Graphic art NEW and UPDATED RULES! Please READ! As they are important~

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    Mostly a copy of the rules coco and then Advent had in place. This thread is mainly to point out that any questions regarding this section should now be directed to me instead of her.


    1) Forum rules still apply here

    2) What to post in this section.

    In here you post products you’ve created completely digitally, this includes signatures, avatars, wallapapers and tags. Usually stuff for Web purpose only. However, if it’s something you’ve drawn, even if drawn digitally it should go in the Traditional art subforum

    To clarify, something like this should be posted here:

    ~Image courtesy of Ienzo
    ~Image courtesy of Amethyst Heart
    ~Images courtesy of Ms. Riss

    While something like this should be posted in the traditional art section:

    ~Image courtesy of Llave de Espada
    ~Image courtesy of Gultigargar

    The difference between traditional art and web art is:

    Traditional- drawings/paintings, mostly hand made or made with tablet, mouse or anything like that. Something drawn from scratch.
    Web- tags, signatures, wallpapers, stocks, sprites etc.
    3) Do not rip others design work

    If we catch you doing so you will receive punishment. Like if you're on DeviantArt and see a tag that you really like, save it, and post it on KH-V and say you made it, that's ripping and it's not allowed. We will find out most likely if you do.​

    4) Do not Spam.

    In no way is spam acceptable. Spam is a post that is off topic;

    e.g. In a thread asking for critique on a Bleach based sig:
    Please don’t spam, your post will be deleted.​

    5) Please read how to critique

    Before posting to comment on the art, read this thread about proper Commenting and Critiquing. Doesn't have to be an essay of a post, but have some content in your posts or it's no better than spam.​

    6) A happy little remark is alright

    Every once in a while a happy remark is okay but please put some substance in, by this I mean:

    A tiny remark like this:

    Is not much better than spam so it will be deleted. Please put some substance into the post, even if it’s just saying one thing you like about the piece of artwork you are commenting on. Although please don't make a habit of this.​

    7) Six words per post.

    To prevent spam it's required with 6 words per post in here. Go for more than only one sentence too, please...​

    8) Don’t make shops just for the sake of it

    It's not necessary to make your own shop only because you want to show off your sigs, you can still do that in a thread and the better you become the more attention you will get. So don't cheat or go wild about it, it comes naturally.

    If you're going to make a shop, please have a bit experience, when you want to give someone something it's actually nice to know a little about what you're doing so it doesn't looks like a 5 year old running wild in paint. It may help to show a few pieces of your previous work in the opening of your shop so people can get a sample of your capabilities. ​

    9) This place is here for members to get feedback on their work.

    It's always allowed to try out new stuff, remember constructive criticism. Don't bash each other, but you have to be able to accept a little harsh critique at times. Just keep in mind that people are there to help.​

    10) Don’t ask for tutorials

    If you want to become a better graphic artist, don't just make a thread and ask for tutorials etc. There is a list of tutorials that are all very useful, please use them as that's why they're there. Read those first and then if what you want to know isn't there, you can make a thread in the Graphic Tutorials/Help subforum, unless of course there's a thread there answering your question.​

    11) Don’t worry if you are new to this.

    If you're a new designer, don't be frightened. Just take a leap into it - post it in your thread and learn from the CnC you receive, no one can be mean to you for trying. It is the key to become advanced.​

    12) You don’t need to be a genius to post critique

    When giving CnC we don't require you to be a genius and do perfect CnC's, but do not spam because that's worse, try and make it as good as possible: no one can hate you for trying! Again, refer to how to CnC stickied in this section

    13) Ask permission before you use someone else’s work.

    When you see someones graphical artwork that you wish to use then ask the creator before you use it and give credit where credit is due. Don’t just say, “I’m stealing this from ya, is that alright?” If you want to use something then just post in the thread asking, preferably with CnC attached.​

    Thank you for reading these rules and good luck with your graphical artistry.
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