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Feb 19, 2018
Feb 10, 2007
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Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
One word- SCHOOL!!


Destiny Islands Resident, from Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. TwilightBlader
      Hey there haven't seen you on in a very long time!

      How are things? I assume your just strolling by the forum?
    2. Doukuro
      Um... Sorry to bother you, but what happened to the rp?
    3. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Thats good to hear and I am also good also excited and haveing a ton of fun at the moment! ^^
    4. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
    5. Jayn
      Aw, thank you. ^^ And it's alright, I fixed it...Though, everything is gone now. @-@
    6. Jayn
      Gah, my laptop crashed and everything. Um. Can I just jump back into the RP or is it not worth it? XD
    7. Jayn
      Alright, I'll try to just jump in. x3 Thank you very much. ^^
    8. Jayn
      Hey! So sorry for disappearing for a while, but I see the RP started. What should my character be doing right now? @-@
    9. Deathsight44
      Pfft, I'm not nice, I just worry too much. Thanks though xD
    10. Deathsight44
      If you say so. I just don't wanna slow down your thread or anything. I'd feel like a bother ^^;
    11. Deathsight44
      I thoguht I'd say. idk if I'll be that good for the thread except for friday-sunday. I thought I might be able to handle it more, but i'm busy with school work. I mean, I can still post, but it'll be a little slower.
      It won't be a problem, will it? If it is then I can try and figure somethen out
    12. Deathsight44
      Ya it really is. Talk about a weird coincidence. I found it on the day the thread opened up ^^;
    13. Deathsight44
      Incredibly. I havn't been interested in an anime for a long time, so I can tell you right now, its good xD

      I was asking though because its a lot like the thread. with the contractor and gaining more power thing. Thought it was kinda weird, so I was curious xD
    14. Deathsight44
      Wicked hot? Pfft, fangirls. Your all weird xD

      Sides that though, I've never heard of it though. Something I'd like to ask though. Have you ever heard of an anime called Pandora hearts? o.0
    15. Deathsight44
      lmfao, wow. weird avvy btw XD
    16. Deathsight44
      Think you should get the thread going? I'll see if I can get others involved still, but they've been busy ><
    17. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Yep :) and yea its funny lol ^^
    18. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Oh I see cause I know someone on there that has like the same username as u thats why I asked :D
    19. Deathsight44
      Thats true, but I don't think thats worken for me anymore. Me and her are gonna stay friends. See, she's been choosen between me and her current bf who I honostly don't like at all. When she broke up with him though, she was a total reck though and was saying that even though she likes me a lot, she loves him, and that she was just really confused. Hate to admit it, but I'm flat broke and considering how crappy my last relationship was, I don't consider myself a very experience bf. So I kind of told her that she should go with him. In other words, I still get to be single. Joy ^^;

      Lol, alrite then. Send the first part to me then? Maybe I'll be able to get a better understanding. I actually have a lot of good ideas that you might be interested in, but I doubt they'd be any good unless I read up on it ^^;
    20. Deathsight44
      Ok ok. Just a random thought that popped into my head. But if you don't have a past set up for her, what if she had amnesia of her past?
      Like, only certain parts she'll remember. Like sometimes she'll have memories of it, but when she does, it'll be like she's actually experiencing them. Like I pictured a scene where out of no where, she's just walking, and then suddenly she just finds herself in midair, falling (idk, I just pictured it. random thought xD)
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    Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
    One word- SCHOOL!!
    I lived in a cave untill I found kingdom hearts.

    Hmm lets see dancing, dancing, and dancing.


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