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    1) Thread titles such as "kingdom hearts 2 ARMAX codes plz, Code request KH2, etc" are not allowed and will be changed. Thread titles should be set up as:

    1st - The name of the game
    2nd - Region the game is from (PAL, NTSC/UC, NTSC/J)

    If you don't know the region of the game, look on the disk.
    Example: If I wanted an American KH2 thread I would set it up as "Kingdom Hearts 2 (NTSC/UC)"
    Nothing else is allowed in the title, this helps us manage the codes and keep them organized with 400 people saying "this code didn't work" because of the wrong region.

    2) You will use the search feature, it is located at the top of the forum display. It's a faster way to find what you need and saves everyone a lot of trouble. You will also check the front page before asking for codes.

    3) Do not spam requests, please wait until 2 pages have passed before repeating the same request again. This is so everyone's requests get seen and is more fair to everyone.

    4) No spamming (going off-topic), if it keeps happening it will lead to a profile infraction which will lead to banning if it persists.

    5) Lying about cheats (like saying you made a good code and you really didn't) counts as spamming.
    1st time means warning
    2nd time means ban

    6) NO REPEAT TOPICS, unless it's for a different region of the game that exists already.

    7) Be polite to everyone including the Mods/Coders, if they tell you to stop doing something, stop it.

    8) You may bump a thread every now and then only in The Code Vault as long as it's for a reasonable request.

    9) Do not start topics that are unrelated to codes/code making. that includes questions about the forum and about members. Do not post anything unrelated to codes/code making in topics either. Those issues simply do not belong on the forum and you should send a Private Message to a Coder instead. Also don't start a topic that is unorganized and one you won't take care of.

    10) ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!1!!one!1!eleven``11!1~~~
    We will answer your questions on our own time, don't pester us about it like this. If you think we didn't see it, just repost your question politely and if we missed it, we will look into it when we have enough time. The Coders have a life too you know.

    11) This has been an issue lately so it's going to be a rule. Please, do not overflow your post with smileys. They are just an eyesore and it slows down the page at times. Repeat offenders will get an infraction if they persist.

    12) Please do not post codes that have been already hacked and say that you hacked it, we have been seeing a lot of this lately and it it considered spam AND WILL BE DELETED

    13) Please do not quote the first post in the KH code topics. It just takes up a lot of space for no reason.

    14) Please, do not post anything that you know is not possible or fake, or you think is not possible such as removing someone's face.

    15. Please do not post codes that don't work. Please check your work before posting the codes.

    16. Just because something isn't listed here in the rules doesn't mean you can do it. Don't post inappropriate posts, links to pirated materials, don't post videos of people being killed. In short, use common sense.

    And most importantly, none of us here owe you codes just because we are called "Coders". Be courteous when requesting, and civil if your request is not fulfilled. You must understand that not every code is easy to make and this can be a time-consuming job. This is just a hobby for us, we aren't paid and therefore aren't required.

    If you have any concerns send a private message to one of the Coders.
    ~ Coders

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