It's your turn.
    9. Cloud.Strife.
      Welcome to KH-Vids by the way new friend!
    10. Cloud.Strife.
      Your turn in the RP.
    11. adamboy7
      Purple! I have found you! lol. Welcome to KHV! The most epic site I know of XD Been a member for almost three years now lol. Some pointers. Read the rules lol.

      If you break too many rules (weather you read them or not) you get banned lol.

      Also, if you wish to introduce yourself to the cite you may do so here :)

      All the forums and their sub sections are listed on the forums page. Juct click the forum tab next to home :)
    12. adamboy7
      Hooray! I think I have found you! Second time's the charm :D Tis me, Adam! (and if I have the wrong person you may shoot me now XD)
    13. Krowley
      Alright then, Deep Jungle has just finished, so you and everyone is now going back to the land of departure. We will be there for a few pages so don't hesitate to introduce yourself. All the events leading to now are in the first post of the main thread. Chapter 0 is the prologue of what happened (Important to the overall story) Chapter 1 shows the arrival of most participants, and Chapter 2 chronicles what happened in Deep Jungle.
      Feel free to post whenever you please.
    14. ClawtheCyclops113
      hello khgrl15. i see you are new to kh v and had no friends. so i sent you a friend request.
    15. Krowley
      Hello, I'm Krowley.
      Regarding the "Kingdom Hearts SOS" RP you're joining, I just want to explain a few things and ask a few questions since its a bit advanced. This RP is both Battle and roleplay based so during battles, it is important to keep active at least once a day. To keep people on the right track there are missions so no one is ever lost.

      The Main RP Thread is for Rules and the Main Story. Default text color is used when in Land of Departure or for OOC. Whichever world you are in, please use the color which matches the title at the Guild Hall. This prevents confusion when more than one world is active.
      The Guild Hall is to keep track of where people are. The whole Concepts of "Missions" are to both, earn exp for your Fictional character and show joining members what has happened thus far in each active world. (Similar to Jiminy's Journal and World selection from the Gummi Ship)
      The Sign-Up Thread is pretty self explanatory. Setting up your character in a familiar format as the first KH Game. Stats and Magic give the member a small feel for the gaming aspect and ensures their character is only So powerful, with limits.

      Questions I have for you;
      1) How did you come to find this Roleplay?
      2) Are you an experienced roleplayer?
      3) Do you have any questions/concerns?

      And that's pretty all I have to inform you of.
      Your OC is accepted and if you still wish to take part, I ask you to wait until the current world "Deep Jungle" is finished. Afterwords, I will inform you when more world are available.
    16. Leblonk
      Either Axel or Riku. Probably Riku. He has all the good lines of a villain but the player is not obliged to hate him.
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