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Jul 14, 2014
Sep 30, 2006
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Jun 23, 1989 (Age: 33)


Code Master, Male, 33

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Jul 14, 2014
    1. Hanzo
      Like, 'sup, dude?
    2. Simbarulz88
      Gultigargar made play as boss codes and I was wondering if anyone can post them in the thread of kh2fm.
    3. Simbarulz88
      the codes that i'm looking for is not in the atatchments i was looking for the item's strenght and defense boost.
    4. srbcrazyman07
      can you please get the joker codes so i can go to disney castle the feild place the place where you fight ansem the final time destiny islands and where sora bedroom is
    5. Simbarulz88
      Hey I just want to know if there is a code for kh2 final mix that will let you be the world character permanently?
    6. Simbarulz88
      I tried using the play as Saix code in the pal codes thread,but it didn't work. Can you or someone get me some new play as boss codes for my regular KH2 game?
    7. adamboy7
      Oddly enough, not many of the ideas I come up with are easy for anyone lol. I would assume the easiest way to do it would be to mess around with universal charicter codes, moveset mods paired with (I forget the name, sorry lol) editing which buttons do what, or posibly even model mods. Anyways, thankyou for your opinion, and Happy New year EvilMan :)
    8. adamboy7
      Hello :) I have another question if I could have a moment of your time. I have thought of another code idea. You know how when Sora is changing into a drive form, anything that hits him is just bounced off? Kind of when you do block or reflect. Would it be posible to have that happen all the time so you don't have to block, and you are not stuck in one place untill you become a drive form? Thankyou :)
    9. Ginix
      What's up buddy!

      Long time no see, been a proper minute-like.

      Your not still coding, are you? lol

      Just stopped by to say hey. Take care man.
    10. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      Hey evil do you happen to have riku's right arm for his way to dawn blade?
    11. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      evil, dude can you do me a favor, if you say "no" its totally okay~~

      can you make a Nero burn-ready copy of the KH2FM English patch for me?
    12. Hanzo

      Also, 1,000 posts! :)
    13. Hanzo
      What happened to not being invisible anymore? =P
    14. adamboy7
      I can see how it might not be easy. Do you know of any codes similar to what I am thinking, or in this case, similar to that which has been thought?
    15. adamboy7
      Hello EvilMan :D I am Adam. Iwantedtoexplode sent me here when I asked him a code question he could not confirm. Would you mind trying to help?
    16. Hanzo
      Gasp! Invisible Mode is on!

      Anyway, can you add the proper NTSC at the end of the title here in parentheses?
      I just read the rules! :)
    17. Simbarulz88
      What abilities can you use while you are the world characters?
    18. Hanzo
      Oh, my God! A lot is always two words -- no exceptions! =P
    19. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Those were on topic replies all which had to do with codes. He can keep spamming codes that are old or don't work its cool I don't care.
    20. Simbarulz88
      Well I have one favor to ask. Can you look through both attachments for the role mod code for me? The reason why I'm asking this is because my mom's computer isn't working right and I won't be able to use it.
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